Abraham Hicks & The Law of Attraction: is it Legit?

Flagged Abraham Hicks & The Law of Attraction: is it Legit?

Is your life lacking something? No direction in your existence? Are you looking for a self-help program to help you?

Abraham Hicks is basically a theory about helping yourself achieve goals by contemplating and positive thought. It is the brainchild of Jerry Hicks and his wife Esther Hicks.

With Jerry by her side, Esther would channel “Abraham” whom she says is a group of approximately 100 nonphysical teachers who communicate through her by placing “blocks of thought” in her while she is in a trance.

There are many people who attest to the power of the lessons taught by the Abraham Hicks Publications and that they have been helped with issues of addiction and wanting to become rich.

Many people read about this and ask themselves – is it legit? My thoughts on this will be held until my conclusion.

Join me… I will study this in further detail and conclude if there are lessons to be learned here and if the self-help program taught by Abraham Hicks will be of benefit.

Abraham Hicks – is it a Scam?

The question about self-help programs, books, meetings etc being a scam is an interesting one. On the one hand, there are so many people who have claimed to have really benefited from programs like this.

One famous example is the actor Jim Carrey who praised The Law of Attraction hugely during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. On the other hand, it is equally easy to dismiss it as a load of made up nonsense.

I will admit, as I write this that I don’t know the real answer. I am undecided, so the best I can do is do some further research into Abraham Hicks specifically so we can reach a conclusion on just this particular case.

I think it is best for you to decide for yourself about Abraham Hicks – and whether it’s a scam or not.

I will endeavor to provide you with as much information as I can in order for you to be able to make an informed opinion.

How much does Abraham Hicks cost?

It really depends on how involved you want to get. Just a book costs around $20 but the seminars are a lot more expensive, at least $400 to $500, varying from location to location. Before getting involved I would recommend researching what exactly you would like and how much you are willing to spend.

Review of the Pro’s and Con’s of Abraham Hicks

In order to get a clearer picture and in the hope of gaining more understanding of Abraham Hick’s The Law of Attraction I would like to take a look at the positives and negatives. I think these will be subjective, so I apologize in advance to anyone who sees things differently. Firstly I will run through the pros, as I see them.


  • The Abraham Hicks YouTube channel has over a quarter of a million subscribers and over 27 million views, so clearly they must be doing something right. This must mean that there are some people who are finding a benefit from what they are viewing. Either encouragement or a genuine feeling of improving their lives.
  • Esther Hicks claims these motivational lessons can help you become “rich beyond your wildest dreams”. It appears to be a matter of faith – believe and it shall happen kind of thing. There are many people online who claim to have benefited greatly from Abraham Hicks.
  • The methods taught do teach you to control negative thoughts and focus on the positive. That can only be a good thing, and I can see that it would appeal to people who suffer from depression. The whole process is positive and upbeat, so I can see it being a good experience for some people.

As I stated earlier, I do not yet have a firm opinion as to the potential benefits of the ideas of Abraham Hicks, so let’s consider some of the cons.


  • Esther Hicks claims Jesus is one of the members of the 100 non-physical teachers who make up Abraham. Oh, she claims Buddha is also! If you believe in Jesus, it seems unlikely that he would be spending so much time focused on making money!
  • Many of the books written by Esther Hicks are claimed to be the pure words of In fact, Jerry Hicks persuaded her to write them and then edited them himself as a way to get out of a book contract.
  • Some of the things Abraham Hicks teaches are dangerous. For Example, they say there is no state of physical decline you can not recover from if only you are aware of it and you wanted it. This is clearly nonsense and also dangerous. If you are facing a life-threatening disease (as Jerry Hicks was when he was dying of cancer) you would be well advised to be listening to a Doctor and not some new age claptrap.
  • They are taking advantage of vulnerable people who are desperate to find something that is missing from their lives.
  • This is a money-making enterprise. This is presented as a positive way to improve your life and attain your goals and that may indeed happen for some people who follow Abraham Hicks but make no mistake, this whole process is about making money from the books, movies and the other ways they have devised to collect money from the vulnerable.

I can’t emphasize this enough…

In my opinion, this is all about money. It may be wrapped up as a self-help program, but a simple glance at the very first page of their website is all about ways to send Abraham Hicks money. My cynical side does say – he is a nonphysical entity, so why does he need it?

Please keep reading…

I am about to give my final verdict on the value of Abraham Hicks Publications and The Law of Attraction…

What are Some Other Points of View About Abraham Hicks?

Whatever we are doing in life, it is a fact that we will never all agree.

For the Abraham Hicks program, I have given you my honest review and come to a negative conclusion. It may well be that other people have reached a different conclusion, so I have decided to look at some other people’s points of view.

I have looked at what people are saying on Facebook Groups, other review sites, message boards, etc. I have found that many people are simply trying to make affiliate sales or they denigrate Abraham Hicks as they are promoting a competing program.

I had more luck on Reddit. I found that the reviews were generally quite honest and useful:

It is important to make an informed choice the first time and choose the right course. That is why I also recommend watching this video of their official YouTube channel to get an overview what Esther and Jerry Hicks are actually trying to achieve:

If you are planning a new business and are looking for an appropriate business course, you will be making a big commitment of both time and money.

With this in mind, I would like to share some of the opinions which I have found. I hope that they prove useful to you.

The Law of Attraction In Conclusion

As a rational human being, what am I supposed to think about a woman who goes on stage and “channels” a group of nonphysical entities called Abraham who give advice on self-help? Honestly, I doubt the sanity of anyone who falls for this money-making enterprise.

The premise that we are guided by our thoughts and that we can achieve what we wish for through thinking about the positive is completely flawed. I doubt very much that any of that would help me if I was facing a firing squad.

I suppose there could be an argument that “it doesn’t do any harm” to those who believe in the lessons from Abraham Hicks, as perhaps it gives them some comfort and a way to feel positive. Then I remember that this is a money-making enterprise!

Final Tip: Before paying any money for the Audio’s, Workshops etc. try out Free Versions on Youtube, they give you a taste of what you will receive when paying for the CDs and DVDs on their website.It appears clear to me that this is all a way of taking advantage of people who are lacking something in their lives and cynically trying to make some cash out of it. I actually find the whole thing disgraceful. I cannot recommend anything to do with Abraham Hicks or The Law of Attraction!

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In my opinion, this is all nonsense. I respect people who have a different opinion, but I believe it is just a made up way to get money out of people. A quick look at the Abraham Hicks Publications website shows advertisements for workshops, CDs, DVDs, cruises etc.

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