Rick Sherwood's Final Solution

From: Nomen Nescio <nobody@dizum.com>
Subject: Rick Sherwood's Final Solution
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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:30:06 +0100 (CET)

Ending it with stupendous irony from a quote by Patrick Henry, Rick Sherwood, formerly the name used by the "Woody" entity, offers his practical resolution, or as I prefer to call it, his Final Solution for critics.

Rick Sherwood is articulate and intelligent, and has very succinctly phrased Scientology's declaration of war on freedom. Read his chilling suggestions, and consider what a Scientology regime would be like if these fascists were actually allowed to take over the world.

These suggestions in Sherwood's resolution sound like the laws in Nazi Germany making it a crime to criticize the Chancellor. Sherwood suggests, as a resolution, that all criticism of Scientology be wiped utterly from the face of the earth.

> My Practical Resolution
> The people at LMT and the "critics" will withdraw all the false data
> they have spread and admit to having spread it.

Note that within this category, the logs which Lisa McPherson's "caregivers"

kept on her, upon which all the claims against Scientology are based, are "false data." Why are they false data? Because they harm Scientology.

Here is an illustrative example, the very first one:

FSO 00156

to: SNR C/S

18 Nov 95

From Med. Off. Manager

2:45 P.M.

She had 1 1/2 cup Cal Mag, small bite of turkey & spagettie, 3/4 banana.

Lisa is talking since about 30 minutes:

* -"I created time 3 billion years ago and now I am dramatizing it since than."

* -"I am LRH and I didn't confront it because I didn't confront that power."

* -"I can't confront force. I am dramatizing it."

* -"I have an MU on the Student Hat."

* -"I was 1.1. What my chronical tone level is."

* -"I dessimiated my mother, but she didn't get handled. As I didn't confront force."

* -I want to dance.

* -I need my auditor, Mr. Vatusinski.

* -I need to confront my mom.

3:15 P.M.

She is still talking, non stop. She tried to go out of the door.

[page break]

FSO 00157

"I want to take the tooth brush and brush the floor until I have a cognition." She went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

Note especially the line "She tried to go out of the door."

If she had been allowed to go out of the door she would still be alive today. Nov 13, two days before this log entry and three weeks before she died, she told her mother that she was coming back home.

She never did. Instead she died at the hands of Scientology.

Rick Sherwood's Final Solution involves censoring all mention of this occurrence and never mentioning it again. Despite the fact that Scientology itself kept these logs, they are "false data" because they do not agree with Scientology.

For more "false data" from these logs see http://holysmoke.org/cos/lm-torture-logs.htm

> They will stop their attacks on the copyrights of the Church and
> get all the copyrighted material they have spread over the Internet
> and into libraries and other repositories removed from these places.

In other words, nobody without authorization from CST itself will be able to quote any materials whatsoever under any circumstances. The "Church's" opinions of this were shown quite aptly by their case against the Washington Post, in which they lost and were ordered to pay costs.

The judge in this case described their conduct as "reprehensible."

Here is the relevant section from Brinkema's opinion:

On the first issue, the Court finds that the motivation of plaintiff in filing this lawsuit against the Post is reprehensible.

Although the RTC brought the complaint under traditional secular concepts of copyright and trade secret law, it has become clear that a much broader motivation prevailed--the stifling of crticism and dissent of the religious practices of Scientology and the destruction of its opponents. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, has been quoted as looking upon law as a tool to

[h]arass and discourage rather than to win.

The law can be used very easily to harrass and enough harrassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly.

(Declaraction of Mary Ann Werner, Attachment A, at C5; see also The Posts's reply brief at p. 24, note 23).

The entire memorandum opinion is available here:


> They will contact all authorities to which they have given false information
> and witness and declare that the data is false.

Any complaint, no matter well-founded, against Scientology, must be withdrawn immediately. If it opposes Scientology, it is by definition false. The Scienty definition of truth is that it is whatever is true for you. Therefore anything contradicting Scientology in any sense is automatically "false."

Wollersheim, for example, who won before the Supreme Court, will not be paid by Scientology because the Supreme Court is just a "wog court" and it is beneath them to obey "wog laws." For peace, Wollersheim should forget the harm done to him and forget his judgment.

> They will bar false data on all chat channels where false data is spread and
> stop using these channels to conspire to attack Scientology. They will do the
> same for the newsgroup.

In other words, not only will all irc channels and newsgroups contradicting Scientology in any sense be eliminated from the Internet, but the critics must indeed themss become watchdogs, like the "Jewish police" under the Nazis, to hunt down and eliminate their fellow critics.

> They will declare there is no Scientology issue and announce broadly that
> there is only the issue of hate and hate is not acceptable in a sane world.

No conduct of Scientology, no matter how bad, can be criticized in any sense, and any such criticism is automatically "hate."

> They will withdraw support from any government that attempts to abrogate the
> constitution of that country, especially as it effects religious freedom and
> religious belief.
> They will reject as unconscionable the practice of discrimination against any
> religious peoples.

