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Wesley Virgin

Wesley Virgin scams innocents online using his non-refundable course (Overnight Millionaire). Read about his fake reviews, connections with Indian scammers, ...

Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden spreads his propaganda & forces his opinions on people. He has tons of complaints but he ignores them all. Read more on Holysmoke!

Phil M Jones

Phil M Jones is a master manipulator, who targets masses and upsells them until he gets every penny out of them. Read more on Holysmoke!

Ryan Robinson

Wesley Virgin scams innocents online using his non-refundable course (Overnight Millionaire). Read about his fake reviews, connections with Indian scammers, ...

Kevin David

Kevin David targets young college graduates and sells them non-refundable FBA courses. Review how his scam works here on Holysmoke!

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer targets inexperienced business people and sells them useless programs/books. Review how his scam works on The HolySmoke!

Richard J. Bryan

Richard J Bryan inherited massive wealth from his family but pretends that he worked for it. Review how his scam works here on Holysmoke!

Shola Richards

I don’t want anyone else to waste his or her time reading this idiot’s book. I also don’t want anyone to waste their listening to his talks. If any person in ...

Lolly Daskal

Lolly Daskal (Lead From Within) and her team run an elaborate scam which takes money from innocents. Review the full article on Holysmoke!

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is one of such ‘teachers’ who urge their customers to join Empower Network. This is a Pyramid Scheme, if people who read this are unaware of, ...

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Our take on Section 230

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The Big Oxmox advised her not to do so, because there were thousands of bad Commas, wild Question Marks and devious Semikoli, but the Little Blind Text didn’t ...

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  1. 1.1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    I’m pretty sure he is a fake guru. A lying, fake it till you make it internet marketer, who is probably making lots of money from the sheep that gets tricked by his videos and social media posts into buying his overpriced, over the phone, $2500 webinar.

    For example, take this youtube video where he tour his supposedly $15 million dollar penthouse. He probably rented it for all I know.

    If you do your due diligence, using information in the video, you will find that this apartment is in the Three Harbour Green Tower at 277 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, Canada. If you search online for pictures and video of the penthouse, you’ll find that it is much bigger than the apartment shown in his video and with ceilings at least twice as high.

    He is most certainly not filming in the penthouse because his apartment is too small and the ceiling is too low to be the penthouse. This is common sense, if that was the penthouse in his video, it is a pretty pathetic penthouse.

    I like how he doubles down toward the end of the video and says “…but anyway this is the very same penthouse that Mel Gibson, Liam Neeson, Chow Yun-fat and also Chris Hemsworth, [inaudible] from Marvel have stayed in and now it’s my home.”

    He likes to lie, exaggerate and overstate, the videos are manufactured to sell his course and put money in his pocket. The formula is confidence, mixed with some truth, mixed with lies, mixed with luxury car, house, jewelry, watches. All that creates a very seductive marketing scheme to lure people into buying his overpriced products.

    Here is a listing of a regular apartment in the tower, has the same “ferrari” kitchen design and ceiling height as his apartment in the video.

    And here are pictures of the penthouse

    Given his track record of unverifiable claims and exaggerations, how can you believe anything he say? Truth mixed with lies and exaggerations in order to push products, a fake guru.

    edit: I will give him credit though, Dan Lok is a smart guy. What he says in his video, those concepts that he discusses, are true IMO and he is right. The only problem I have is that I think he’s mixing in some lies and misrepresenting himself, otherwise he seems like a solid guy. Too bad he lacks integrity.

    edit 2: his new video makes it clear which unit he is in. definitely not the penthouse. looks like it is the unit under the unit under the penthouse by counting balconies so there are two units above him.

    Excerpt from Wikipedia entry on “Con Man, Confidence Man, Confidence trick”, you be the judge.

    A confidence trick (synonyms include con, confidence game, confidence scheme, ripoff, scam and stratagem) is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence, used in the classical sense of trust. Confidence tricks exploit characteristics of the human psyche, such as credulity, naïveté, compassion, vanity, irresponsibility, and greed.

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    SUZALY BIN SAYUTI June 3, 2020 at 5:20 am

    Hi all, I just wanted to document my experience in lodging a consumer tribunal case against Desmond Ong (Chromabit founder). For the record, I won the case against Chromabit and I received a settlement amount from the court. The entire process took around 3 months from lodgement date. I think it is a fairly straight-forward process and the fee to lodge Form 1 is ONLY RM5 at the tribunal. [Website: If you think that Desmond has scammed you either for PMP or DOIT or both, you can take your case to the tribunal. I did and I WON …I did get a partial refund (after deducting one bootcamp that I attended which was utterly useless). But in all fairness, I guess I have to pay for it since I did attend it. The reason why I am writing this post is to let the public know that there is an avenue for you to get back a refund and you don’t have to suffer in silence or be embarrassed by it. Desmond Ong is a CONvincing scammer. He can promise a lot of things but he very poor on the delivery part. Many people feel short-changed. *A simple definition of a scammer – Promise A, Deliver B. I have compiled sufficient evidence to debunk whatever he claims on the internet. He claims a lot of things on facebook like being a successful international author/speaker and business entrepreneur. After digging through his financials via the SSM portal, he is but a big scammer. You can search for his financials yourself to see how little he makes (or maybe he is evading tax). Everything he claims cannot be substantiated and whatever pictures he publishes on facebook/instagram is just for the ‘gram. Just to add another nail to his claims, his settlement cheque BOUNCED! Which means he had insufficient funds in his Chromabit company account and is of poor credit standing. Anyone that understands the banking system will know that a bounced cheque is a big no-no and he will be put on Bank Negara’s watchlist. He claims to go out there to consult businesses on cash flow management is quite hilarious to read as he is unable to keep his own house in order. So be warned. He is a CONtrepreneur.
    I will drop a few pointers here so that you can begin your individual claims. For a start, write/email Chromabit and list out the reasons you are unhappy with the programme or his DOIT membership. What were your expectations when you signed up? Did he deliver on his promises? If not, list out how frequent he bothered to be in touch with you? Did he really try to understand your issues and did he give you valuable advice? If not, if your business is still stagnant, then he obviously failed you and is quite useless. You paid for personal mentoring and all you get now is some monthly webinar? RM18k for a webinar is daylight robbery! You can use that to say that you feel cheated. Where is the one-on-one mentoring and what about the customer support? I clearly feel that they are a bunch of amateurs masquerading as if they know how to run businesses. Please don’t be misled just because they throw in a few bombastic words here and there. They are basically clueless!
    Here is another big point that you can take to the tribunal court. Their T&C clauses in their contract is NOT VALID. I quote the terms and condition here: As per the clause in Point 13(h) – “As the values and benefits of our programme are subjective to each individual, you may not bring an action against us in any court including consumer tribunal court or you will incur a penalty of RM100,000 for breach of this terms and conditions. If you have intention to claim a refund or return without a valid reason which arises from our fault, we suggest for you not to enrol into our programme.”
    My comments at the Tribunal Court: This clause is highly UNFAIR to the consumer as it has the effect of illegality or unreasonableness and prevents someone from pursuing their contractual rights and freedom. This clause that Chromabit knowingly added into the T&C prevents people from exercising their contractual rights and is completely unconstitutional and should be voided. The fact that this T&C does not contain a refund policy or cooling off period shows BAD FAITH on the part of Chromabit that they intend to keep the money despite not showing any results.
    I hope this will help some of you kickstart your process in seeking for a refund. As we are facing some challenging times ahead, if you feel that Desmond Ong has failed you, please go seek a refund. He will not give it to you directly and you may need to go through the Tribunal where he is obligated to refund you or he can be fined/jailed or both. I went through the process in the KL branch (Sunway Putra) and I think the Judge there is quite familiar with Chromabit’s modus operandi and it should be a straight forward case. I hope by writing about my experience, many Malaysians will NOT fall into the trap of this smooth talking chap. If digital marketing was so easy and lucrative, why aren’t we all rich and famous? Think about it. If he had to conduct seminars to fleece you, then YOU are his rice bowl. I suffered the consequence of being too trusting and I don’t want anyone else to have to part with their hard earned savings. Please let your family and friends know to avoid Desmond Ong like the plague.

  3. Hello,
    There is a bridge in Brooklyn that is unobtainable as well.
    James touts there is a mechanical algorithmic glitch that he has discovered which when applied takes the emotional aspect out of investing??????..
    So you buy the program, no trial, no refunds, RED FLAG. Then RIGHT AWAY a call from a salesman to buy the LIFETIME ADD ON. (The next salesman has the same scrip.) RED FLAG.
    All examples are from years and months ago. Who can tell if this historical evidence is true? And so what? RED FLAG.
    You will be asked to try trades mostly in options which for many is tough. PUTS are even tougher. RED FLAG.
    These magic algorithmic moments somehow show up on a Wednesday opening bell morning, ONLY? If this is a mechanical glitch why is it happening at a certain time? RED FLAG.
    This Wed magic says to buy in a vastly overcrowded position which is nowhere near the buy point? Way overpriced by that time? RED FLAG!
    Later a report comes saying that IF you bought at X price WITH X number of options you made all this money?. RED FLAG, NOTICE (IF)?
    LATEST CASE IN POINT, buy AMD calls at $2.35 or (better?), a minute after the announcement the crowd had it way past the $3.00 mark. So this special play must have some basis, right? SO WHAT EVER YOU BOUGHT IS WORTH 50 CENTS NOW ,
    RED FLAG!!!!!!

  4. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    I currently have an invention with Inventhelp it’s going on three years, the out come from them is absolutely nothing, I began to jump in with reaching out to manufacturing companies, they were calling me back showing interests in my product, once I had them to sign a confidentiality agreement, I had to forward all their contact information to Inventhelp due to the contract I was in with them, thereafter they will speak with the company, and I had to call them (Inventhelp) to ask about the status, they response was, the were no longer interested or they have not heard from the company, so I decided to do my own research on finding manufacture companies, patent information although I paid for all the services with this company, Inventhelp just gave me the run around, they do, do what they say.. to keep you from suing them, but when really research their work, like the fake companies they claim to summit your idea too, I search each one of those companies (25) most if not all did not have anything to do with my product, so this is my experience with Inventhelp.

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  5. Yeah I’ve never trusted these invest-help services, always seemed like an absolute scam, I’m glad you warn us about this.

  6. You just saved me 800 dollars. This guy name demeitre from Davidson called me about my invention. Glad I saw this post ! Told him I already had it patent. He said I wasted my time doing that? Said I still needed to go tru the extension patent search . For around 800.

  7. Omg!!! Thank you for pointing this out… I have been in my inventing process since October last… As you may assume red flags went up in my mind and after i received my product summary digest for about 5 hundred dollars i almost gave up 10,000 to Invents Company.

  8. Thank you for your insight, I had lots of reservation I did spend the initial cost but then the push came to take me to the next step for the development, I started to feel the pressure they were placing on me. So glad I bumped into this page, it made it all so clear. Thank you again.

  9. Reply
    AGENT X EX EMPLOYEE IH June 25, 2020 at 12:13 pm

    I worked for Invent help for a short period of time. It didn’t take long to figure out they were scammers. Just check the breakdown of IH and Davison’s numbers and success rates…. numbers don’t lie!


  10. All invention submission/marketing firms are some level of scam, unfortunately there are too many DIY inventors out there that think they can take shortcuts or do things on the cheap (including write their owns patent)…if you’re not using a patent attorney/agent then you are wasting your time/money/rights.

  11. George Davison is the biggest “scam artist” on the internet today. He has numerous companies that offer different kinds of services that Davison NEVER intended to provide. All the companies owned by George Davison have only ONE GOAL, scam as much money from people as they can and then they disappear with your money AND your invention idea. Do a simple internet search for Davison Design and all you will see are thousands of complaints from people who ALL have been ripped off for thousands of dollars by this worthless piece of crap. Go anywhere else, stay away from ALL companies owned by George Davison.

  12. wish i saw it before dealing with Davison, this thief stole from me more than 1500 USD. They kept asking more money to proceed with my idea, then finally i stopped dealing with them after searching on the net and finding out that that they have scammed lots of people. how can this thief sleep at night. they should all go to jail for scamming hard working people.

  13. this place is filled with scammers. Save some money. If that takes too long then find different ways to make income on top of your job that you can do from home. Then start using all of your money saved to work with a patent attorney. Make your provisional patent. The time with the attorney will be costly but it it’ll pay off. At least this way you know it’s only you and the attorney in on the shares. When you go to these companies your money is gonna go towards paying people you don’t even know. Besides the patent attorney has gone to school for all this and won’t want anyone else’s hand in the bucket other than who you need cuz they’re trying to get their money too.

  14. Thank you for this informative post . I’ve been called by Davison about my invention two months ago but I was skeptical after reading the contract ( Thanks to my Business Law studies )
    I just hope that they won’t steal my ideas
    I gave them the details as they asked me to do
    I feel so dumb

  15. Subscribed to one of his newsletters “cryptocurrency” and it was garbage. Better info found on the Internet and YouTube. He did not author his own newsletter, someone else did.
    I let the subscription run the year and did not renew. (This was two years ago)

    Today, I received an email from him that my credit card was debit for another year renewal. WTF! I sent him a nasty email and contacted my bank.

    He changed to another website domain. That means he has a bad reputation.

    This guy is a scammer. He is greedy and wants your money without giving you something of value.

    There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and seeing your account short of money. You have no control. A-holes like James Altucher does.

    Now I have to cancel my credit card and get another one to keep scammers like this out of my pocket.

    Stay way from this guy.

  16. I’m very lucky and glad that I came on this page just in time. It opened my eyes about Davidson and Inventhelp with George Foreman. Yes, there are a lot of bad companies out there, thank you

  17. I too threw away $2000 on his Crypto Trader service which he peddled through Agora Financial.
    This was launched in late 2017 at the height of crypto prices, the bleed continued buying cryptos and following his trade suggestions. Worst part was filing taxes in two countries with all the entering and exiting of crypto postions.
    Altucher comes across likeable and knowledgeable, but he’s clearly a con. He doesn’t deserve the one star rating.
    Agora has since discontinued that service.

  18. Out there still many people looking for easy money. There is no such thing like that. U better learn by yourself rather than paying someone expensive penny. Reality is the motivator just only sucking yr money for own benefit. Fuck that.

  19. Inventhelp is a total scam,they use to be called invention incorporation or something like that,they got in trouble and just simply changed names I made the mistake of going to them,and then the same day googled reviews of them ,and said OMG what did I just do ,I was to pay them $1000 next day which is NEVER did and then went on line found a patent attorney and got a provision patent pending and will be getting the full patent,actually i got lucky cause what invent hep didnt tell me was by march 15th of last year the laws have changed it ,its the 1st person who files for the patent is legally entitled to it even if you came up with it 1st ,so I got my patent just before so if they tried to steal my idea i had the patent and the attorney waiting for them,hard part is legal fees are not cheap,its almost impossible to do without money ,good luck to you

  20. The latest figures from InventHelp show they have a 224 out of 225 FAILURE RATE of generating profit for inventors (more than what they pay InventHelp) who enter into an agreement with them. It might be worth reading this webpage:

  21. I truly trusted InventHelp. I was pumped up about the fact that George Foreman used this same company. I was given sketches of the product once I made my $5,000 deposit. Unfortunately for me, i did not use my credit card. Had I used my credit card, I would have been able to get all my money back.
    I am so tired of people ripping off others. Although I joined a class action suit against InventHelp, I think I will investigate to see what else I can do to get my $5,000 deposit back.

  22. if you let your invention exposes to them and you never decided to continue it they will steal and give your idea to the investor and they will make money on it, since you are the one pay to do the copyright for $500 to $700 plus you will invest it with $6000 but you never have that kind of money and as it has no patent caused patent cost up to $4000, and you abandon it then they will continued it with out your permission, so be aware of this scam they start it with the name as invention submission corporation and changed the name to invent help check BBB or check ripoff reports there is a lot complained including me on it caused I got ripoff with them before with my idea, get your attorney first if you want to deal with them.

