Hubbard's death on "psych" drugs

Subject: Re: Hubbard's death on "psych" drugs
From: (Inducto)
Date: 1998/07/04
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In reference to my original posting, it's been pointed out to me that in the autopsy, Hubbard's physician Denk said the two "drugs" that Hubbard was given were Vistaril and B12 (niacin), and that apparently scientologists were sometimes in the habit of using B12 injections. The large number of "recent" needle marks on Hubbard sound to me more consistent with several-times-a-day doses of Vistaril, than the sporadic injections normally used for vitamins (normally monthly, but in some unusual situations small bi-daily or even daily doses can be used), but I have to do more research into what a coroner would mean by "recent". But it's possible that the injection marks were from the vitamin injections, and Hubbard was given Vistaril through some other route. This does not, however, change the fact that Hubbard was given Vistaril -- primarily a "psych" drug, even in its oral form, and none of the non-psychiatric indications for which are known to have been present in Hubbard's case*; and that CoS' leadership completely misrepresented his severely deteriorated condition at the time of his death, when they made announcements to the CoS membership. I. * Vistaril is, amongst other things, sometimes used to treat certain unusual allergic reactions usually associated with itching, but is by no means an allergy medication as some apologists have suggested. Vistaril's manufacturer has an area for allergy information on its website, and mentions many other products but not Vistaril. ======== Subject: Re: Hubbard's death on "psych" drugs
From: Joe Harrington <>
Date: 1998/07/04
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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology And it should be noted the coroner's report stated that Hubbard's doctor indicated that he was treating Hubbard for a "neurological" problem. The documentation of Hubbard's mental instability is evidenced by his medical records and his paranoid writings and behaviour during most of his adult life. From 1968-1986, he was a virtual recluse with no permanent address and evidently died alone and alienated. Joe ======== Subject: Re: Vistaril
From: (Inducto)
Date: 1998/03/16
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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology I think it is also used sometimes in emergency rooms to treat severe nausea being suffered by patients having a severe migraine, in conjunction with injected medication to control the migraine (this is not something a patient can be given a pill or prescription for, in the case of migraines this sever and medication this strong it requires an ER visit). Not that all these are uses are, however, for a hospital setting, and in conjunction with other drugs. According to what Hubbard's doctor told the coroner, and what the labs from the autopsy found, Hubbard had been injected with Vistaril and only Vistaril in a non-hospital setting. That's what you do with a psychiatrically disturbed or drug withdrawal patient. ======= Subject: Re: Hubbard was a charlatan, Scientology no science.
From: (Rod Keller)
Date: 1998/03/31
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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Auntie Seaushal ( wrote: > I am fascinated by your reference to the "psychiatric drug"
> found in Hubbard's system at the time of death.
> Can you point me to the substantiating document.
> I assume it is the coroner's report?
I swear to you that to the best of my knowledge, this is the true data. The entire coroner's report is at Note in particular: - Notes from discussion with Dr. Denk, who treated Hubbard and signed his death certificate, on administering Vistaril. Also see for the toxicology report, which found traces of Vistaril. The cause of death is listed as "cerebral vascular accident", better known as a stroke. The death certificate is at L. Ron Hubbard was given Vistaril by Dr. Gene Denk in his final days, by intramuscular injection in the right buttocks. Vistaril is a psychiatric drug, used to calm frantic or overly anxious patients. He died on January 24th, 1986, eight days after the fatal stroke, and one day after signing his last will and testament. He died in a 1982 Blue Bird motor home, about five miles East of Creston, CA, at the very remote "Emanuel Camp". His fingernails and toenails were long and unkempt. His hair was long, thin and receding on his forehead. David Miscavige personally arrived with documents requesting that no autopsy be performed. 13 photographs taken of his body were later destroyed at the request of Norman Starkey. These are public documents, available from the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office. Coroner's file #8936. I may try to resize these images so they fit better on a web page. -- Rod Keller / / Irresponsible Publisher
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