Paulette Cooper's Harassment Diary

From: [email protected] (Paulettec)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Paulette's diary: (17) Being tested
Date: 2 Nov 1997 16:56:29 GMT

Sorry folks, for a little while I will have to drop back to once a week postings because these are taking a lot of time (part of the problem is matching up the footnotes to the sections) and I've got a new book that just hit the bookstores, with lots of web page promotional work on the two pet books out right now, etc.

Since I will be posting less frequently, I will summarize what I posted the previous week and give a brief summary of what the new section is about.

Summary: Another author (Roy Wallis) has interviewed L Ron Hubbard Jr., (Nibs) who sort of boasts of his seeming involvement in framing me. With this evidence, the government starts backing down from the frame-up, but still insists on some positive proof that I'm innocent. This section is about attempts to be tested in various ways.

HARASSMENT DIARY, by Paulette Cooper (1982)
Part 17: hypnosis, truth serum, etc.

My 1997 editorial comments are enclosed in [[double square brackets]]. Some paragraphs have been added now.


However they [[the government]] still wouldn't drop it [[the case]] until I could give them some proof of innocence. (1) (Funny, I always thought in our system of justice one was innocent until proven guilty.)

I tried hypnosis twice, but couldn't relax enough. Sodium pentathol or "truth serum" was suggested that summer, but doctors thought it was highly dangerous in my poor physical condition, especially since by then I only weighed 83 pounds. (I spoke to Dr. Cath [[earlier psychiatrist I went to, the one whose office the Scientologists broke into looking for my records]] by phone on at least two occasions concerning this, and it was his memos on those two conversations that were later mailed anonymously to me by the Scientologists.)


(1) I tried another lie detector firm but they said my responses showed too much stress to be conclusive. While they said that that type of heavy stress is often manifested by guilty people, it could also reflect the stress of an innocent person going through such an ordeal.

We also called in Dr. Fred Barnett, the lie detector expert at F. Lee Bailey's firm.... [[Note: F Lee Bailey's firm, realizing this trial would get a lot of publicity, wanted this case and offered to try it very cheaply. My parents refused, preferring to go with far more expensive lawyers, because they felt that the image of F Lee Bailey was that he defended rich guilty people.]]

Barnett [[the lie detector expert at Bailey's firm]] felt that not only my unusual background, but also the way my (Jewish) parents and grandmother were always trying to make me feel guilty, would lead me to be a "guilt reactor" who would fail any lie detector test if accused of anything, regardless of whether or not they did it. He wanted me to be retested by a Chicago specialist who had devised a test for people like me. I was all for it, but my lawyers wanted the sodium pentathol. [[truth serum]]