  23. Yes it most definitely is a scam…if your invention is on paper, just burn it …you will get more satisfaction doing that than trusting inventahelp or any of their other fictitious business names they hide under.

  24. It’s a scam. It’s a win/win situation for them. $15,000 if your invention goes nowhere and 20% of future royalties if it does. You take all the risk and they have no risk.

  25. Someone familiar with the company said that they target poor, uneducated gullible people stealing from the poor to put money in the pocket of Davison who is rich

  26. Watch out for this hoax… I signed up with invent help in late 2017 & then roller coaster of false hopes & crappy low budget ‘referral’ services began. They know every trick in the book to hook you & then take your money. My biggest mistake I made was not researching the large amount of lawsuits against invent help that have been filed over the years, not to mention the scam alert pages & news reports found online pointing to invent helps tricks in their billion dollar industry.

  27. Sometimes it’s not about what good a speaker you are if you are just out there to fraud with customers. Desmond Ong is a motivational speaker and nowadays we find him offering products and promises like Key to 10k training for earning $11,000.
    I was one such follower who falls prey to these words and trusted the person as I considered him best. He showed the path but never showed how. Just for example after I bought his product I realised he was offering something but there was nothing which can answer mine how. It was totally unacceptable to have such a product and I would have returned the same back if I had a chance.
    The product as per my survey was offering how to traffic one’s network and increase the sales or showed how to reach out to the world but never showed what exactly it was for. Their expression of an idea is not at all clear and for a fact, you cant earn what they offer if you are not a hard worker and if you are a hard worker then what exactly are you doing here. We know how to create a website, we know how to get customers and we also know how to sell products. We can make each other motivated so why do we need a person who can make us follow his lead.? We can follow ours and make a better world for ourselves instead of following some speaker whose books have contents which are just improving and signifying what he is and nothing more help for the people.
    In my words, Desmond is just a self-centred person who is trying to earn some real cash for himself rather than showing us an actual path where we can earn better and make living happily.

  28. I am one of many many victims. 5500 $ worth scam. All of them are con artist. They humiliate you, laugh at your stupidity send you picture of some worthless crap and one man claims that they were selling his idea to companies without his knowledge I want my money back.

  29. Dan Lok is not a scam though i can say this 100 % accurately because i have bought his course and it was very worth it and i think its really cheap for the value he gave to me , also most of the testimonial from coffezila and other about danlok is scammer is fake lol , how is he scamming people if he is not forcing you to buy into his program?? thats not how scam work dude they bought it on their own decision.Also Dan Lok mentioned that this is not a get rich quick scheme and it is a tough program so dont buy this program if you wont take action from danlok’s teaching and complain like a kid

  30. I invested $18,005.00 with InventHelp thinking that they would help launch my invention. Now waiting for a long period, i understand that i made a huge mistake and have lost the money.
    THEY OFFER NO STATISTICAL EVIDENCE OF THEIR CLIENTS’ MARKETABLE INVENTION SUCCESSES In addition, current commercials testify about how many patents Invent Help has helped their clients get…not the successes in launching their clients inventions…which is their clients ultimate goal isn’t It??? Otherwise, $18,005.00 would prove a costly patent. Monies are to be paid upfront: face to face.

  31. Had excellent idea for motorcycle safety. Patent search revealed nothing close to it. I spent over $15 k. Found the same product for sale in another state shortly after signing final papers. It was my idea to every detail. Patent pending status. I reported them to BBB. They said they could not help me. Just like the rest of big business. The $ talks and the working staff gets screwed.

  32. have to accept that i fell for this podcast. That is until I was conned into shelling out 3k for his “secret income program” . Total scam. And he hides behind Agora financial. I guess the SEC will never come down on him but his products are cons. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Now you may be questioning why I am so generous to give this man a 2 star, but putting the 2.5k to over 20k you may lose after getting into Dan Lok’s HTC course, it’s kind of a fair score for him. Now I am someone who went through many of Lok’s youtube videos, went through his course at 2.5k USD (now its 10k) and also fell prey to the upsale so I got a pretty good idea on what his bullshit is all about. Lets say the good things about Dan Lok first and that is his free content which is quite high quality and gives much more value than his actual course as to give us the consumers trust in him as a person and a potential mentor. By the time you see one of his webinars and his site to actually purchase the course, which has some red flags of being a potential scam, most people trust him enough to let go of such dishonest sales techniques. The course itself is to make yourself feel good and motivated and doesn’t really teach you anything that’s either not already in his youtube videos or something you already knew or want to hear. Think of the meme: ‘I came looking for copper, but I found Gold’, but with his course, it is instead: ‘I went expecting Gold but I found SHIT’. The course, by the way, is a basic sales course on how to sell high-ticket items (if I had read a few sales books that is; most of the people think the stuff is amazing) and Lok sets up this expectation for you to be paired with high-ticket sellers by the end of the course….. but he basically tells us to go FREELANCE. If you have seen any of his advertisements, you probably know by now what he means by ‘earning how much you want, whenever you want, and you decide your financial destiny’ Geez having zero job security as a Freelancer is actually having MAX job security since I have full control of what I make, not some employer, OMG MIND BLOWN! Of course you can just buy the upsale for more leads for high-ticket sales – aka employers who wants to hire contract salesmen – but you don’t call these people ‘Employers’, you call these people ‘Influencers’ and You are in a ‘Partnership’ with them (sounds much better right?). I mean in the end I was sold a dream that Lok calls ‘Financial Confidence’, If anyone could achieve that dream though, they won’t have needed Dan Lok’s course in the first place. The people who defend Dan Lok either works for him or sells his affiliate courses – which is still working for him… Personally, the one good thing that came out of the course is that it really prompts you to ask yourself important questions: ‘what do you really want in life?’ ‘What do you really value?’ ‘Is your current situation really so unsatisfying?’ btw anyone who say to be never satisfied is trying to sell you a useless course; most people who pay for money does not want to learn how to be rich – they want to learn the shortcut of how to be rich; they (as in me) are mistaken that money paid = secret shortcut to be rich. And before you buy any other courses, always ask the salesman: ‘Is there any UPSALES?’, If they say anything other than ‘NO’…. then GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE.

  34. The fake guru saga continues… we get a more recent update on how Desmond “manufactures” his own credibility by buying photo opportunities. Everything he claims to be are mostly made up. Airy fairy delusional young poser trying to pull a fast one to many unsuspecting folks. Be safe out there! Too many fakey people on the internet. Please do your own due diligence.

  35. hello, last year I have some idea about creating some product. I research a lot and I company name Invent help pop up. I contact them and my product was specifically related only for one company one market they promise me they gonna reach to them and only Inventhelp it”s safe because they protecting your idea and other company will still it. I trust them and to this date they didn”t contact them and on top of that I found the same product what I created!!! Try to contact invent help, they ignoring me and treating me if I stop payments they distrioid my credit score. I paid almost $7000

  36. Perfect scammer who uses people’s vulnerability to make money. He has his way to make you commit to his programs where he promise to teach you digital marketing to make more money. End up he teaches you about cold calling and things you already know and make you pay bomb for it. All the things shown in his marketing are absolute lie. This is worse than MLM as they dont even have product. Please save yourselves. Don’t spend money on stupid seminars like this and get conned.

  37. Hi, i just wanted to do a quick update on my case against Chromabit / Desmond Ong. I won the Tribunal case against Chromabit last year but that didn’t sit well with them and so they decided to lodge an appeal at the High Court to overturn the Tribunal decision. Well, they LOST AGAIN at the High Court and they have to pay me for the inconvenience of it all. I want to put it on record here that Chromabit lost at BOTH the tribunal and the KL High Court level! Says plenty about them LOL! They are really silly to want to take up a notch up knowing well they have a very weak defense. They have nothing to show and there are heaps of people who are really upset with them. This is what happens when you talk big and deliver absolutely low value content. It’s an utter disgrace. The proliferation of these “fake gurus” are everywhere on the internet. One has to be very careful these days when choosing a service provider/ trainer/ coach/ mentor. I am not against education and I have attended many seminars but Desmond Ong stands as the worst and I wished I never had the misfortune of crossing path with him. Just don’t bother really. He wants to sell a high ticket product – his [DOIT] mentorship is RM18k but he is unable to even structure a proper coaching / mentoring programme nor does he have the aptitude and competency to deliver on his said promises. From my experience, there are way better people who are more qualified / more sincere with a wealth of experience out there. Just NOT this dude. He shamelessly calls himself “one of the most decorated expert in the field of social media marketing & business growth”….not sure where he got his accolades from because the industry is so fragmented and he isn’t the first name that springs to mind. In addition, he is trying so hard to impress people by having his opening line “as featured in cbs, abc and nbc” but these placements can be bought on fiverr or dendyMedia for US$97. His pictures are also mostly manufactured (refer to There are a lot of fake people around online. What you see is not always the truth. People are not what you think they are. Internet is like a stage and we are all actors putting up a show. Oh another point i wanted to make so that you can verify whether the person is a REAL “public figure”, facebook / Instagram would have a “blue tick” next to the person’s face. Desmond Ong does not have the blue tick and so you can come up with your own conclusions. As a parting note, my updates are based on my own experience and I would highly encourage you to do your own due diligence on the person and to fight for your consumer rights if you do have a case.

    I will be rooting for you (virtually). Let justice prevail!


  38. Dan Lok used to have a nail salon in Vancouver, Canada called Sweet Nails, seemingly as recent as 2011-2013. See these videos and the associated channel “salonbusinessexpert”:

    Compare these to his more recent Youtube channel starting from around 2015 and see the total transformation that seems to have happened in only a few years.

    If you see these videos of only 9 years ago (I wrote this in 2020) do you still believe Dan’s the global entrepeneur he portrays himself to be? Does managing a nail salon sound like a high-income skill?

    Do your own research…

  39. I fell for his ‘get rich through cryptocurrency’ scheme in 2017 What bothered me the most was after spending my $2,000 and getting inundated with information (some good some bad, very little of it new or novel) and promotions, I learned 12 months later that he also required an annual maintenance fee.

    This in the face of ‘you are now a lifetime member’ drivel. This was not disclosed to me verbally in any of my discussions with his marketing personnel. I have no doubt it is in small print somewhere, but I acted on trust, believing his hype that he was the real deal..

    Subsequent to all this, and amazed at how well I had been manipulated, I spent over 6 months learning about internet marketing..

    Altucher is a master! Nearly every trick, every technique, every dip into the well… He executes flawlessly.

    If you are looking to hire someone to market some dubious quasi legitimate item or service, he’s the guy you should hire..
    If you are looking for someone that is truly an expert in the financial fields he claims to be expert in and builds his marketing upon, turn around and run very far and very fast.

    I do have one tip for anyone interested in signing up with any of his products and services:
    You will probably be offered a 30-day money-back guarantee.. Put that date on your calendar! Then, watch the incredible diluge of valuable? Information that you will be receiving over the next 30 days it is so rich, so promising and exciting, so inundating, that you may blindly pass your 30-day opt-out without even noticing it.
    Then, once past the deadline, you are SOL.

    So, all in all? I wish the heck I’d never heard of him.

  40. He’s a much better marketer than he is a stock picker or investment guru. I met him in NYC and he came across as a sincere “mad genius” if you will. Then I listened to a few of his podcasts which I liked. So I was primed to believe he had real insights. But his stock picking is worse than my own…much worse. I’m looking at his results in his newsletter that he provides, and they are awful.

  41. Went for the intro seminar in June 2019 , was undecided to sign up ( because it was expensive) but spoke to the earlier batch who went for the seminar & gave their testimony and this couple said he (Desmond Ong-DO) was legit and able to get the business going. So okay decided to part with my limited savings and signed up for the seminar BECAUSE I will reap back my money using what he will be teaching me….

    The seminar was held in Oct 2019 in a hotel in KL.
    During the seminar he did some pep talk and motivational talk and played some you tube videos and later ask the audience to sell bottled water for RM10 ( trying to teach about value) , later the following day ask the audience to sell the FB advertisement to family & frens ( sell first ask later con) Ask the audience to put in FB the comment that they are now in a seminar as digital marketer and yada yada yada ….confuse the heck outta family & frens and they are asking us what is this??!!!
    Encouraged the audience to sell FB advertisements which will be sales for the team….PRESSURE like heck!
    Touched on click funnels & a little on FB advertisement yada yada yada….in the end of third day ask the audience whether they wanna join the TRIBE ( what is issit?)
    Its another subset of this audience who will be privilege to join his other senior tribe members and will get exclusive support to grow the business….hahaha ( smells like an upsell con) best part you know what? You have to pay almost 4x the price of your seminar price to join this tribe…
    My frens,after investing my limited hard earned money to get something outta this 3 day seminar…I aint goona invest SHIT until I see money coming in first…so I said NOPE and that senior tried to scare me by saying that another business owner spent a lotta money and wasted a lotta money because he did not take up this opportunity. I told him I will take my risk.
    So almost two months after I attended this crappy seminar I am still not moving from point zero and have zilch in terms of money for my business.
    So how you identify a seminar that is a SCAM with zero/ crap content?
    Its when you get home after the seminar and try to relook and restart again & build your business using what was shared to you in the seminar.
    Believe me , I got NOTHING at all…….wasted my money , time and effort going for this!

    My rating for DO seminar is not 1 STAR…..its not even worthy of that.

  42. I used to like him on yahoo finance but not so much any more. Its more puffery than facts or real honest opinions.

  43. Gagan Grewal is looking to scam thousands of people with his horrible cryptocurrency scam. He is taking real money from his victims in exchange for valueless currency. Please avoid it at all costs.!

  44. Who is Desmond Ong?

    Desmond Ong is a young entrepreneur, best selling author who wants to create the entrepreneurial skills in people and would want them to achieve and succeed to create money successfully. He wants to help people to change the way they look at business, assist in expanding their horizons and eventually making them proud of who they are!

    Desmond Ong started pursuing his online business during his teenage, but dint know to pursue it further and how he could do it without any monetary support and support from anyone. After a long hiatus, he started doing a lot of internet research. He was able to find an online marketplace that was into buying and selling websites. He started selling his online blogs there and eventually started selling his websites that he created and finally succeeded. The experience of selling websites for a successful period made him discover the great benefits of information marketing. Desmond Ong successfully started selling information guides (eBooks, audios, software) in many niches such as internet marketing, dog training, health & fitness, forex trading, relationships, seduction and many more. Desmond Ong stood out as a millionaire.

    As one of Desmond Ong’s former employee, I am sharing some of my worst experiences and insights working for Desmond. Desmond Ong is one of a kind and a super scammer. I used to work for him and he was one hell of a boss to be frank! He used to call us at midnights to fix and resolve some of the issues or just for shouting at us because of another colleagues’ mistake. As a boss and a superior person, he doesn’t have any respect for people. He’s a terrible boss with mood swings and changes his mind abruptly after every few minutes. He prefers to deal with male counterparts only giving no respect to female employees. He sells this motivational shit like an expert but doesn’t practice on his own. He’s one of a kind motivational speaker who doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    He’s a very arrogant and selfish boss who just wants his products to sell by any means. He makes money by scamming others into thinking that they can make money online. Hes a bad boss which is not good for morale and conduct. Company product is offered at unreasonable high price . There is no solid product as such nor reasonable after sales support. When customers complain, in a view to solve their problem instead they get one more brainwash session to make them feel like its their own fault. Boss keeps changing his mind all the time and so do the company policy. Boss doesn’t like to listen to the employee and threatens the staff with commission cut or any other funny punishment. He curses a lot and gives a ridiculous timeline for the tasks. Its better if he works alone rather than hiring anyone. He creates stories and is calling himself bestselling author after the book came out for a week. 90% of the book is only talking about his achievement and trying to sell his coaching programs.
    $200 in 20 minutes:

    Desmond Ong offers a video course named $200 in 20 minutes which teaches one of the methods he uses to create an income from affiliate marketing online. Basically, it teaches you how to set up a landing page, how to drive traffic to that landing page, how to find an offer to promote. $200 in 20 minutes doesn’t cover everything and only covers methods and resources and specific tools one can use to follow a simple strategy. $200 in 20 minutes is nothing new or outrageous or overwhelming. Before you buy, one must know there are some tricky upsells associated with this product.

