Alex Puthenpurackal – Pharmacy Scammer Exposed

Alex Puthenpurackal – Pharmacy Scammer Exposed

People will yell a straight sentence of unjust law enforcement.
Recently, a Victorian police officer was reported
They even collaborated with local gangs, and he exploited his position to seek a debt from the owner of a drugstore.
But it wasn’t until we saw the drugstore owner’s name that we realised things weren’t that straightforward…

Alex Puthenpurackal

01: collaborating with thugs to recover pharmacy debts

Senior officials of the police force were probed.
The Victorian Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) was recently looking into a police officer.
The cop allegedly collaborated with the local Victorian mobster Bikie Gangs!
When the typical individual hears the word “gangster” their first thought must be that these folks are not good.
And this time, the cops who symbolise justice have joined forces with the renowned mobster Bikie Gangs, making the situation much worse.
According to reports, the police officer used his position to assist gang members in collecting debts from the proprietor of an Ascot Vale PharmaDeal drugstore.
Such abuses of authority drew the attention of the Anti-Corruption Commission as well.
The event is still being investigated, and the anti-corruption committee has not disclosed many facts about it.
Blue paint was painted on the windows of the drugstore, with the phrases “$90,000 to repay debts” and “immediate debt repayment” written on it.
Although some of the medications are still available, the business appears to have closed.
And many Chinese people, after learning the identity of the pharmacy’s owner, said: It turned out to be him… That officer did an excellent job!
What exactly is going on here?

02: A pharmacy is accused of fraudulently accepting money but failing to deliver.

Many Chinese businesspeople in Australia have gone to court to sue their bosses.
Alex Puthenpurackal, the proprietor of this pharmacy, had become “famous” in the Chinese purchasing circle as early as two years ago.
And his varied awful acts would even lead others to believe that, while the gang ordered the police to collect debts and misused their position, they did so for a cause. After all, this boss is not a kind guy.
A number of Chinese businesspeople in Australia have previously brought the PharmaDeal drugstore in Ascot Vale, Melbourne, to court in October 2019.
According to the Chinese businessmen, they purchased vitamins, milk powder, and skin care goods from PharmaDeal Pharmacy for shipment to China, but the company did not send them for an extended period of time, prompting the Chinese businessmen to request a refund, which the pharmacy rejected!
Sensing that the Chinese businessman had been duped, he filed a lawsuit against Alex Puthenpurackal, the proprietor of PharmaDeal’s drugstore.
Alex Puthenpurackal is charged with failing to produce the merchandise and refusing to issue a refund.
The sum of money sought from the Chinese businessman
More than $6.5 million!
According to the records submitted by the Victorian Supreme Court, Puthenpurackal broke his contractual commitments, engaged in misleading or dishonest behaviour against Chinese merchants, and indirectly caused the Chinese businessman’s financial trouble!
After paying a huge sum of money but not receiving the products, many Chinese businesspeople found themselves in a tough capital turnover scenario.
Some Chinese businesspeople have even been compelled to sell their houses and work seven days a week in order to allow their children to drop out of private schools in order to compensate for the financial losses caused by the occurrence.
What is even more surprising is that Puthenpurackal would retaliate, suing Chinese businesses and Blackmores for millions of Australian dollars owed to him, which is akin to a burglar yelling to catch the thief…
Furthermore, Jules Marra, Puthenpurackal’s lawyer, accused Puthenpurackal’s creditors of utilising underworld figure Mick Gatto to collect debts from him.
According to Puthenpurackal, on May 9, 2019, he received a text message from Mr. Gatto that said, “Alex, we want to have a cup of coffee with you and sort this stuff together.” “You said you’d call, but you haven’t.”
This lawsuit involves not just a significant number of Chinese, but also the well-known health product firm Blackmores.
According to court documents, Blackmores won the action in October 2019, declaring that the vitamin behemoth owed the firm $1.57 million.
Puthenpurackal did not deny that he owed Blackmores money, but he attempted to establish that he incurred more damages as a result of Blackmores’ activities than the sum claimed.
The court, however, dismissed this argument.
In short, there have been numerous twists and turns in the middle of this tragedy, involving several interest groups, including health product sector titans, mafia, and many Chinese businesses. This time, one of the creditors entrusted the gang that sought the police to collect debts.
Those Chinese businessmen are the most wretched of them all.