Except for the religious peoples listed on this "Suppressive Groups" list whiche to be destroyed if at all possible. You can see a list of the "Enemy Groups"

Scientology has vowed to destroy, hundreds of them, including many Churches among them.

Here is the exhaustive list of Scientology's enemies as of 1991.


> They will provide data that they are bound by law to report as honest citizes
> and crimes committed by any critic against the laws of the land whether
> committed against Scientology or not.

They must not merely admit that they love Big Brother, like Winston Smith at the end of 1984, they must also rat out whatever remaining critics in undergroud cells still dare to commit the "crime" of criticizing Scientology.

> They can report confidentially to the proper authorities any crimes in
> progress by critics whether they involve Scientology or not.
> That "critics" honestly inform themselves as to the true motives of themselvs
> and any other "critic" and publicly repudiate all harmful and false motives of
> themselves and other "critics."

They must admit they were entirely wrong to object to any conduct of Scientolog.

If Scientology did it, it can not be unethical. They must, if they wish to liv repudiate these goals. Otherwise they will be "disposed of quietly and without sorrow."

> That they find out about the true nature of Scientology, setting aside all
> bias and prejudice that would bar seeing Scientology as it truly is - and not
> through the corrupting lens of falsehoods.

They must admit that Scientology is truly Man's only hope and that those who disagree with Scientology are all criminals, and must be placed within prisons by any means possible. No criticism of Scientology is just, all critics are at best deeply deluded, and must be brought up the Tone Scale by the three valid processes.

> They will cease their deprogramming attempts and cease in any and all manner
> to pull people away from their faith.

They are not to be allowed to argue or disagree with any Scientology statements of any kind.

However, Scientology will not be under any such restrictions, and will feel enty free to attempt to pull any members of any other faith away from their own chosn religion to discover the true majesty of Scientology, humanity's only hope.

> Patrick Henry's famous words "Give me Liberty or give me death" inspired me to
> pen unflinchingly the above practical resolution. Though I have no intention of
> dying his, words speak infinitely to the undying resolve it takes to defeat
> tyranny in any form. The "practical resolution" sought by this LMT "Literati
> Contest" is sheer unadulterated tyranny. Tyranny aimed at destroying my
> Constitutional right of Freedom of Religion.

So, for "Freedom" and using a Patrick Henry quote as justification, Rick Sherwod has suggested pulling books out of libraries to be destroyed, wiping all critic forums off the net, and imprisonment of all critics for "crimes."

Not only this, but critics are themselves supposed to help imprison their fello critics.

It is offered "solutions" of this sort which cause Scientology, rightly, to be viewed as a totalitarian menace which must be opposed lest they bring their true goals to fruition: absolute and utter domination, with all oppositin completely eliminated, and a "safe space" for Scientology to expand.

Rather like Hitler's "lebensraum."

Sherwood's "suggestions" are not some random out-of-context offering from a random Scientologist, but is what Scientology itself chose to send from a representative they had previously picked as their public representative.

This is Scientology's true face and it's true goals: total and utter eliminatin of all criticism of any kind, and if possible, the utter ruination of all criti.

It is nice for Rick Sherwood to put it so clearly so that we can understand precisely what we are facing in this cult.

From: Garry <garry@newsguy.com>
Subject: Re: Rick Sherwood's Entry In LMT Literati Contest 2000
Date: 18 Dec 2000 04:59:11 -0800
Organization: Stamp Out ARS Scum
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In article <jaguarNOSPAM-99937C.00321118122000@news2.lightlink.com>, Ixbalam says...

> Rick;
> This eight thousand word rant about how bad and how bigotted the
> Lisa McPherson Trust is isn't going to win any awards from the LMT or
> anyone else.

No. But, it certainly provides Rick and his 'church' attorneys the opportunity to file legal action against LMT for "unfair trade practices" since the LMT operates as a "for-profit corporation" and solicited the Internet for contest submissions, thus validating the contest as open to the general public.

The LMT's judges refusal to consider any submissions from Scientologists, big-eyed aliens, or blue-haired demons may constitute some constitutional violation.

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Subject: Re: Rick Sherwood's Entry In LMT Literati Contest 2000
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Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 16:20:57 GMT

On 18 Dec 2000 04:59:11 -0800, Garry <garry@newsguy.com> wrote:

>No. But, it certainly provides Rick and his 'church' attorneys the opportunity o
>file legal action against LMT for "unfair trade practices" since the LMT
>operates as a "for-profit corporation" and solicited the Internet for contest
>submissions, thus validating the contest as open to the general public.
>The LMT's judges refusal to consider any submissions from Scientologists,
>big-eyed aliens, or blue-haired demons may constitute some constitutional

When the frivolous allegations that have no hope of being belived regardless of how elaborate and thick a pile of lies are submitted the venu of last recourse is to hoist it all onto ARS... if it fools just one person, then Scientology has gained one convert.

If it fools no one it still serves as spam.

The first step to being a scientologist is to believe just one of their lies.

arnie lerma

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