    Upsell1 : To “automate” everything that Desmond lays out in his course. Its called Income Black Box that causes an additional cost of $19.95. Automation is usually not a good idea when it comes in terms of building your business or marketing online.

    Upsell 2: “Secret invite-only” product that costs an additional of $29.95. The thing that bothers most about this upsell is the language and method used to try to entice and lure people in buying it. The method used here is very tricky and the language used here is supposed to make one think you’ll be costing yourself money if you don’t spend more right now.

    This product is not a total package . It only covers one method that is Desmond’s method. The Final review of the product insights on the fact that it is going to take more than 20 minutes of one’s time and $ 200 is not guaranteed which really concludes saying as the misleading name!

    Going through the above personal and product review, I can surely say Desmond Ong is a scammer and just a money maker who fools people over his favorite line , “Want to make money online?”


  45. This is to warn you all who just thinking to take any of James Altucher subscription. He is totally running a scam , definitely he was appeared in CNBC,CNN and other News Channel and he is cashing the same thing. I joined his Crypto Trader during his live webcast where he promised so many things but nothing is true. I dumped my $2000 on his innocent face but not regret over my decision.Actually his subscription is not worth of $20 . Whatever recommendation he is giving anyone can get for free in twitter and a way earlier then he recommendation, also his Top 1% Microcap advisory is full of shit .Every thing is RED over there

  46. i had submitted a proposal to them and they said that the patent will be done soon. I paid them the fees of 7048 dollars which they asked for the formalities.
    recently inventhelp admitted that my Patent was no good because there was already a pre existing patent filed. However, they could not refund me my full 7,048 dollars they gotten from me on the false pretense of investing into a good patent.
    Now they are refusing to refund the amount. Total Scammers..

  47. I just attended his “Wealth on the Internet” we. I can’t be sure to say that it’s a scam but the nearly 2 hours seminar was just full of boasting (e.g. his travels around the world with family, personal achievements, how he helped others to earn 5 – 6 figures) and I certainly doubt about all the testimonials he shown. He also made a LIFE TIME 100% money guarantee back +RM1000, if his student didn’t make any sales during the 3-days workshop using his system. Well, this can easily be achieved by getting anyone from his network to “buy” something from the workshop participants. The internet trading model and other very basic stuffs he shared at the seminar can be easily obtained online or through book reading, if you are willing to spend a bit of time. Overall, my impression about this young man is not good. I will not recommend anyone to attend his seminar.

  48. What was really sad to see were old people who travelled all the way from other states to attend his crappy session held in a crappy hotel somewhere in Puchong. An old man said he didn’t understand a thing and looked so sad and lost. After the training, he just sat there at the lobby staring into the open as if that was the last bit of money he had invested in that conman. I also did not like that he instructed us to copy n write something good about him n his training n to market him on our Facebook on the spot ! No prior explanation given. Very sly. Some of us couldn’t do that bcos of privacy ! But he was such a hustler n some felt compelled to do it. He asked us to advertise our e marketing services online n even stating the suggested price (in the thousands) Asked us to just take in all the requests and worry about it later. Hello? It’s like telling people I will teach you how to swim but I don’t know how to swim yet ! He was teaching us to con people ! I just couldn’t do that. After the 2nd day I knew I was conned. He packed in a lot of info that you can find online. But the moment the training is over, you leave feeling more lost than ever. I was so upset. Never ever again.

  49. I also subscribed to his report back in 2016, but cancelled because I didn’t get much out of it. I’ve lost some respect for him due to the clickbait ads proliferating the internet. Having read his self-published “Choose Yourself”, it seems like his material is unpolished and stream of consciousness. He writes so much that it looks like he has a bunch of e Books, a lot of them are a few pages long. What I’d say is it’s not a scam, but it’s much overpromised, and as with many things, your mileage will vary on what you get out of it. Also, when I cancelled I did get a live human being on the line and she seemed depressed and resigned … was not going to try to convince me to stay. Realize my experience is dated, but I did get a person on the line.

  50. What was really sad to see were old people who travelled all the way from other states to attend his crappy session held in a crappy hotel somewhere in Puchong. An old man said he didn’t understand a thing and looked so sad and lost. After the training, he just sat there at the lobby staring into the open as if that was the last bit of money he had invested in that conman. I also did not like that he instructed us to copy n write something good about him/ training n to market him on our Facebook on the spot ! No prior explanation given. Very sly. Some of us couldn’t do that bcos of privacy ! But he was such a hustler n some felt compelled to do it. He asked us to advertise our e marketing services online n even stating the suggested price (in the thousands) Asked us to just take in all the requests and worry about it later. Hello? It’s like telling people I will teach you how to swim but I don’t know how to swim yet ! He was teaching us to con people ! I just couldn’t do that. After the 2nd day I knew I was conned. He packed in a lot of info that you can find online. But the moment the training is over, you leave feeling more lost than ever. I was so upset. Never again.

  51. Watch out for this guy by the name of Webster Ku..

    Desmond Ong is his mentor guru.. when i posted a comment in Desmond Ong facebook page asking whether he can explain regarding this site about his reputation.. challenging him to defend himself from the defamed remarks that seemingly coming out from various of people. I also saw one guy (Webster Ku) who shared Desmond post, so i also shared the same post on Desmond’s page on Webster Ku.. Within less than 5 min, i was reported by him to facebook. Now it seems it is already implanted in Webster mind that anything that amount to inquiry or criticism would be spam by him.

  52. Webster Ku works for Desmond Ong at Chromabit. That’s why they are so afraid of feedback and queries about their reputation (or lack of). Just be careful of these dubious characters.

  53. I am still surprised that when one applies for patent with them, they say that Congrats no one else had applied for this patent. Spend money . Come back for further updates and you will know that its been done by another company.
    this is clearly a theft. this is fraud.

  54. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Sorry to read you lost $4,000 on this scam… I can’t believe there is still so many people out there falling for his lies. He must be good silencing any real reviews.. all the good ones are paid and affiliates that earn money from it as well.

    Did you try to get a refund with your bank?! When paid with credit card, do a dispute with your bank. The bank will refund you, since the evidence is pretty obvious!

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  55. Dear Andy W ( of Nov 9 , Year 2019 post ) ,

    How did Desmond Ong scam you ?

    Is it about the Mergers & Acquisition and Investments &
    Capital Raise issue ?

    You sold your biz or assets to him ? Care to share more of this situation ?
    ( [email protected] )

    Thank you !

  56. He is a master copywriter and marketer. He crafts his newsletter very carefully and fools people to believe that his predictions will come true if they followed his ways. Like he said that Amazon will start accepting bitcoins soon. Hence most of them started to believe it and bought bitcoins. LMAO , they are still waiting for Amazon to start it while James has cunningly laughed his way to bank

  57. He is totally a con job. I succumbed to his gimmicky tactics and I want to expose him for what he is. How do we go about this collectively?

  58. Initially i liked this person because he seemed honest to me. His words looked very upfront to me. Slowly i found that many times he was wrong. Smart guy , but cannot spot the winners and losers on stocks. His idea of starting a business is horrible !!! This of 10 ideas and work on it each day? Does this ever works? IMO its a wrong way to start a business. We never came across a successful business who worked on this idea.

  59. I attended the UPW seminar in San Jose California .The best way to sum up this event is that it’s an emotional roller coaster for people that don’t know how to have fun.

    In short, I paid good money for Tony to act like a rock star onstage. He would sing along to songs and bang sticks together. I paid good money to collect hugs and high fives from strangers after we performed hyperventilating exercises and then we were asked how alive we feel. Well duh, a little bit of human interaction mixed with a concert atmosphere and some breathing exercises, most everyone will be feeling different. I paid good money to have stories of successful people with troubled past told to me by Tony in the attempt to show that we all could overcome hardships and become wealthy with Tony’s programs. It was pretty much this same thing every day for 4 days but they changed the approach angle a bit each day. It gets real old real fast.

    Below is a break down of the days that I attended.

    Day 1:

    Cheerleaders perform the opening act along with volunteers. Then rock star Tony comes out and tells the audience how we will be changed forever, he’s had tons of success with this program. He tells stories about famous people he has met. He makes sure to tell you how good he’s doing, he owns jets, island resorts, houses everywhere, his businesses do 5 billion a year. He drops success bombs often. He also makes sure to tell you about all his problems, most seem to be exaggerated to some extent or he would be written about in medical journals. About hour 10 is when the 2 hours prep speech starts for the firewalk. Your ability to believe in yourself while thinking about wet moss is all you need to know about walking on coals. That took 2 hours to deliver that information. I left during this firewalk rant, it seemed like it would never stop. I left at midnight, most didn’t leave the event until 1:30 am. Most were not impressed with the small coal pits they walked on, grown men said the walk was two steps.

    Day 2:

    A guy named Joseph runs the show on day 2. No Tony besides some videos that you watch, probably the same ones you can watch on YouTube. Joseph’s most important bit of information that he passes along is “assitude”, when your feeling down or depressed, just shake that ass! It apparently fixes all. We then played Simon says, I think to just kill time in between stories or to keep people awake. Then a special guest comes out, he tells his sad life story and then turns it into a sales pitch for more events that cost normally 20k but if you sign up today, you can get it for 10k. Don’t worry, they make sure to tell you they have financing. It was gross.

    Day 3:

    Tony’s back! He tells us some crap about voice box issues but he’s developed a second voice box through his belief of ” the power within”. And then he starts telling you that this type of therapy or his program only works if you keep going to the events or buy his products. It’s a viscous cycle, keep coughing up the dough and he will keep telling you how good you are. Tony even had the audience overcome their issues by shoving their fingers in their noses and throwing their problems away like a booger. 10,500 people all did this! And then Tony turns on the sales pitch for the $10k event, there was even a break for the audience members to go sign up. What a deal.

    So I would recommend to keep your money unless this review sounds good to you, then have at it.

  60. Altucher Report is practically worthless and useless. There is hardly any useful information in it. One ends up getting upsells only.

    Claims made are also False. He had suggested not to buy 5 cryptos but failed to even name one.

    This product is a scam

  61. if you do your own research, patent, design, prototype, etc, then you can go directly to a company/investor that will invest in you and help you grow. If you’re coming with an idea in your mind, then you do have to pay someone to do all the above to even have it looked at. Keep in mind, it also comes down to cost of making vs sell price to have a margin. Just my opinion. At the end, they will/have to make money, that’s business

  62. I am another victim of this ‘Award Winning Business Consultant’. In fact I have a court order against him, if ever I come across any assets of his which can be seized.

    Hopefully this page may make some people think again about funding his snake oil lifestyle.

    I would happily contribute to something that makes it harder for him to carry on his business. Any ideas? Post them on here and I’ll keep checking back.

  63. 1.1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    Key to 10k training for earning $11,000 just in a few days by Desmond Ong. Don’t know how do they even get such ideas to fool people out there. Not only this, this product is offered with disclaimer policies, specifying the kind of people out there for whom this is meant for.

    Their own people are getting the people bad reviews for other sites instead of getting to speak good of them. This according to me will be their biggest reason for downfall in upcoming days for sure. His own employees call him a scam in a few of the reviews. Even his books which are published out there talks just for himself and nothing more good to offer to the public or the society. Totally waste for a reader like me for sure.

    The training is obviously not free of cost and needs our money which is Desmond Ong income. But how are we benefited herein.? Because I didn’t realise the same and consider it nothing more than scams.
    The person selling out his product is a motivational speaker but actually, he is more and more concerned to get people to buy his products by means of better words and more followers. He offers what in training.? How to offer products to customers. Well, we got big management institutes for that and they can teach us better by also getting us a well-recognised degree which is acceptable by the world.

    So what help is Desmond Ong.? None.

    He teaches marketing skills which are basic and can be learnt by paying a small amount of money for a book which will help create a better and more informative person for sure. Driving sales to pages or getting emails of the buyers this is what is offered but my question is why do we need it from him.? We can do that on our own and create a much better place for sure.

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  64. Reply
    ZULKAMALCHIN ABDULLAH September 19, 2020 at 5:13 am


  65. I am new to the crypto space and just wanted basic info to get started in investing. His report will NOT help you. His report links you to try to upgrade for more money. He may know cryptos but wants thousands of dollars for a bit of info that may help you make money. Not worth the $50.

  66. I fell for his sales pitch and donated $49 to the school of hard knocks. I just receive another charge on credit card, that I didn’t authorize. So, beware! He has your information and may charge you again for his bogus Reports! I would agree to join in on a class action suit if there are others interested and can put it together!

  67. I used to like the guy a lot because he seemed upfront and honest. But a lot of the times he was totally wrong. Hes smart but cant pick winners and losers on stocks. He is going about it the wrong way in many cases. He even states this himself. Same with his starting a business idea. He said sit down and think of 10 ideas and just keep doing that each day. That doesnt start a business. I dont know anyone that did it that way ever… thats completely the wrong way to start a business.

  68. Hi, i am late in knowing about Desmond previous cases. Thanks for your reveals about that guy. But i have just paid 3000RM for his 3 days seminar which is scheduled to begin on 31/7/2020 until 2/8/2020. After reading all these negative comments, i think i should demand a refund for safety sake. But what good reasons can I convince him to refund my money since i have not even attended his 3 days seminar? Definitely he’ll reject, but anyhow i ‘ll try with your assistance/advice. Can you help? My contact number:0194511359 , zulkamal

  69. 0.85
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    He got my $79.99 and I got nothing but crap and found the same stuff for free on the internet a couple of weeks later. This is a 100% SCAMMMM !!!!!!! YOU SHOULD TAKE THAT $79.99 AND USE IT FOR TOILET PAPPER CAUSE YOU WOULD GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK…….

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  70. All of you must make a police report to make more people aware of it. Anyway thank you so much for the sharing . I did meet one scammer using OKU pass to make a lot of money from charity fund . He is really a devil. I have been cheated by him by “half donate” to him more than 500 units of my father’s antique vases.

  71. Big promise and waste of money

  72. My husband was depressed, so I paid for him to do the TR courses. TR told him the reason he was depressed was because of me, and he should get divorced! We are still together. TR in my book is a nasty piece of work, who has earned his money on the backs of the poor by lying and manipulating people. At some point, there’ll be a reckoning. Meanwhile, if you’re smart, then please do not go on one of his courses – it’s all histrionics. You’re better off having a really nice holiday and reading a range of different self-help books (not TR’s obvs!) and work out which ones feel honest and truthful.

  73. I didn’t go to dr Simon. Can’t comment personally , but I think his prices are insane. And it’s not the question of you can afford it. It’s the question where it does cost that much? The fillers he uses are 10 times cheaper and you don’t have to be “god gifted” to do lips injections. Most of good cosmeticians (with degree of cause). And do it. And I’m sure either in LA or any other city there are many good ones. Usually at good clinic it cost 300-500$. And lasts 4-8 month. Best would be juvederm. There are no fillers that last 3 years!!! Radiess would probably be to longest 1.5 year. But he mixes it with hualuronic. Please make ur research. All fave treatments like lasers or thermal and etc are based on machines. And it’s important to put write program on and that’s all. It’s done by machines. Again u don’t have to be “god gifted talented” to move the tool on the clients face. Of cause you have to be educated! But that’s not rocket science. All celebrities who posts online have barter deal. But does it really cost that much? Definitely not! Plastic surgery yes because it’s forever. But hualuronic face filers? Definitely not!!!

  74. Luckily i read the review and comments. I was initially impressed by the photos of him especially giving talk at Harvard Business school.
    It took me by surprise of the experiences by those signing up to Desmond Ong program.

    Thanks and i do hope people out there have to be more cautious and get really aware of scammers program of getting rich .

