post 6-Comm faxed to Kathy True-OSA int

From: "Virginia McClaughry" <[email protected]>
Subject: post 6-Comm faxed to Kathy True-OSA int
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 19:51:11 -0800
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-- this was in response to "I needed to come in and read all the references I don't know that apply to why I should be sec-checked"

After I faxed the following, there was no further pursuance of that particular line of logic.

--- start

July 20, 1999 To whom it may concern:

The following is a list of materials I have studied since the beginning of the cycle regarding C/S Series 73RB, back in September 1998.

There are possibily more that I have not recalled, but this is complete to the best of my knowledge right now.

List of materials studied

1. everything on study checklist made by D/Senior C/S (see attached)

2. everything on study checklist from ethics (dated January ‘99-see attached)

3. HCOB ‘s

Confessionals and the Non-Interference Zone
Pc’s who refuse auditing
C/s Series 73RA
C/S series 73RB
Technical queries
Formulating Confessional Questions
Confessionals-Ethics Reports required
Confessional tech policies
Ot Levels
Training and OT
Tech correction roundup
Auditors who miss Withholds, penalty
Confessional Procedure
Confessionals-Types of Tr’s
C/S Series 1, 2, 6,, 7, 8,
FPRD Series 1,2R,3,4,5R,6,7,8,9R, 9-1,
KSW 26
KSW 25
ARC breaks
Cause of ARC Breaks
No-Gain Case Student
Qualifications Technical Actions-(section on EIGHT BIG RULES)
Case Supervisor Class VIII Basic Processes (section on OTs can have plain
A story
Sec Checking
How to Clear withholds and missed withholds
Overts ORder of effectiveness in processing
Two Rules for happy living
Prepchecking and Sec checking
Starting Cases
The key to all cases-responsibility
Theory of responsibility processing
Honest people have rights too
Create and confront
Why some fight Scientology
How to run O/W and Responsibility
Auditing Speed
Missed Withholds
Withholds, Missed and Partial
Overt-motivator sequence
Arcx’s, Missed withholds
More on O/W’s
Overts, What lies behind them
The continuing overt act
Withholds, Other Peoples
Mutual Out ruds
The Anti social Personality
The Present time problem
Suppressives and Hidden Standards
Clean hands make a happy life
Handling the suppressive person the basis of insanity

4. HCOPL’s

Investigatory procedure
Narrowing the target
Ethics officer hat
Third dynamic De-aberration
Justice-correct application
False Reports
Committees of Evidence Scientology Jurisprudence, Administration of
Concerning Committees of evidence
Addendum to HCOPl 7 Sept 63 Committees of Evidence Scientology Jurisprudence
administration of
The justice of Scientology its use and purpose, being a scientologist
Ethics Review
Historical precedence of ethics
Second Dynmaic rules
Cases and morale of staff
Justice Policy Letters Corrections
Orders, Seniority of
Orders, Illegal and Cross
Orders VS. Arbitraries
Board of Review
Policy, Source Of
Board of Review
Entheta Letters and the dead file, handling of (especially section on “plan
of org”)
Staff member reports
Knowledge reports
Things that shouldnt be
The “magic” of good management
Policy and Orders
Orders and Responsibility
Orders, query of
Job endangerment Chits
Ethics and executives
Model Hat for an Exec
Admin Know-how #26
Ethics Presence
Organization-The Flaw
The Enemy Line
How to handle black propaganda
KSW 22, 25
Org ethics and tech
How to defeat Verbal tech Checklist
Verbal Tech Penalties
Complexity and Confronting
Standard admin
Third dynamic tech
standard admin (4 june 71(
Squirrel admin
Admin Degrades
Admin High Crime
The theory of Scientology organizations
The Structure of Organization What Is policy?
When you need Reassurance
Politics, freedom from
Code of a Scientologist
Handling situations
Responsibility, definition of
Knowledge, definition of
Senior Policy
The Basics of ethics
Ethics, Justice and the dynamics
You can be right
Offenses and penalties
Policy, how to handle people who quote policy to show you they can’t follow
Using orders or Policy to create problems
Rights of a staff member, students and preclears to justice.
Administering Justice
Ethics protection
Rewards and penalties, How to handle personnel and ethics matters
The third party law
Ethics, the design of. ethics esto series 14
An old peom
Out-ethics indicators
O/w writeups
Ethics Chits
More on staff member reports
Entire section in Vol 0 on The Conditions
Entire section in Vol 1 n Security HCO Confessionals
Entire sections in Vol 1, Ethics Officer,Administering Ethics,Justice
System, Ethics Orders
False reports
Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists
KSW 13
Clears, Invalidation of
Communication, Stopping of
Policy AND HCOB Alterations HIGH CRIME
The Org Exec Course Introduction
Entire section in Vol 1 on Policies on “sources of trouble”
PR series 5,6,7,8,11R,12,17R,19R,25
The responsibilities of leaders
Alter-is and degraded Beings
Indicators of Orgs
Owner of Materials, the legal view
Actions for Hco secretaries faced with Illegal Usage
When in doubt about coyrighting
Use of “dianetics” “Scientology” “Applied Philosophy”
Conference Hats
Scientology Library and Research, LTD
Signatures of Policy Letters
REissue of materials
Technical and Policy distribution
Orders (7 June 61)
Signatures on Bulletins,Policy Letters and Sec Eds
Policy on Signatures in Publications
Responsibility For Issue
Issues Types Of
Essay on Management
The comm-member system routing policies section (points 20-28)
Data Series 1-23 and 37
Administrative skill
Pts Personnel and finance

5. Tapes-Other

Inspector general network bulletin no 27-1
The DEI Scale, PDC lecture 11 Dec 52, R and D Vol XIV
SHSBC Lecture #443 States of Identity ( answers How many OT’s will there be)
Game Processing, PDC tape 12 Dec 52-(covers the caste system of games)
Hco Executive Letter-Technical Lectures by Other personnel
Level II tape, Nature of a withhold