Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

According to an Associated Press story carried in Madison, WI's "The Capital Times" of 1994 Dec. 15:

"Christopher Scarver beat serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to death with a 20-inch-long metal bar taken from a prison weight room....

"...Scarver returned to his cell early from his work detail on Nov. 28, the day of the beatings.

"When a guard asked him why he returned to the cell early, Scarver said, 'God told me to do it. You will hear about it on the 6 o'clock news. Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer are dead'...

"At first, he said he didn't know why he attacked Dahmer and Anderson, but later said that 'the spirit' had come upon him 'right there'....

"Scarver went on to say that he was submitting to the will of God by killing Dahmer and Anderson....

" ...he didn't have any regrets about the slayings because he was simply a tool used by the spirit."

end repost

Does this mean that since Dahmer had found god, repented, and was going to heaven anyway, that god decided to take him right away rather than let him suffer in jail for the rest of his natural life? How does one know who to believe when they claim god told them to do something?

Peace, Larry Sites