  75. Vitale is a con man. It starts with his Doctorate which was obtained from an unaccredited online fake University. Vital’s programs and courses are a sham. They rip people off and are completely worthless. He has no moral compass and having researched him for over 20 years he and his many companies are also worthless. Deal with him at your own peril as he will bankrupt you. Joe Vitale has no scruples or ethics whatsoever!

  76. Almost every offer he makes has an upsell that dramatically devalues the initial investment as well. I suspect the implied promises now vastly exceed the value that can be delivered.

  77. I did one of Joes courses years ago right after The Secret came out. The course promised all kinds of results and I was at a low point in my life so I got taken in. It also cost me a few thousand dollars. They would call me and ask me how much money I had and each time there was some next level and someone new would call me and said that for this to work then I had to pay more and do the next thing.Then there was all this stuff online that I had to do and none of it worked except for them. During that time my life really got much worse and by the time I got out of it I was almost bankrupt. So a new scam just popped up with these vibrational tapes he’s selling and I just read the reviews on Facebook where SURPRISE!! People are getting scammed. He needs to be in jail. He’s ruined people’s lives. He’s like the Bernie Madoff of spiritual leaders.

  78. Honestly this guy is worst .Whatever info he is providing is a simple repackage .Its very easy to find on net if you have a simple brain. To think I bought his report and listened to his needlessly long videos in the hopes of learning something. I re-learned there’s a sucker born every minute.

  79. BEWARE Desmond ong is a scam!

  80. Hi Karen, Same happened to me. I am trying to involve an attorney for action lawsuit. I also saw that iAchieveToday even scammed an autistic boy that could not talk on his coaching calls for $7500 (glassdoor review.) Reach out to Robert Hillard Consumer Protection Lawyer in UTAH. 800-724-0622 and share your story.

  81. Dr. Ourian got rid of all of my large pores and blackheads in seconds! I literally felt them disappearing! Awesome job!

  82. having reached the stage of “full automation,” you are now working only four hours a week. You’re rich, and free to travel the world.
    He is just selling fake dreams to average American public, who are used to 9-5 jobs.

  83. Wesley Virgin is finished, he has been exposed to shreds by experts online. Only delusional fools are supporting him, who have paid thousands of dollars in hopes of changing their lives. Such a sad sight.

    Mogul Productions is a recent Crypto scam, I’m here to warn you guys about it. Please do not trust any websites promoting it, this is a literal scam!

  84. Warning to all who thinking to take James Altucher subscription. He is running a scam .He is just cashing his face for appearing on various News Channels.
    I joined his Crypto Trader in 2018 during his live webcast where he promised so many things but nothing is true. I lost my $2000 and regret falling for his con talks.Actually his subscription is not worth of $20

  85. I loved Joe Vitale’s books, but be weary of his programs. I did the coaching. The gentleman was wonderful. Somehow I got roped in iachieve today. They lack integrity and honesty. Pay attention to your contract if you sign one. You don’t have as many choices as you think. In fact, choose another program all together and stick to his books.

    I regret the money invested in this. I wish I knew where else to post. I would.

  86. Tony Robbins is a snake-oil salesman of the worst kind. His events, his pseudo-science and the whole rah-rah is a giant commercial con-job designed to suck money out of dumb people.

  87. Acne was my biggest problem and as a result I had a lot of scars all over my face. I came to dr. Ourian to cure my face. I cried from happiness when I saw my face so clean from all of the scars. It meant a lot for me

  88. For ten years since I submitted my invention they Inventhelp said it was a great idea and they can sell it with no problem it cost me $12, 500.00 in the beginning when I was making my payments they Inventhelp was Soo kind and worked with, ten years later they refuse to talk with me and refused to give me a call back, over the years I contacted them, after I paid them all that money, I never ever heard from them again.

  89. I bought into the dishonest program the Genie Strip on the Done For You services on a ZOOM call and they were selling it for $250.00 on Nov 25th the took two payments out of my account and have not placed it back into my account as of this writing Dec 24th, 2020 this is one day from a month. When I first asked them about the double payment I was told it would take about 4-6 days but it could take a little longer. A week is so later during an email conversation I was told that the program cost $1000.00 and I got a 50% discount and no refund was due. After several more emails, I was told that they can’t find the payments that were made and now they have to reach out to Wesley Virgin and give him the email that I sent them which had so choose words in it. They said that he would have to check the master merchant. So going from they will refund me in a week are so to not having a refund due to not being able to find the payment and have to check their master merchant account. And this is not the only issue I had with them I tried to buy one of his programs and the website wouldn’t let me go thew it without paying for all the upgrade which was four all together the gave me two payment back and I had to place fraud with my credit card and got the third one back. Now it’s looking like I’ll have to do the same with this one

  90. This bum ripped me off for a total of $187, got me warned several times by Facebook, and temporarily restricted by Instagram! I got a 143 hits on Digistore24 that was supposed to pay me around $29K and got nothing!
    Genie Script Works (Converts)*Net per sale

    Wesley Billion Dollar Virgin did it again!

    Grab Your Affiliate Link – Send Traffic – Cash In!

    Earnings*: ca. $46.94**
    Your promolink:
    Price: average $52.14 Commission: 80% Earnings/Sale**: ca. $46.94 net Earnings/Cart visitor**: $3.43 Vendor: geniescriptworks Created: 16 weeks ago Billing types: Single payment Sales rank: 3help Cart conversion**: 12.0% Cancellation rate**: 10.3%
    This bum should be doing time in federal prison for all the people he victimized!!!

  91. Totally agree, anticult. Joe Vitale is one of the most brazen con artists out there, and frankly I don’t care what Vitale’s “intent” is because his IMPACT is that people get massively duped, ripped off, scammed out of everything they are worth.

  92. who are any of you to talk shit about him? he must be doing something correct to have what he has. he is making his living doing his thing. we are all sinners, no one is better than no one. you bought one of his programs and didn’t like it so what. doesn’t mean it did not work for him or others. you guys are all pathetic. get a life. leave people alone. and worry about your own lives. don’t be jealous of Wesley Virgin. who ever started this page is all wrong and fucked up. its funny. you probably love him and are mad so your trying to get back at him . evil never wins. remember that. it may seem like it at times but not in the end. for get about Wesley and go live your lives .

  93. This guy is A REAL BIG TIME SCAMMER…I attended his session in August this year and turned out extremely disappointed. What he had promised in his preview was not fulfilled at all. He taught us the stupid idea – ‘Sell First, Fulfill Later’ and he never teach you how to fulfill it. The bloody false impression about making BIG money within the 3 days in his class….it is A mirage…all about virtual sales…not real solid sales. He tried to make a mirage to trick people in believing how easy to make money online. BULLSHIT! He cheated people to pay RM5000 which is without table and lunch. What A fucking rip off He even told us to bring laptop to the class to do hand on practice, which also turned out null. He even forced all his students to give him positive comments…if you write A negative one, he will ask you to rewrite it until his satisfaction. What A FUCKING jerk.
    One last word…don’t fall for it….boycott his advertisement on fb….go and reported his ad as fraud, scammy ad, get his fb account blocked so that he won’t be to advertise to svam more people.

  94. Joe Vitale, from The Secret, is a brazen scam artist, not an “ethical persuader”.

    So basically according to his criteria, as long as the persuader is not in jail or has the FTC after them…yet…then he is ethical.

    Joe Vitale is NOT an ethical persuader!! (if there is such a thing).

    He is a classic flim-flam man, a cigar chomping Mountebank, a phoney, a con-artiste preying on the vulnerable gullible, to try and make a fast buck in any way.

  95. I had one phone call with a guy and thought why not, I’ll do this. After I made the commitment over the phone and had my first session, I realized it was more than I could afford. I sent an email asking to cancel the subscription and to get a refund minus the one session. The point of contact agreed.

    Four days after he agreed to cancel and refund, a payment of $1785 was automatically withdrawn from my bank account. Not only had I not yet been refunded the original payment amount, no action was taken to stop the second payment from pulling.

    The point of contact said, “oh sorry, it will be in your account, but it may take up to one business day.” To any observer, this would mean one business day, not more than that. At this point, because I was not expecting to have this amount withdrawn, had just over one dollar in my account. It has been three days, and the money still has not been refunded.

    After calling and emailing, no one has seemed to take any responsibility for the series of errors apart from, “there is nothing we can do.” This is a scam with charlatans out to make money like everyone else.

  96. I’m a victim of Wesley’s horrible scam! Please don’t buy this course.

  97. He’s a shameless self marketer that try’s to appear more in tune and connected than he is. He doesn’t get “access” to tier 1 deals that typical respected VCs get nor do the big time entrepreneurs go to him. He’s just outside of that culture and hence viewed as a joke…one hit wonder type

  98. Yeah sure Jana, or should I say “Rekha”, the “SEO” specialist from Don’t you guys have a life? Oh sorry, actually scamming innocent people by posting fake positive reviews is how you earn your money right? “Stop calling him a scam”, would we stop calling a donkey a donkey if a couple of low-life Indian scammer asks me to? Nope, we won’t.
    He is a scammer and there’s a ton of proof, just scroll up! Stop posting FAKE reviews to fix this fraud’s name online, he has been exposed.

  99. I want to say one thing wesley is not a scam. He is a good teacher I have watched him from youtube. He is a reliable guy and trustful person. So this bad review doesn’t mean that much who really done the course.

  100. Wesley Virgin Is a great guy He is serving all his method in front of world for such a poor price. He is also uploading his videos at Youtube. Where he is giving free method. And one thing if you don’t want to buy his course then please don’t buy. But please don’t call him scam.

  101. I I was laying in bed one day scrolling through Instagram and I saw Wesley Virgins Ads. The energy output from this guy piqued my interest. I first paid $37 USD for the “mind hacks” and ended up being up sold for about $380 USD that night. A couple days later I was called by one of Wesley Virgins reps and was sold a “Done for you” package. Before I get off into that, I want to say I APPLIED what I was being told in the initial videos (the affirmations product specifically) and in 4 DAYS manifested a brand new vehicle!! Which, is a completely separate story in and of itself.
    Anyway, I get up-sold on the “Done for You Service” ($500 USD) only to find out, to use the “Pixels” (a marketing tool) I would have to pay an additional $250 USD to get my 2nd chance capture page up. Paid that, only to find out I would have to spend an additional $999 for the Facebook Mastery class. After I coughed that up… My first day of launching my ads I got sales. About $ 80 USD worth. I made a little over 500 in profit my first month after I paid google ads. In the Facebook training class (there were 16 of us total including the woman Ariela) the instructor told us how meditation makes the difference between a wantrepreneur and an entrepreneur.
    Thing is; I have been in sales 22 years. It takes a certain mindset to step out on faith and FOLLOW THROUGH with it. 80% of the worlds billionaires were in sales first. Because we train our mind for rejection and finding the lesson in “supposed “ failures. THATS WHY spent out like I did. Wesley Virgin is not the most articulate person I have ever seen marketing, but I trusted his energy and more importantly o trust MYSELF! For those who have complaints about anything Wesley is saying/doing .. they DID NOT APPLY. Your fault. This is an honest review.

  102. I’m waiting on a refund from these guys. not recommended.

  103. In 2014 I was at a point in my life where I needed help, especially in the area of taking action and feeling depressed. I had major issues doing the simplest of activities, and I would procrastinate everything I did!

    I spoke with Al Melchoire, who guaranteed that my issues would get resolved, so I signed up for the year-long program. The first three weeks with the first coach did not do it for me. I didn’t feel the coach was vibing with me. My second coach was much better, he was an NLP expert, and we were clicking.

    After several months I was still battling with the same issues. I wasn’t taking action, and I would get motivated, but then a few days after the phone call, my energy would go downhill. The problem was taking action, which also reflected in the homework I received from my coach. I knew that this issue MUST get resolved, as it has held me back throughout my life, so I kept pushing through.

    About 7-8 months later, I called Al and told him I want to cancel because I’m still not able to resolve my problem. He gave me a reframe and assured me that I should stick with it, so I did since I’m not the type to give up. However, the problem was still there. Both my coach and Al were convinced that I’m attached to my “story” of not taking action, etc. However, that itself didn’t solve the problem either, it was their way of pointing at why I wasn’t changing.

    I paid good money to join this coaching program with the hope of change in the way I do things, but I was self-sabotaging, unconsciously. The reality of it was that this coaching program did not have the “know how” to tackle my issue. I was not happy towards the end of the program, especially because they started pointing the fingers at me. I told Al that I’ll be writing a review of my experience that I was not able to tackle my issue.

    He contacted his supervisor, and I got a call that if I write a bad review on the coaching program that I would be banned from any Tony Robbins materials. Wow, I could not believe it! I’ve waited to write this review because I wanted to see where I was a year or two after the program. While some areas of my life have certainly vastly improved, I’m still dealing with this taking action and procrastination issue. I knew it then as I know now, this is a deep subconscious emotional issue that needs healing and release.

    I’m sure that to a degree, I was attached to a story and developed bad habits, but at the end of the day I was promised change and the program could not deliver. Al went on to tell me I was the 3% that didn’t succeed, and he was quite rude about it. The truth is that coaching over the phone is MUCH less effective than a face to face session (my concern from the beginning which Al assured me on).

    The Tony Robbins coaching is really for people who are already somewhat on the path of their goals and desires and need that extra push. It’s not for individuals that have deeper issues trying to shoot towards the sky with heavy bricks tied around them. The feeling I got was that Al and his supervisors are more concerned about the sale vs. individual needs.

  104. Dr. Ourian removed my cellulite. My legs have never looked as smooth as this before. It definitely was worth it!

  105. Email [email protected] we can sort out a refund.

  106. I need my refund!!! I bought the Overnight Millionaire for my cousin and it is absolute trash. I need my money back!

  107. Is Wesley A scammer???
    HELL YESS, he is a cheap scammer ladies and gentelmen.

  108. I first heard of WV when he was selling his product on ClickBank. I never bought it but I wrote a blind review. Twice I had to change the affiliate links from the first ClickBank and then DigiStore24. It’s funny how they removed his product from both.

    Also, his Fat Diminisher I was going to review as my site ranked for Wesley Virgin but just as well I suppose. Although I definitely think there is something to manifestation. Also, what he says about there being a secret government mind control program that I actually believe as well but whether his products work I guess I can only take people on heres word for it.

  109. Did you catch his latest crap; I had heard about him decades ago and read a book about how he had his staff look for the cutest women to have sex with after the presentations. But the whole idea that survivors of rape and incest are angry and will get no where if they are so angry and really are just looking for power and significants and don’t we all make mistakes he said, we are talking about Me Too and that means rape and incest and sexual abuse for him to say well we all make mistakes; I was livid, its not a mistake when you rape someone buster. That happened to a 15 year old who was raped by a staff member where I worked, I got fired when I confronted and then they took her into a sweat lodge and had her shake hands with he rapist and say it was a misunderstanding and she went home to slit her wrists, so its a tad bit more then a mistake buster and then his, if you live in a glass house, do not throw stones at others glass houses, well he will be getting his lawyers in a row as nine women so far have accused him of sexual abuse, and one as a teenager which makes it statutory rape, and then there is the issue of his nonsense seminars of pure nothing, I have had my share of spiritual fakes, and new age growth movements, he never appealed to me, too full of ego and I sensed something was off by his manner, its all show, and he really has no experience except he has perfected his act called bullshit. My father was a huge bullshitter, he was the art director to one of the biggest advertising companies and he was full of shit, and peddling it. So I see past allot of what desperate people thought they were getting from this oaf. Do catch his whole Nigger chant he claimed to say in front of a black audience, I do not buy that for a second, he was saying chant, you are a nigger, I am a nigger we are all niggers, and presto free from hundreds of years of genocide in one swift tone deaf man who needs to be put out to pasture. He got too big and even to watch him is a irritation as he dances around and shouts and I could maybe put up with that if he was for real and really helping but all he is doing is helping himself to peoples money who want a change, and well lets see what happens with all the women and the child he sexually abused allegedly.