03: A big number of Chinese businesspeople have experienced significant losses.

Children who are forced to sell their houses abandon school.
Jie Li, a Chinese businessman who was one of the victims, stated in court records and an oath statement to police that in June 2017, Puthenpurackal urged him to pay in advance for all purchases and informed him “that’s how wholesale products work.”
However, after a few months, Jie Li discovered that the things he had gotten did not correspond to the money he had made!
Jie’s firm paid $42.366 million to Puthenpurackal’s company between February 2017 and August 2018, yet he only received supplies worth $37.593 million.
There was a $4.77 million discrepancy in the midst of the shipment!
In an email written on August 6, 2018, Puthenpurackal, under Alex Jestin’s identity, acknowledged to owing Li $5.4 million and proposed a repayment plan in four payments.
However, according to a forensic accountant study commissioned by Jie Li, more than $5.2 million in items had not been delivered as of the time the Chinese businessman sued Puthenpurackal in 2019.
Jie Li’s life was drastically altered as a result of this lie.
Jie Li and his wife had to sell two properties to pay off their debts after losing all of their funds, and their children would be forced to drop out of private school.
Another victim, Vivian Luan, also petitioned the Victorian Supreme Court, requesting that Puthenpurackal repay the $895,000 she never got for vitamins and skincare items.
On August 4, 2018, she says she got an email from Puthenpurackal.
“Based on our conversations, we have come to the conclusion that I owe you $889,661.55 for the goods,” the email added. On August 10, 2008, I agreed to reimburse the money.”
Luan, on the other hand, never waited for Puthenpurackal to repay his money.
Luan also stated that since legal actions were started against Puthenpurackal, she has had to work seven days a week, which has left her worried and unhappy.
She said that financial difficulty caused a big schism in her family because her family also invested in her business but lost money as a result of Puthenpuracka.
In response to the Chinese businessmen’s allegations, Mr Puthenpurackal and his lawyer, Mr Marra, stated that they had different perspectives on the incident and planned to “actively defend the charges against him and filed a large number of counterclaims”
However, John Gdanski, an SLF legal partner who represents some of the victims, claims Puthenpurackal and his attorneys purposefully delayed mediation.
Furthermore, documents from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission suggest that multiple firms managed by Puthenpurackal have gone insolvent in recent years, most recently Jestin Enterprises.
In February, Oz Healtheries, which is based in Box Hill, successfully petitioned the court to appoint a liquidator for the firm.
McGrathNicol’s liquidator, Matthew Hutton, has not disclosed the amount owing by the firm, and Puthenpurackal has not yet filed the mandatory director’s report on the breakdown of the arrears.
At long last
The use of police power to “eat black” is accused of breaking the law, but this drugstore owner’s other negative activities are truly heinous. In addition to gang members who requested assistance from the police in collecting debts, there were several more victims who were duped and incurred financial losses.
This incident also serves as a reminder to everyone that everyone needs to be extra cautious while conducting business in Australia, or they will cry without tears when they are “pitted”!
One of the most crucial aspects is to confirm the company’s details.
Many Chinese individuals do business in Australia, and many of them are currency brokers. First and foremost, the corporate information of the transaction item must be confirmed.
We can learn more about the firm by researching it in Australia. Enquiry Page for the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
Click on the link above and input the company name, ACN or ABN number, and click Search.
If you have been duped, you must also seek legal tools to safeguard your rights and interests. Defending the law by breaching the law can never provide a righteous result.
While the Anti-Corruption Commission examines the officer, it is anticipated that the pharmacy’s debt problems will be handled and the victims will be paid fairly.

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If you are being misled, you must also take legal action to defend your rights and interests. There can never be a fair conclusion if the law is defended by breaching the law.
While the Anti-Corruption Commission looks into the policeman, it is anticipated that the pharmacy’s debt issue can be further handled and the victims will get fair treatment.


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