  110. This isnt a scam….Many programs arent for everyone but people need to find something that works for them. All results are different one has to keep at it…. He also has other businesses….THere is a lot to learn from him…if he isn’t for you just keep it moving

  111. I wish I’d read this before handing over $250 to Mr. Altucher to become a subscriber. Thankfully my bank here in Thailand blocked me from sending him $2000 for insider information lol. Boy would I have been sick by now!

  112. A con artist. A liar. A thief. A joke.

  113. This is mari. I was reading this blog where I found that you are talking like wesley is a scammer. But I have one thing to say. It doesn’t mean that everyone can earn that much. I can understand that the caption of this course is like scam. But it is not a scam. If anyone can set his mind they can earn more and more.

  114. If you want to agree to pay $49, but be charged $79, for little more than becoming a target for a MULTITUDE of sales pitches from this guy go right ahead. There is nothing in his content that you can’t find for free anywhere. This is the biggest load of marketed BS I have ever seen. It almost brushes up against the rock bottom basics of crypto theory then blossoms into an avalanche of marketing a variety of “other stuff”. There is something fundamentally WRONG with this guy. All fluff, NO substance. SO many words, SO little value.

  115. is the agency that works for Wesley Virgin, they were busted by my friend who is an intellectual lawyer. But those guys mass reported him on Quora and took down his profile.

    These are highly experienced scammers and they are only good at one thing: POSTING FAKE 5STAR Reviews. They are doing this exact thing on another forum here:

    Be careful, and avoid these scumbags

  116. It’s a 100% scam. I skimmed the book and returned it to B&N for a refund. I’m a boss. Anyone that tried the low productivity and then high productivity at home scheme would absolutely get my attention and absolutely be someone I found a reason to fire within 6 months. The guy is a BS artist hawking BS to an over indulged generation of me, me, me people.

  117. You are not going to see any honest reviews of Wesley Virgin which praise him. DOZENS of YouTubers have busted his scam, multiple sites have verified him as a scammer, but his marketing team is going to drive you crazy with fake reviews with fake names claiming how good his product is. Trust me, they are fake, my pal exposed them but he was shut down by them through mass reporting. Please avoid this scammer, do not let these scumbags take advantage of you and manipulate you.
    I have bought his garbage course and program, I have receipts order ID everything, and this is the worst purchase of my life.

  118. That’s what I’m talking about. I left a whole review on how I manifested a car from the affirmations course. I also became #1 in my company, blah blah blah. It works if you work it. It’s that simple. Wesley is giving up good game. Some people are just not far enough in their development to be accountable.

  119. More reviews on Webster and his mentor – Desmond Ong


    Beware of their unscrupulous practices of scamming people with their fictitious ability to help people. They just want your money guys! Stay clear and save your money. These folks are bad news! Shamelessly going around promoting themselves. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet- he even pays google (SEO) to place his website on top. Thank goodness for this forum that exposes people like them. People who have encountered these bunch of scammers and left a bitter taste after they experienced their horrid service/workshops/webinar.

    Safe yourself the trouble and google for digital marketing content. Lots of free resources on the internet.

    Who are these people anyway ? And why should you trust them? Their qualifications cannot be verified. They just made themselves sound better than they are. It is all fluff!

    Their intentions are not pure so stay away please!

  120. I was on youtube and searching for some videos of online earning. Suddenly I watch the video of Wesley. I watch every single video and found it like it was a scam. But I was thinking often that the course charges a little amount of money so I bought the course. Done everything well and It really helps a lot. I must thank Wesley for the millionaire course.

  121. I bought that programm and really it didn’t give me nothing then waste of time and 37$. There’s nothing new how to change your mind what I already didn’t know and way too much talking about his personal life (which could be a fairytale). I’m 100% sure that ppl could find information for free about positive mindset. Luise L. Hay, Abraham Hicks, affirmations , meditation, breathing methods etc.-real mind exercises. Everyone could find their own way which suit them. It’s really individual. Wesley presented himself with a lot of screaming at videos- passive aggressive behavior and playing with ppl feelings about his “past experiences”.

  122. I watched his Youtube videos and thought he was ok too. BUT, one I tried indigital now I can not even sign in to the account I set up and just received an email from Gumroad telling me that my account was closed. So my feeling on this, do not trust what he says.

  123. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    It’s too bad that you didn’t have a good experience because I went in November and everyone I spoke with totally loved it. It is totally worth the money. I do agree with you about the irritating guy on the second day (too much drama for me) but that was the only part that I wasn’t totally enthralled with. You missed a very good day on the fourth day, he had several professionals who were leaders in the field speak, and it was very informative.

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  124. The whole work of Tim Ferris seems attempt to prove himself. Over and over again, that he is not broken, he is better, he is worthy. All attention to only prove his worth.

    4 hour body is a sham book. Supplements which Tim takes are not drugs but other drugs are drugs. OK.
    Aerobics is sham, but whatever he prescribes to profit after is not. OK.

    Don’t follow Tim Ferris blindly. Guy is insecure himself. Let him find peace on his own. Don’t spoil yourself in the attempt.

  125. The worst money I’ve ever spent. No real networking other than with other newbies who also got scammed into joining. Every “learning session“ is another sales pitch from one of Lewis’s scum bag buddies, half of whom sell their own masterminds. Of course there’s no way to get a refund. This guy is a total fraud.

  126. So Its sad to see all you calling him a Scam!!!! The only scam here is your 9-5 job!! If you want to go to work and make someone else rich and listen to them telling you what to do than You are the one being scammed by a boss! See the problem with you skeptic people is that you have been so conditioned by society to only accept what society claims “whats Normal” in the world! You won’t think outside the box and try something different and if you bought the program and it didn’t work, that means you didn’t do it correctly! So how are you going to call it a scam when you didn’t even do the program correctly? This program doesn’t show you how to create a business its to get your mindset right so you can be successful in business because you can’t have success unless your mindset is right! It goes hand and hand! This program has worked wonders for me and has changed my view and perspective on how I should manifest everything! I was able to manifest money, a promotion, and so on, and IM A REAL CUSTOMER and NOT A FAKE! So as long as you keep being a skeptic and calling everything a scam then you will never get anywhere in life because skeptism is really fear!

  127. This guy is a fraud and a waste of time. He’s never built anything real. He just sells the dream to other people and makes his money that way. Follow the real deal, not these internet-marketer clowns.

  128. This program is suppose to everything for you. You make money while you sleep. I been in the program 2 weeks. I made nothing. Service was poor. They you the round around. I will be filing scam claim against them. Fake business.

  129. 1st let’s clear up his athletic career. His record in college is a sham he played division 4 football is 6-4 and DB at that low level of college are usually 5-8 at best. Congrats on your all time NCAA receiving record.

    Also anyone can join handball team if you pay your way on team.

    He uses an auto follow – auto follow back program to get his twitter followers.

    His book LinkedIn is total shit and he did not write it.

    He is a pussy trying to tell men they need to be more in touch with their feelings.

    This is the biggest douche bag I have ever seen. He is fake and phony, sheep follow him.

    No Ethics what’s so ever.

  130. He scammed me too for over $800 and a coach of his logged into my Facebook ad account and ended up getting all of them banned including my actual business. Ads are the lifeblood of my business. After that happened they stopped responding to me. And would not help me. They ripped me off badly. It felt like rape. Do not let him trick you.

  131. Lewis Howes is a former professional football player who had to let go of his dream of playing for the big leagues after a serious wrist injury. He speaks about it in detail on his interview in the Ellen Show.

    In his own words, he says,“It’s hard to think that without having any business experience I could go from sleeping on my sister’s couch to running a seven-figure business in a couple of years.”

    These are the details which basically define his business strategy.-

    A man with a dream, who eventually met with a disaster, had no opportunities, a man who was living off his family’s support, finally figured out with grit and determination what he exactly wanted to do with his life and become a self-help coach who runs a 7 figures online coaching business.

    Why self-help? Well because he claims to truly care about people’s well-being and life. Helping people reach their true potential and ideal lifestyle is what he figured to be his inner calling. All of his products are primarily focused on finding your true calling and the motivating the shit out of you to finally put in the work and achieve.

    Lewis Howes adds, “Now I’m committed to impacting 100 million lives. I teach people how to pursue the dream that burns inside them and how to earn a full-time income while making an impact on the world and others. I do this through my podcast, videos, books, online courses, live events, experiential workshops and one on one interactions.”

    Looks like a straightforward guy so far. And this describes his entire state of work commendably.But then what are all these rumours about him being a scam?
    Well, let’s figure that out. Follow along.

    The Legacy programs

    The legacy program is one of the most sought-after programs that Lewis Howes offers. It costs a staggering $2000 but in exchange offers life-changing anecdotes and advice. Most of his programs claim, that you can go from earning $5k to $10k $15k $20k a month after attending his master classes.

    He offers advice on building how to build your online empire, how to make money off hosting a successful webinar teaching what you do for a piece of living and emotional and practical advice on managing yourself.

    One of the reviewers, who seem to be have been a part of Lewis Howes premium programs “The Greatness Mastermind” In which he claims he pairs you up with other elite 7 figure earning influencers and coaches you to the next big step In your online 7 figure empire said, that,
    “Before taking his webinar program, an amazing crazy epic month for me would have been $20,000 in gross revenue, which sounds like a lot of money, but the difference with taking Lewis’ program is that instantaneously my webinar sales results went to over 100K every single month. I did $1.2 million in gross revenue in the 12 months after following Lewis’ training.”

    So basically, the productivity you reap out of that programs is worth millions.
    Your only primary requirement is to be a 7-figure business owner, already, who has his shit together.

    Plus, you should have a big pocket to burn through $2000.

    Most complain, that you cannot figure out something out of a scam or genuine until you at least get a free trial. But then, what if the free trial is only offering you a glimpse into the real thing and all the content is nothing but a pitch to the the actual product itself and you derive or understand zero value of it whatsoever.

    He also added that most of his audience doesn’t know about any of this because of he only
    Shares his black hat tactics with the people who have paid a lot. So there’s no turning back now.

    If you visit that web page you will also get to read several comments concurring and
    Testifying in the fraud which Lewis Howes is.

    Leave aside the actual value of the services you will be deriving, he isn’t even supplying his customers with what was offered in the initial pitch. People are either asked to pay more for it or never really receive anything. The original reporter as you can see classified the severity of his scam as “Extremely high.” What reported is a loss of $4000, which is humongous and double the amount what his Legacy program is charging.

    Just what I pointed out earlier. Every product is just a pitch to another of his expensive product with absolutely no value. Speaking of his refund policy, check out this comment from reviewopedia which seconds the one mentioned above.

    So a big company which can just return their valued customer’s money decides to keep it with nothing to show for in return.

    Another clever marketing tactic and brand positioning.

    Lewis Howes never keeps the entry to his programs like the “School of greatness academy”, permanently open. He pitches in the idea that he prefers quality over quantity. And he only enrols a certain number of people at any given time because he wants them to have the best of online coaching experience one can get. He wants to refine and upgrade each of his’s student individually. Pertaining to all the tracking technologies available today and the ability to display content selectively, even if he is selling his products and coaching to thousands at a time, he can decide to leave out a few, just so as to maintain the exclusivity of his programs.

    The program is closed for you not everyone else. Somebody out there might just have enrolled at the same instance it showed “application closed” to you. Just try enrolling from a different browser or an IP and you will figure out the truth. That’s a very clever scam brand positioning and reputation management.

    Why does he do all of that? Because common everyone wants more customers, right? Well yes! And no. If you are Lewis Howes, you also want to be perceived as credible. So, you utilize these black hat techniques. Here’s another instance where he pitched his black techniques to a client.

    Now, what is a DDoS attack? The DDoS attack is basically swarming the serves of your competitors with a lot of traffic which ultimately shuts down or sabotages the workflow of your competitor’s website. Making it unfunctional. Which is a serious cybercrime and can end you up in jail. Most of these people now identify him as a cybercriminal and not a role model.

    Lewis Howes is a secret promoter of wrongful marketing activities and in the name of exclusivity secretly pitches his customers to his agents. A whole vicious cycle. Once you are in you cannot get out and can never tell anyone else either. Most classify his products a meagre extension of his already free content on the web. It’s very “I” centric and doesn’t necessarily offer any value but just shameful self-boasting.


    Lewis Howes is nothing extraordinary than a digital marketer scammer who builds up his reputation by clever marketing tactics and brand management services which specifically cater to this style of fraud services. Every single action of his intended ultimately to lead you to his products and sell you his cybercrime black hat techniques to shatter your competitors and boost your own business.

    There’s no genuine self-development or business development involved. First, he rips you off and then tells you his technique of how to rip other’s off. It’s a bargain he offers after you have already spent your money, which mostly forces someone to not to back out because he doesn’t even have a refund policy.

    Either take it or leave it. And forget your money.

    And that’s how you learn scamming from the Lewis Howes school of scam.

  132. I bought the 37.00$ program and everyone is sooo right it’s bad.. Didn’t make me want anything else.. Videos off you tube audio not matching.. All done with an iphone which is insane all by itself.. I realized fast that the testimonials he has on his channel were fake.. Now he is doing videos and telling people he will do it for them for 99.00$ for facebook instagram and more.. Like Fiverr only his way.. I’m sure it’s all outsourced.. He’s all about money and he’s making it.. More I could say, I’ll leave it here.. Stay Away..

  133. Joe is a close friend of mine and none of this is truth. It amazes me how easily people gang up on, judge, condemn, misinterpret and demonize someone they don’t know personally (and often do it through “heresay” from another disgruntled person). Especially people who do good in the world; who give generously (if you check out his you’ll see many books, audio, videos and more for free). And always, those who become famous. Jealousy runs deep. Joe also offers a ridiculous amount of courses and programs for virtually nothing! Yes, there are different companies out there promoting his products (many he has no control over and some whom I’m sure are misrepresenting him). Unfortunately, he can’t possibly keep track of all of these. YOU have to be responsible for doing the research. The ones he is affiliated with are being run with integrity and professionalism. I guarantee you that every bad experience someone has had was one that could have been resolved if through his real staff and support. (The only support for Joe is If you go through anyone else, it is not Joe who is directly supporting you. I know the people who run his companies and have only heard wonderful things from those who have worked with Achieve Today coaches. There’s much more to the eye than what these angry people are divulging. Like perhaps they signed up, committed to the program and then hit a wall and wanted to back out? Happens all the time in the coaching world. Who the hell wants to become well known in a world filled with critical, judgmental, hateful, gossip-spreading people? Seriously folks. What you’re doing here with your blatant lies and accusations is criminal. Period. Joe Vitale is loving, generous beyond belief and actually helping to change the lives of millions. He is not a thief nor is he a liar. He works his ass off doing what he loves to help people live better lives. There are testimonials everywhere!! And I’ve met plenty of people who can’t thank him enough. But you have to take responsibility for yourself in order to start the process of change. And then, you have to do the work. And clearly, you and your band of whining followers are not ready to do that. I know, I’m opening myself up to haters with this post. But I’ve got the ever-loving shits of people defaming and demonizing people who are brave enough to show up in the world to do something good. Takes courage. What are YOU (ALL of you) doing that’s good in the world???? Tearing people down and playing victim is a vibe that will eventually take you down. You get to choose.

  134. Another internet marketer offering a book on following your “passion”. Pass.

  135. I m an affiliate marketer and nowadays I m promoting overnight millionaire program from Digistore but after seeing this article I stopped promoting this product

  136. Similar story, unfortunately. Read a couple of books and got hooked. Was a challenging point career-money wise and had the leap of faith of signing up for the most basic of his courses around £1500, paid monthly over a year. sign up online for an initial interview prior to the course. Guess what. The coach that contacted on the initial call was absolutely wonderful, marvelous listener, felt like could actually do a fantastic job. That’s when you decide to sign up for the course. After that, same story. The coach that was assigned to me didn’t actually listen, had obvious ‘already prepared’ answers, we had weekly calls which she missed a few times and didn’t return to my emails, and ALSO FORGOT MY NAME! When I had contacted a manager to complain about the incredible infectivity of my coach, they apologized and my coach miraculously contacted me afterward, but the same lame attention on her voice. I was UK based, so I couldn’t even go to see anyone’s faces. End up not looking forward to anything related to the course, sort of just had half of the calls promised and not much more, felt completely stupid, no money left, and feeling powerless. When the course was about to end, same thing, suddenly they were all calling me for an extension with the course so I can really make a change in my life hahahahahahahaha. STOP SELLING EMPTINESS AND STEALING PEOPLE MONEY

  137. This is a very self promotional, me-me-me, extremely detailed and descriptive book. It’s very poorly written and I would not recommend it.

  138. I want to get rich and saw Wesley virgins ad on YouTube. But I don’t want to lose money after reading these posts. Can anyone tell me if I should buy Wesley Virgin’s program?

  139. @MOHD. IRFAN
    I really don’t think so dude. Don’t risk it

  140. Dear Evan
    I haven’t got any course from this man but, i recently read his book “Zero Limit”
    At first it was odd but, it was fine until i got to the middle of the book which i think it was around page 67
    He was advertising a clipper with a brand named “Creeport”
    He was advertising it as if people would buy them and attach them to whatever they’re company is or whatever they wanna sell, it gonna be sold right away
    That was the main reason i was suspicious, so i researched google to know more about this so called Doctor, from other people’s view, after few google search i encountered ur blog and your friends testimonies and, i can’t believe i’ve was wrong all along about this whole situation.
    So i was wondering a question
    I was wondering have you read “Zero Limit” if you did i wanted to know that, are those facts on his book are not true then
    Is ho oponopono is not a true fact ?
    Or it is true but this guy is just using it in sake for advertising himself and scamming people ?

    Please i’m confused and if possible i need to know the truth

    Thank you
    Regards, Omid

  141. Simon Ourian removed my huge eye bags using hyaluronate injections in 15 minutes! I was impressed and my friends were too!

  142. It was meh for me. A little too sports oriented for me to take interest in as many of the people he profiles in the book are sports stars. He writes ALOT about his own sports story and becoming an All American athlete ( twice!) but not as much about his entrepreneurial journey or business practices and how it relates to motivation and mindset. This was definitely targeted towards people who enjoy sports and that sort of championship mindset and although I gleaned some useful information from it overall it wasn’t that great of a read for me.

  143. @ANDY TAYLOR, did your friend get a refund yet? Like an idiot I bought the overnight millionaire and I don’t like it one bit. It is all the usual crap every self help guru says. I want a refund but I really don’t think I’ll get it now. Did anyone get a refund from this guy???

  144. I personally use the “data clearing” technique as taught by Dr. Len. It’s an indigenous group healing he observed as a child, which he drew upon to use later in life for what would become the now legendary Psych Hospital miracle. I can’t say why Dr. Len allowed J.V. into thinking they are a team, giving him permission to use his name as co-author to exploit Ho’oponopono. Especially if you ever viewed interviews with this rather dead serious Hawaiian Doc, sometimes cranky but nevertheless COMPLETELY DEDICATED to the acceptance of his divine purpose- healing our ravaged planet and everyone on it. Imho, this contrast speaks volumes as to Mr. Vitale’s perfected shyster personna. J. V. is obviously addicted to himself- shamelessly, albeit skillfully marketing book after book, tweaking the title just a bit to entice more sales. People are catching on though- just read his reviews on Amazon’s Audible.

  145. For a long time I suffered from stretch marks on the hips and buttocks. It seemed that the white stripes on the skin would never leave me. But, after going through the procedure of polishing the skin at the Epion clinic, I completely got rid of this problem. I should have visited your wonderful clinic much earlier! ,

  146. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    If you’re a regular listener of the author’s podcast, this book contains very little new information, tips or advice that he hasn’t emphasized more than once on his show, which, in all honesty, is a great, inspiring podcast. Basically, if you’ve already heard of his past struggles from the show or aren’t remotely interested in it anyway, the book would probably come across as a collection of self-help cliches, i.e. create a vision for your future, keep hustling, stay healthy and fit, and serve others. Even the exercises in the book are rather broad and abstract, lacking clear, step-by-step instructions readers can easily follow. While some readers may find a couple of ideas or inspirations inside, as a long-time listener of the author’s podcast, I found the book to be a bit of a letdown.

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  147. I listened to his wealth visuals product and I had heard it all before from real self help gurus. The difference being that Wesley showed signs of gaslighting in his. A sure sign of dishonesty. As for his overnight millionaire product. To cut a long story short, i lost my FB account permanently and £590. I asked for a refund and had the phone put down on me. I urge everyone to stay well clear of anything to do with Wesley Virgin.

  148. Joe is a complete fraud, liar, scam, and thief!

  149. I didn’t wanna get implants, but I wanted to have bigger boobs. I went to dr. Ourian and he told me about non surgical breast enlargement. That was the perfect solution for me! I am happy I did it! I consider it to be more natural that implants.

  150. I really believed in Wesley and Ariella Iorio’s course … well I did not reach and throw money after them 😳
    But now I have a really bad conscience over I have shared Wesley’s affiliate links to a lot of Facebook groups !!!

  151. Dr. Ourian has done my face contouring. I was speechless when I saw myself after the procedure. Cause it was EXACTLY what I asked for. I feel so lucky!

  152. I just bought Wesely Virgin, it is a disappointment. It is not even a training. It is a daily vlog with selfie video from his bed room. Seriously. And the videos are 3 minutes and 8 minutes. There is nothing secret about his program. He spent more time creating a deceiving video that the program itself. His voice is so boring he shouts and his messages are disjointed. It is a big lie even to call them a program. I lost my $37. He must be banned from Google and other platforms. he is running a scam. I wish i could post some of his videos online.. so disappointing. Dont buy them unless you want to waste your money. The best way to be a millionaire is by using free material. Buying these days seems like a desire to take shortcut and people like Wesely Virgin know that and they scam people who need filtered information.

  153. Read for yourself the real truth about Tony Robbins, all the sexual stuff is here!

  154. Clean skin is my dream! Who has lived all his life with pigmented spots on his face, he will understand how it spoils the appearance. But the treatment was so simple and effective that I could not believe that I had changed so quickly. This “magic” laser in the hands of such a wonderful doctor did more than I could have imagined! You did not just help me – you made me happy!

  155. As a teenager, I suffered from acne on my face. But it was not without consequences – numerous scars ruined my appearance. At the Epion Clinic, I received more than a cosmetic procedure. Dr. Urian managed to minimize the most damaged areas by making them smooth and indistinguishable from healthy skin. I barely recognized myself! My face was so “bright” and tender only in childhood. This is an incredible feeling of joy! You managed the impossible!

  156. The program is not nearly as good as he claimed in the video. He does not give any good advise or tools to become rich. My friend isn’t even getting a refund on his purchase now. Wesley is talking next-level bullcrap in the program.
    It’s unreal.
    Not recommended at all!

  157. I don’t know Tim Ferriss personally, but I bought and read his 4-Hour Work Week book and he lost all credibility in my mind when he recommends using a WordPress to market/promote/sell products and services. Sure this is a great recommendation if you want your website to a) get attacked by bots rendering your site unstable and usable and b) distort all of your web analytic traffic data by allowing access by said bots

  158. Tim Ferriss goes with several topics at one go and hence hardly anyone gets any benefit.
    People that sell you schemes to make money fast or lose weight fast are fraudsters, because such a method does not exist.
    If people going for such schemes fail to achieve the results, then the onus of failure is on them only as they can be explained that you did not PROPERLY followed it.
    In end only people like Tim laugh their way to bank…

  159. Had several meetings with people working for the company. Then after they had conviced us it was one of the best invention they had ever seen and so well thought out and designed and would have such a huge impact on heating and cooling and storage that they would call right then and help get a loan from a company they used and for us to go ahead and write check for three thousand and they would take money out each month for three years with quite a lot of interest they had us really fooled after they got money very seldom could talk to a human again on phone r any contact from them at all we lost around $20, 000.00 dollars and we felt like fools we usually were always so careful of what we did when investing. This time we were believers i’m a company that builds hope And dreams can be achieved after all the time and work put into an invention that could have helped so many

  160. SAw his intro video and knew what he was lading up to and i guessed the price $999 ! Now one thing he said that did make me think about the way i respond to stuff…’sell a cheap offer say $29 and it is the poorer people who will jump at it . ‘ He knows who to target alright and how with his $999 offer (thousands of $s off of course) he gets folks to max their credit cards. Surely their is a law against such false claims and deception ! God bless this reviewer and all of you 🙂

  161. You have got to be kidding me! Wesley is such an obvious scammer. What’s all the fuss about? My pal send it to me and the way he put it, I thought this was going to be an amazing discovery type of article. I can’t believe people still fall for this crap. Sigh

  162. Why does a “millionaire” have to get fake reviews written about his product?! I know why, it’s cuz the program is garbage. If you have a good quality product, people will give it good ratings, you won’t have to buy them off. The mere fact that this guy paid off DOZENS of blogs, proves that whatever he’s selling is total [email protected] How can you even fall for such an obvious scam like “Overnight Millionaire”? Maybe this guy is just really good at manipulating a lotta people through his ads. Good post, shared.

  163. Me and my friends were thinking about getting Wesley Virgin’s program. One each, so that we can focus on self-improvement and become rich. But after seeing the kind of shady stuff he’s doing, I would rather not support this guy. This thing really opened my eyes, I guess I was too naive. I’m going to be much more skeptical about these kinds of self-help guys in future. Thanks for saving us tons of money 💰, I really mean it pal!

  164. I bought the Overnight Millionaire program after seeing constant ads for it. Through the tacky ads, Wesley really got me interested in getting the program. The program seemed a little different than what most of these “self-help gurus” sell. But I was wrong here. I already meditated and this guy talked about its benefits! His ads were great, but the program itself was total BS!

    He sends you some audio files through email and you can download them and listen to them. They are definitely not worth the money, trust me. I was really disappointed with the program but decided to finish it before asking for a refund. But I just couldn’t get any value out from it. Guys like Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy have covered all the things Wesley talks about years ago. He teaches nothing new unlike what he claims.

    I finally decided to ask for a refund when I realised buying the Overnight Millionaire program was a mistake. However this is where Wesley Virgin scammed me. When I asked for a refund, THEY DIDN’T RESPOND TO ME! I waited two days before sending them another email. But no response. Now I had accepted the fact that I got scammed. It’s been a week and I haven’t received any kind of response from Wesley Virgin or his customer service staff. It’s fascinating how stealing refunds is not the worst thing he’s doing. I’m glad someone showed the truth about this scammer to all the people. On the positive side, I only lost $37, I could have lost a lot more had I bought one of his more expensive products. I would advise everyone to stay away from Wesley Virgin. He may claim that he has a refund policy,but in reality he just doesn’t do refunds. If a guy can pull off a scam like this, then he’s a dangerous person who should be avoided at all costs. If he has put this much effort into making a good product instead of getting fake reviews done, then maybe this guy would have been awesome. Well the reality is that Wesley Virgin is a scammer, whether we like it or not. Please don’t waste your money on a valueless scammer when there is much better free content online on blogs etc

  165. This guy is actually running various sales campaigns while there are people protesting for basic human rights. How can someone be this sadist?! Wesley Virgin claims to be such a rich guy and he did NOTHING FOR US! There are people getting killed and all you want to do is make money. Shame on you Wesley, shame on you.

  166. He is a master salesman and every salesman is a bit of a con artist. I know him from his quora posts (unbearabaly long, repetitive and full of stuff that is plain survival bias) and the podcast “question of the day” (he knows little about many things). When I first heard of this news, I immediately knew it was a marketing strategy. I think he is trying to become the John Mcaffee #2

  167. I love Anthony Robbins, and I think he has a great company. Considering the values that are taught by him, you would think the employees at his company would follow those values. However, this is not the case.

    I ordered a large sum of Anthony Robbin’s green drink for a huge sum of money (relative to my income). There were some problems with delivery, and the product was sent back to Anthony Robbins Institute. I then emailed them with potential solutions, and instead of working with me to resolve the problem, the greedy sales team chose to ignore me instead (probably to receive their commissions). I sent several emails and went to Customer Support online, but the sales team just continues to ignore ALL of my emails.

    I was not refunded, I never received the product, and I did not get any compensation. I spent several months trying to resolve the issue since it’s such a large sum of my income that was invested.

  168. 1.25
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Ferriss is good at marketing himself. Other than that the guy is a joke.

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  169. I’m going anonymous for obvious reasons. He even contacted me on my business email
    requesting a fake Wesley Virgin review. He offered to pay me some good amount of cash on top
    of an affiliate opportunity, all I had to do was write a review of the Overnight Millionaire and post
    it on my blog. I run a course review blog and I have some good amount of organic traffic and I
    value my readers a lot, that’s why I politely denied his request. I never thought that this would be
    a scandal of this magnitude. Damn.

  170. This guy should be arrested for fraud and misleading his fans. I always thought that his products
    must be fantastic and I almost bought this program, but you saved me! I would’ve ended up
    wasting a ton of money on this scumbag. Boycott his Overnight Millionaire programm, we need
    to show his reality to others before they throw away their money.

  171. Wesley has been trying to make it into the self-help bubble for a long time now, but stop with all this! YOU CANNOT SCAM PEOPLE AND GET AWAY WITH IT MR. WESLEY VIRGIN. You are trying to sell people your fake program during the riots and protests!? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU MAN!

  172. He is a cult leader.

    Almost everyone in my office at work for some reason had an obsession with him. Some people were at a few conferences. Then there was a seminar in Dallas. Everyone who was going was guilting others to go too. 1 or 2 people put off going on a family vacation because of it.

    I think some people went just mostly to say they walked on the hot coal, but supposedly if you’d burn yourself it would be that you don’t believe in yourself or something

  173. I never even dreamed that I could admire my face again! Implantation is contraindicated for me, so I was looking for a specialist who would help me with other methods. I heard a lot about Dr. Ourian, but this time he surpassed himself. I don’t think it was easy, but you managed to improve the contours of my jaw and chin. “Strengthened” lines gave me more expressive features. My joy was no limit when I saw my “new” face. You do the impossible!

  174. I had gummy smile reduction. You have no idea how it feels to look at myself in the mirror and actually like what you see! Simon Ourian is a magician, I absolutely love my smile now!

  175. Unstoppable Entrepreneur is a total con game. You are better off just buying some self-help books online. What a joke! Definitely over-priced for the value… I was incredibly disappointed.

  176. I actually liked a lot these 67 steps and I’m not complaining at all. See what you’ve got – only complaining about life without learning anything new. Sorry for you guys. Hope you read better authors and so on.

  177. One fine day busy watching TV and TV commercial of 30 minutes struck in the name of Tony Robbins. Anthony Robbins aka Tony Robbins is the biggest fish in the business of motivational speaking and as a self-help Guru. As I kept watching, my husband came running and instantly popped up the question, “Do you know who he is?” I was like yeah of course though truthfully; I dint know much about him except his reputation as a motivational speaker. My husband replied telling me that he watched his Netflix documentary and how it turned out to be a life changing experience and he, an awesome guy and asking me to watch his documentary and giving him a chance! I yelled at him saying never, no way but you know as they say relationships are full of compromises! I agreed and we watched halfway through, the guy Tony Robbins dint seem so bad but never imagined in my weirdest dreams two months later standing in front of the guy and walking on fire. Yes, you read it right. A Walk on fire!! It sounds cult like and yes, I did walk on Fire and injured and hospitalized.

    Thanks to a BOGO special that I signed up and was offered to attend Tony Robbins’ Unleash Your Power Within seminar in Dallas, Texas. I thought it was going to be a casual weekend thing where you listened to him speak, maybe had a few introspective conversations with yourself, did some networking and that was it. And there I was wrong. His 50 hours long sessions, four days in total made me think to back out at once.

    On day one, I arrived 3 hours late and as soon as I entered the auditorium, I was shocked to see the decorum. Around 16000 people were jumping up and down screaming on the top of their lungs. I somehow found a seat next to my husband and there he was with a giant grin and gruffy voice! This is what people are meant to be doing at Tony Robbins event. They listen to him speak and then every 20, 30, minutes pop up when they hear the loud pop music play and jump up and down, with their hands in the air, Whoosh and scream. Even though I was feeling awkward and not in the mood to jump and scream, the sight off around 16000 people jumping and screaming makes it look weird for no reason. Then by midnight, it was optional though to walk across fire, around 16000 people waited to happen it atlast. And as soon as my turn came, the man next to me shouted and there I zoomed in and walked on fire, injuring myself and hospitalized.

    Tony also makes you get to the proximity of the people you sit next to. It’s the strangest feeling sitting very close next to your neighbour as if massaging in an awkwardly manner for a longer period of time.

    Although this was not Tony’s fault, the venue wouldn’t allow outside food. So here we were attending his sessions from 9 till midnight with no food and the only food you can buy was the one which was overpriced and unhealthy. Tony calls this event as a kindergarten level where there’s a lot of time spent at the event being upsold to go to other events or get coaching. Tony charges a whooping amount of $1 million for private one on one coaching and around $10000 for other events. It was an overall Cult experience I’ve ever had.

    Coming back to Tony Robbins Fraud revealed, the guy is everywhere on TV these days with 30 and 60 minute infomercials. With such exposure, people tend to ask, “Is Tony Robbins a scam, fraud or for real?” Tony Robbins uses the two main techniques to get people to do what he wants. These techniques are Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Ericksonian hypnosis.

    Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is presented as a fast way to get results in psychological therapy. He also uses fire walking and other devices as metaphors to convince people that anything is possible. Tony Robbins encourages students of his program to ‘fake till you make it.’

    Ericksonian hypnosis is the scariest teaching of Tony Robbins wherein it’s a way to induce

    trance without the subject’s knowledge, they are hypnotised and planted a suggestion.

    Tony Robbins was slammed on social media for the comments he made during a seminar about Me Too Movement.

    Theres a footage that shows Robbins talking to a crowd in San Jose, California denouncing the movement.

    Tony Robbins says Women are using Me Too to make themselves significant but in this video clip, the brave sexual abuse survivor called him out.

    Who is Tony Robbins?

    The biggest fish acting as a motivational speaker, best-selling author and self-help Guru. After a difficult childhood, he went out on his own and started promoting motivational seminars and from there he started developing his own sessions as a self-help coach and started conducting seminars. His parents were divorced, and his mother remarried more than once including marriage to Jim Robbins who legally adopted Tony. During high school, Robbins grew ten inches, a growth spurt later attributed to a pituitary tumour. He has said his home life was “chaotic” and “abusive”. When he was seventeen years old, he was kicked out by his mother and never returned. Robbins later worked as a janitor and did not attend college.

    After knowing the above things and incidents are you still unsure of Tony Robbins as a major jerk and scam artist?

  178. people who sell motivation and information are all scammers and thieves or don’t realize their own bias in they’re arguments. he is a liar clown. Ferris is a liar.

  179. Word–so true! Just made me feel bad about my self. 🙁

  180. Thanks for posting this review .
    Looks like there’s a bunch of know-it-alls here in the comment section at Holysmoke, so they didn’t need the info. I really appreciate it and was just curious how his scam (and many others) work. I guess they drag out the sell and keep making promises and never deliver.

  181. I just finished reading Joe Vitale’s Zero Limits. It is a good story. I read the book quiet fast and enjoyed it. However, I did notice many “product placements” along the way. My opinion on Joe is that he is very good at marketing and at writing. I am grateful I read these comments as I agree his courses are not the same quality as his books. I actually purchased a couple of online courses in the past, about Beliefs systems and they were not very good. I would not recommend the courses I purchased but I have no bad experience with scamming. Paying 5 grand for a course is a lot of money. I am grateful I did not go that far. Thanks for sharing.

  182. Zeltiq is such an amazing way to get skinnier! Dr. Ourian proved it to me. The treatment lasted about 1 hour& I think it is unbelievable to get these results for such a short period of time.

  183. My experience with DBL is exactly like all the others, when I signed up I asked them about the rip off reports and they explained that those customers didn’t understand the policy of what DBL could do for them and I believed them. I signed up with the understanding they could get me a lender. They had me access my credit report to see what was on it. They had me sign up for a credit report. They sent me 3 to choose from, the one I chose only gave me 1 bureau. Told me it wasn’t good enough scores were too high, I need all 3 bureaus to compare scores. Cost was 28.95 because they told me to keep it for future request. Then they wanted me to send all 3 bureaus a letter to dispute that my old addresses and Jobs be removed and any judgments. All but one agreed to remove them. Cost to me was 16.00 because they told me to send them certified. Also told when I get a reply from the bureaus I was to send them a copy via email, which I did. They sent me another letter to send to the one that didn’t agree, Now they suggest I get a co-signer. ( If I wanted to use a co-signer I would have never used DBL.) They had me fill out an entity form and told me the Business name I chose was available and to copy and sign and send in with a check. I waited 2 weeks and they never emailed me the form. I had to call DBL to ask where my entity was to sign and send to the State. They apologized and told me they can’t find the one I sent back to them but they did see that they sent me a receipt of the entity I emailed to them. They asked me to please fill it out again I did. I mailed it out and 2 weeks later the State said that business name was already taken. I called DBL and told them and she again apologized and said she would send another form with my second business name, She said it would be sent to me within 72 hrs and that was March 31st and still waiting. I took it upon myself to edit the first business name and sent it back in to the state. I don’t want to mess my credit score up so… Has anyone contacted a lawyer yet? Can we get a claim against them? How many of us are out there?

  184. Her program is too pricy and all you’re really paying for is an accountability coach. This program is really not meant for ‘new’ entrepreneurs because it requires both time and money to implement. In addition, it’s not really meant for people with brick and mortar businesses because her advice is only really applicable to people who provide an internet-based service. You really need to research this program before you sign the contract. She’s very good at suppressing genuine, constructive, or honest feedback–don’t trust the fake Amazon reviews. This business is not BBB accredited. Plus–from what I can tell–her books and fake philanthropy are clearly just marketing tools. Make sure you read the fine print–because she definitely will not hold back when it’s time to point the finger at your failures.

  185. He’s a lot like many out there right now, he is talking and talking and talking but not really saying anything useful. Many of these guys are just really good at selling “how to sell” but beyond that… the emperor has no clothes.

    Hmmm, reminds me of a certain presumptive Presidential nominee who has somehow also duped a lot of people into thinking he’s a business genius.

  186. Such thief. Charged me $58 for a course 5 TIMES on my credit card statement!!!!!!! When I asked for a refund for being falsely charged, they did not help me at all and said I bought the course and too bad for me. These courses were of no use to me… one was a guitar lesson of some type. I DONT EVEN PLAY GUITAR FOR GOD SAKES.

  187. My new shapes after mommy makeover got me speechless! Ive got an hour glass body and I can’t even express how much I love it! I have never met such an amazing doctor before! Simon Ourian has done his best job!

  188. Tim deals with so many topics at one time that and fails to get indepth in each of them. his weight loss theory lacks scientific approach. I am sure he himself does not follows what he preaches in “The 4-hour work week”
    Basically all methods of making quick money, loose weight rapidly is a mere scam scheme.

  189. It has been 43 days since I talked to DBL. The bank suggested I put a temporary stop payment on my ACH check that gets deducted from my checking account on the 5th of each month while I dispute DBL services so I won’t be charge a bank charge of 25.00. In the mean time I called Special Finance LLC that DBL uses. Told them I wanted my account canceled, they told me to contact DBL and talk to Brandon to fill out the form to cancel. As usual when ever I call I get recordings and again I left a message explaining that I want to cancel my account. He never returned my call. Then my bank account showed a deduction from Special Finance. I had to drive to the bank to see how that was possible. What they did was they used my debit card, how was that possible I asked,I never gave them my card number. It seems when DBL asked me to fill out my entity form the form required my debit card information, I did so thinking DBL was sending the form back to the state for me. They didn’t, they emailed me the form to send to the state and nowhere on it was my debit card, the bank asked for a check they don’t accept debit cards. So when they didn’t get the money from my ACH they took it upon themselves to use my debit card. Being over a month without returning my call or email I really think I need my money reembursed for all I had to endur plus paying 100.00 for an entity that I won’t need.

  190. her program is misleading. i was foolish enough to think that creting online programs was as simple as she suggested. It is far more complex and i found several other programs that lead me in a way that was more realistic and effective. She does inspire at the beginning and helped me develop a fb group..

  191. I knew this guy was a total bullshit from the start but you got to admit one thing, his marketing campaign or his “team” of marketer done a pretty damn good job getting his “Hi, Tai Lopez” campaign out. If he can convince YOU to purchase his accelerator program then he already won.

  192. Ps…Dr Hew Len and Joe are dear friends. Joe didn’t beg to do a book and events on Ho’oponopono with him. It was a collaboration. And Joe has never said he has the market cornered on Ho’oponopono. Joe honors the sacred Hawaiian custom but Dr Hew Len taught him what he, himself uses daily…the 4 phrases that Joe writes about and teaches today, (with his blessing) which is a beautiful and easy way for anyone to get to a place of Zero (by cleaning their own perceptions as opposed to blaming and judging others). Mabel Katz also studied with Dr Hew Len and teaches it worldwide. It’s so interesting that the very people trying to protect the ancient Hawaiian tradition are the very people that need to be practicing it as opposed to spreading vicious rumors and lies.

    And, here’s a challenge for anyone who has posted complaints here…If you send me documents, receipts and evidence of the problem, I will sit down with Joe and research to try and get to the bottom of what really happened and resolve it if possible. If you don’t respond to this offer, that will speak volumes!

  193. I got non surgical upper arm lipo with RF tightening at Epione. My arms are half smaller than they were. It is unbelievable! I still can’t comprehend how dr. Ourian managed to do it, but I am over the moon!

  194. This plan is ridiculous! Nowhere does she ever say that you need start-up funds to build your business! It’s completely unrealistic. And there no way that anyone has the time to implement her plan while still working full-time. The whole Unstoppable Entrepreneur program is a bunch of crap!

  195. This is actually a helpful thread as I’m sure there are other folks out there thinking about pulling the trigger on his crap and then if they did ANY research online this puppy will pop right up.

  196. I hated my gummy smile a lot! I always wanted to fix it, but never had an opportunity. Simon Ourian is my hero now, cause I was impressed by his professionalism a lot! He fixed it in minutes!

  197. Keep your MONEY!!! I was also scammed from this company. I trusted them and it cost me thousands of dollars. Seeing how many people fall for this and it makes me sick. These people need to be put in jail! It’s an absurd.

  198. Please please please do not fall for this scam. Read the reviews on this page. Clearly she is scamming a ton of people. She is going to blame you as to why your business isn’t working. She will take your money and leave you with no support. Do not believe what she says! Pleas

  199. Idk what his actual networth is but the dude is ridiculous. I got a new ad the other day that was “his house tour”. I ended up having to search and find the actual video link to send it to my friend. It was HILARIOUS. Not in a hes trying to be, in a hes an idiot way. “Lets check out the garage” barely space for 2 cars….”oh my other cars arent here”. “Im not trying to be materialistic and be all this is all the cool stuff i have”……next sentence…. “this is where my gym and basketball court”

  200. I had a lot of skin discoloration all over my face. I tried a lot of “natural” ways to get rid of it, but nothing helped me. But when I came to dr. Ourian he removed everything so fast, I was shocked! I am in love with my pure skin❤️

  201. Do your homework and don’t sign anything! This company is not accredited with the better business bureau. She claims to locate her business in PA, but its official business license is registered out of state. All of Ms. Roach’s books are self-published and filled with plagiarized content. She runs a for-profit business and calls it a ‘foundation.’ The Human Family Foundation is NOT a non-profit–neither is her ‘movement’ called Give Her Courage. GHC is a for-profit business that claims to give scholarships to young women. These scholarships are just a scam to increase enrollment in Ms. Roach’s ‘leadership academy.’ Everything about her businesses is just a ploy to entice you, take your money, and ruin your business. Ms. Roach is the worst kind of hustler–she appears genuine and helpful on the outside, but everything she does is just another money making scheme. Her so-called 1:1 matching model is just a ploy. She claims to give one donation for every new client but never specifies how much the donation will be. Ms. Roach appears charitable, but even her image as a philanthropist is just a facade to make money. Everything about Ms. Roach is a clever fabrication designed to draw you in. Even her origin story is a gross exaggeration, and she has ZERO business training!

    Buyer beware! Do your homework. Read the fine print. And whatever you do, don’t sign anything!

  202. Every video I’ve ever seen is just him pretending to be humble while he brags about all his money.

    How do people not see through that?

    Think Elon musk. Everything he says is humble, but his actions are huge.

    Braggarts are always full of shit.

  203. What I truly want to know is what is it about Lopez that makes people trust him? Just from my perspective, he seem so shady and even if some big names laud his products or his ideals, that’s not enough to convince me to buy his products. He makes these lofty promises but he doesn’t really deliver anything; it’s all trite. He seems like the quintessential scammer that boasts having all this knowledge but not really possessing any knowledge that isn’t easily accessible.

  204. He’s a lot like many out there right now, he is talking and talking and talking but not really saying anything useful.

    It’s quite a maddening marketing strategy. They always lead with “I’m going to tell you the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything”, and the video’s 52 minutes long. And of course if you dare waste time watching the first 90%, all you’ve heard is how wonderful your life will be once you’ve heard the answer, and what color shoes the marketer was wearing when they learned the answer, but not a hint of the actual answer.

    It’s like the “persistence hunting” approach to marketing: I guess after 52 minutes of bullshit, you can wear some folks down enough that they’ll buy anything?

  205. Their customer service is non existent! They only speak to you when they want to lure you in their dirty scheme. I ended up flooded In debt and with a horrible credit score. Horrible service. Do not trust this business.

  206. DMC works for Kelly Roach so of course she says this. I doubt Kelly helped her build her business because she joined Kelly’s program and couldn’t make her biz work and Kelly brought her on to help in the scam. If she was making $25K per month in your own business why would she go and work for Kelly Roach?

    I was a victim of the Kelly Roach Scam as well. DONT GIVE HER MONEY!

  207. I can’t make it through his videos, he comes off like a complete idiot. My favorite was from a live cast where he said ‘ok here’s the secret’ and then never got to it. His big thing is about the importance of mentors, which he says a million different ways. Of course suggesting that you pay him to be yours.

    He’s a lot like many out there right now, he is talking and talking and talking but not really saying anything useful. Many of these guys are just really good at selling “how to sell” but beyond that… the emperor has no clothes.

  208. I’m shocked to see how many people went through the EXACT same situation that I have. Taking advantage of people who are in need is just shameful! This is a total scam. I feel robbed and cheated of my own money! Direct Business Lending is a complete fraud.

  209. Unfortunately, this page couldn’t be further from the truth. The Unstoppable Entrepreneur helped me scale my business from $2500/month to over $25K per month. Kelly is a literal business genius. People who don’t get results are people who make excuses, and don’t follow the team’s advice.

    Additionally, EVERYTHING is spelled out in the contract. No surprises. The team is honest, hard-working, and gets their clients insane results!

    For those reading this, please know there are HUNDREDS of people who have had incredible, life changing success in UE.

  210. Hey guy’s Tai Lopez is a liar, a god damn liar. He doesn’t respect books. He literally picked me up read the table of contents and put me down, saying he got everything he needed, but guys deep down intertwined in my pages is magic, magic that you’ll only poses if you read me throughly. Don’t be like Tai. People and books like myself need to get together and get rid of this tyrant, before he in prisons us all in his garage. I hear someone coming, oh he’s making another spammy youtube video, ttyl

  211. I had really bad credit because of irresponsibility in the past. I decided to reach out to Direct Business Lending to help start up a new business. They seemed like a good option with their promise that 99% of people are approved for loans with them. They told me about cases of people with much worse credit getting approved. They were prompt and responded right away, so I figured they were professional. Boy was I wrong. It started when I filled out an application. They asked me for all types of stuff such as proof of income, bank statements and things like that. Sounded pretty normal. I provided everything that was asked of me and they took weeks to get back to me.

    After several weeks of waiting, they let me know I was approved for a loan. They told me about the packages they had for starting businesses and options for quicker access to money I was so anxious to start up and had everything ready that I decided to pay a fee for quicker funding. They started drafting that money from my account, and never delivered what they promised. The funding turned out to be a third party credit card company who charged me separately.

    Calling their customer support is infuriating to say the least. There is no answer to any of your questions. They direct you to different departments and no one helps you solve your issues. After so much hassle, trying to get out of it was a nightmare. Now I find myself trapped in a loan, with no business and messed up credit. This is a big scam.

  212. This doctor sucks he did destroyed my figured I couldnt believe he helped someone when he messed me up forever left me with terrible wounds all over my surgery and never offered help had to pay thousands to get it fix left me without being able to conceive a baby and cant feel mywhole stomach its been almost 2 years

  213. Are people that dumb they are paying this lying sack of shit money to help with their business? Are you that dumb you can’t run a business on your own? Come on people. She is going to take all of your money and your business will fail. Notice her reviews on google are fake!!! Don’t be an idiot. Check out her Facebook page and wall. People are writing the same thing. Wake up!!! She is telling them what to write

  214. I saw one of his ads on youtube one time. He says “I’m Tai Lopez, and I’m going to give you one piece of advice for life/business/success/whatever”. He then spends two minutes walking around his house showing how rich he is, mumbling about how he’s about to give you one piece of advice, and how great this advice is, and how his course is full of this kind of advice, and how valuable the advice is. Then at the end of the ad he says “you know what, go to my website and sign up for whatever and I’ll give you that one piece of advice, plus there’s loads of other advice on there”.

    I knew right there this was a scam, but out of curiosity I googled him. This is the first result that’s not his twitter/youtube/website in which the person say’s he’s not as much a scammer as he is “systematically unethical” and the 67 are simply “inspirational” but not worth the money. Then I googled “Tai Lopez reddit”, I got this thread that outlines how he’s using psychology to convince you to give you money, and much of a waste of money it is.

    So basically OP is being lambasted for falling for an obvious scammer (the video with no payoff) without apparently even googling the guy, and then acting like he’s surprised that there was no value in his product and getting out isn’t straight forward.

    tl;dr Next up on /r/Entrepreneur “Don’t send your money to penis enlargement spam even if they tell you there’s a money back guarantee”.

  215. I too have succumbed to the enticing claims from Dr Bogus that you can have all your hearts desires if you sign up to one his courses. Fortunately, I did not lose thousands like many others.
    The turning point for me began with all the relentless emails, claiming that I am the chosen one. For example, today’s email reads, “ Dr. Joe here and yes, you’re certifiable.

    Not everyone is, but you are! WOW

    And that’s really great news.
    Why? Because today, a brand-new, life-changing skill is closer within your reach than ever before.
    All you have to do is reach out and GRAB it.
    Get certified here.
    And then?
    Expect Miracles!

    You then click on the link, as the chosen one, eager to grab that certificate and live your best life… But before you do that, pay 💰

    I can only imagine the vulnerable person who in desperate times, wants to believe in any such hope that a course will change their life.


    No stars! But as the blog requires that I leave a rating, it’s one star, in the hope that someone puts a stop to these scammers!

  216. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I signed up with Direct Business Lending for a small business loan. They promised the world when we first spoke, to get you into their lending program. They rushed me to sign the agreement to pay $3,500 for the service. After the payment was received, the tone changed. Everything they promised on the loan was different from what they are doing. They promised the timing will take 3 weeks for the loan to be approved. They claimed my application is strong, so there should not be any problem. After my signing and and receiving my first payments, all these changed. They now claimed it will take four to five weeks, and that my application is not that strong anymore. It’s been the fifth week, and nothing is happened. This company is a big ripoff. I sent them emails to ask questions and several phone calls. they did not respond to my questions. Now I want to cancel the agreement and want my money back, and I’m having issues with making this happen. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIER LOAN PROGRAM! IT’S A BIG SCAM.

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  217. I didn’t end up getting surgery with Dr. Michael and I thank god for that. I did not like the way I was greeted in his office. The staff was extremely rude and judgmental. My “consultation” lasted 15 minutes TOP. He did not give me any attention and didn’t seem to care about any of my concerns. He literally rushed me out of there. I realized after that the secretary didn’t think I could afford their services, and now after reading these reviews.. I’m very glad they ended up driving me out of there.

  218. This is a one thousand percent scam. You can take college courses a lot cheaper than paying this bimbo. I knew her growing up and guess what she went to am expensive high school. Her family had plenty money. Do not believe her when she says she grew up with nothing. Everything she says is a complete lie. Her business practices are extremely dumb.

  219. Please forgive the strong language that I use here.

    YES. Absolute scam. I bought the “Accelerator” program, and it turned out to be absolute ass. It’s crap. Just rehashed old crap from Tai’s live calls that you get on YouTube. His live videos are also bullshit, I’ve seen the same ones reply many times. The paid content is shittier than the free content. It’s all just bad reviews of books, and then affiliate marketing he does with other companies in which they share no useful information.

    There is like ONLY 3 Videos on Tai’s behind the scenes business stuff. All 3 of which are just Tai talking shit to his team. “You better appreciate that you’re working for me”.

    The Knowledge database is crap. No useful info. Just buy a book and you’ll get 100 times more value. Just watch the hundreds of thousands of other useful videos that are free. Not even worth $10 in my opinion.

    The money program is a bullshit program. Almost ZERO money advice. It’s crap. Junk. Poop. Serious ass. Don’t waste your time. He just rehashes maybe 3 or 4 ideas together… And then the rest is affiliate marketing. It’s all crap.

    From there, they try to up-sell you on the bigger packages that are $5,000+. They make you hope that you can someday meet with Tai and get him to invest in your business or personally mentor you. But it’s all bullshit.


    Not to mention, when I asked for a refund, it has been 1 week and no one has gotten back to me. They’re just stealing our money. I have to do a charge back through my credit card company. They replied once saying that Oh we have to have one of our guys call you to make sure you have a good experience. Well, that was 7 days ago, and nothing.

    Bullshit product, bullshit service. Avoid at all costs.

    The only reason I tried his program was because he gave a 60 day money back guarantee. He isn’t even keeping up to that one promise. He keeps saying he has all this great insider information, but none is to be found in his program. He makes his program sound like it’s so solid, professional, and well put together, but it’s really crappy, you’re really really better off just finding a few relevant things for yourself with a youtube search.

    Again. I don’t care what promises he makes to you. It’s all crap. Really is. He does provide some good tips. But, just watch his free crap for that. It’s pretty much all rehashed other YouTube videos, and information from books. He really won’t save you any time in terms of trimming the learning curve. Actually, his program sucks so bad that it will make you waste maybe 2-3 days before you realize that you were scammed and lied to.

  220. I’m not the one to usually write reviews online, but this case being a doctor and people’s life being at stake I decided to write about the worst experience of my life with Dr. Michael K Obeng.

    My first experience was already horrible. I decided I wanted to get fillers of my lip and botox while I got all of my exams done to go for an actual surgery and get a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Let’s start off by saying the lack serious professionalism from the staff. I got the procedure done and one day after got a serious infection on my lips. MY LIPS WERE DEFORMED for 3 weeks. All bruised and swollen. I went back in for a follow up and to show the doctor what was happening and he prescribed me some medicine. My insurance charged me an absurd amount of money, which is ridiculous seeing as they are the ones that messed up. I reached out to them after getting a bill and they apologized saying I would get some credit off of my upcoming surgery.

    I decided to go on with it because I had already done all of the exams and figures it was just my organism that didn’t take the filler well. I had my procedure rescheduled 2 times because of Dr. Michael’s schedule. Which to me is also ridiculous because isn’t that the point of scheduling in the first place? What kind of commitment is that?

    Anyways, I got the procedures done. After healing I was NOT SATISFIED with my results. My scars were huge! My belly button looked terrible. I feel worse about my body than I did before coming in. After this nightmare and going back in the office to show them what they did to me, the Dr. Simply stated that every body is different and there was nothing he could do? After getting an infection and a deformed body, there is nothing he can do?

    Dr. Michael K Obeng is A CROOK! Do not get ANY work done with them or you will regret it for the rest of your life!!!

  221. Be Mindful of What you are signing and then DON’T!! I Wish I had been able to see some reviews and explanations prior to having signed up for her program with the Unstoppable Entrepreneurs. If you read this and want to contribute to a fund to pay off my membership considering I have saved you thousands by avoiding this organization – unfortunately once in though they have no obligations, standards that they have to meet, you do. Regardless of the lack of services, you have to pay regardless. This would explain how she has made so much money that she is constantly taking about. Integrity is certainly not present. If you have questions you can contact me. I suggest you look elsewhere but at the least be fully aware before you sign.
    I have been attempting to find any google reviews of this business but cannot find any. WHY IS THIS?

  222. Tai Lopez is a fraud, his home is a leasing, his vehicles are leasings and whatever is fake. He declares he is a really effective business owner yet he never ever says what company he runs or how he got his wealth.

    All he does is just copy and quote things he obtains from books by real business owners and states them as his own. Half of the important things he says makes no sense at all and he is essentially getting abundant by telling people how to get abundant. Scam artist and a fraud

  223. What a nasty man!! Gross…

  224. Do not do not buy her services. It’s a scam. She will lure you in and take your money without much guidance. You can be successful on your own. Do not pay her thousands of dollars to help you. She’s a scammer. You were warned.

  225. Tai Lopez has actually got to be among the most enchanting bullshit artists on earth. I have actually lost hours of my own time trying to determine precisely what his item is. That’s what he offers– the info about his product– and that’s simply more of the details about his product.

    Sure, ANYBODY with the ideal coaching, mentoring, info, state of mind, intelligence, etc. can “make it” in America and live the very best life they produce on their own. However it does take some time, that’s what Tai offers, his time to people, so that he can live it up in the glory of his rented luxury.

    Moving right along.

    Let’s envision all the ways we can multitask while trying to determine the master who desires your full attention and focus. Due to the fact that anything you put your full attention into deserves a financial investment, right? Negative. The rub with 67 Steps is not that it’s too many like he ‘humbly’ explains making available out of some desire to assist everybody. It is by far and away too couple of actions to be of any real compound to somebody who is most likely 1000’s of actions away from where they dream of being.

    I’m not claiming Tai is offering a “get rich fast” plan. He’s offering a “life is what you make it” scheme.

    I might conserve time daily listening to Tai in the shower and even masturbating in the shower. How about doing a line of blow every morning to expand my day into two days? The point is that Tai wants individuals to think in him and discover a sense that there is a community around his ‘knowledge’. And he takes advantage of one of the most basic social requirements people have, which is to discover assistance in addition to that sense of belonging to a group. He is a timeless narcissist.

    Do I believe he would harm someone real bad? He might, but he is convinced that $67/mo. is ‘reasonable priced’. It might be costing individuals more than he realizes. Sure. And the proof in the pudding about Tai is that he is pulling these numbers about what his ‘item’ deserves right out of his own ass. There is no item, just his time and his effort to offer his ability to sell basic details which he does not inform you will only ‘make you wealthy’ if you collect it by yourself. By “wealthy” I don’t necessarily mean monetarily. Tai is encouraged that if you receive his assistance that you will be becoming wealthy even if you do not utilize your own decisions to really make rational improvements.

    Tai could improve his ‘item’ by telling individuals things they truly require to hear, like, “your skills are most likely dated therefore is your education”, “you must research new advances and leave the average filth that is society’s idea of intelligence”, “The Internet of Things is the next real revolution. If you want to make a lot of money, purchase Qualcomm while it is at a low rate.”. All great recommendations in today day is more than a cliché, old saying, or modest wizardry. It’s more than, “see what I can do better than you, now pay me due to the fact that I’m already richer than you”.

    Don’t squander your time on Tai unless you have it lose. And who does? If you want the item he is actually trying to sell, go sell yourself and make your life much better. If you aren’t positive enough, then study something that you WILL pursue and WILL improve your potential customers. Get into what you do. Get really into what you wish to do. And make what you’re doing lead to an objective that you have actually planned and concentrated on. It is the most gratifying usage of your time you will ever find.

  226. How much did it cost?

  227. Jessica sounds like an ugly obese chick that got turned down by Dr.Oveng? Lol

  228. Total scam deudes!!

  229. Scammed me out of my money. Do not fall for her sales pitch.

  230. Yes Tai and his group are world class fraud/scammers. There’s almost nothing genuine about him/them. Having actually dealt with lots of unethical people in my life, and studying him for a few years … he remains in a class all his own.

    He pitches himself as a mentor, what are his verifiable credentials? He comes across as wealthy and a financial consultant. If he’s so proficient at generating income and helping others get his level of success, as he declares to be as a mentor/investor, where are they? … Remember the 67 actions he’s pitching are expected to be the service to everything, wealth, health, love and joy and he’s been apparently doing this for over 15 years, if it holds true show me the prospering organisations owned by him, the deeds to expensive airplanes, estates, successful rental properties, vehicles … more importantly the numerous millionaires made by him, the years of happy effective collaborations who would enjoy doing organisation with him once again, the doting wife, kids, animals. They aren’t there cause they do not exist, and actually haven’t ever. If you can find any, speak to individuals who have actually dealt with him, and you’ll discover numerous lots of horror stories at all levels, including numerous claims.

    I discovered these things after digging into it after he injured some pals of mine (who invested cash with him), while doing so I discovered almost nothing is real about him. As laid out in videos on youtube, he fabricates his apparent success, shooting videos at rental homes he doesn’t even reside in, not to mention own, declaring that he does.

    First he’s a brilliant sales individual and charismatic which makes it difficult to see the fact as there’s inadequate details to make a notified choice till you get farther in, and unfortunately some aren’t wise sufficient to ever see the details as he’s masterful and manipulating them. The 67 steps is simply the front door to a labyrinth you can not see from outside. Like numerous charismatic cult leaders, he lives deeply in lies of his own construction, which is why it’s so difficult for others to see previous them, as they themselves really believe them.

    As soon as you get past the shine, it’s all a cleverly crafted, hypnotic and manipulative deception, and he is a really competent predator who has actually injured several individuals who have mostly carried on and severed ties with him.

    For instance: Your house, the vehicles he claims to own, shown prominently and strategically as bait in the videos (at least at the time I investigated this) are all leased easily verifiable online through home listing, and while leasing is not a crime, when he shoots at places he doesn’t even live at, giving trips like it is, and then calls them “his” it’s a bold dealt with lie, and after that utilizing the exact same video in marketing is phony and predatory.

    Similarly his TedX talk is an infomercial, again lying about checking out a book a day which he confesses is something like skimming.

    The females revealed near are likewise ‘leased’ generally young, naive people off his model sites or sugar daddy type sites, of which he genuinely owns and operates, mostly as a method to get laid not assist them model, and none of them last long, cause he’s not who he states he is and truly don’t have modeling work for them.

    He forges these status symbols and social proof by getting them however he can, then advertises and networks aggressively, leveraging his charisma, then gets sufficient people to invest in whatever he’s pitching next (prior to 67 actions he was doing training, and now he claims to be an investor), thinking he’s the real deal, then when he’s made enough, scales up to develop an even larger illusion, to try and get back at more individuals to purchase in, etc. But it’s all hollow, there’s nothing genuine. It’s truly not that hard if you have a charge card of 100K approximately limitations to pull this sort of scams too. Phony it till you make it. I make certain now based on all the book recommendations he’s doing well as an amazon affiliate, however that’s not what he’s teaching probably to generate income.

    The library is a comparable created phony. As has been pointed out many of the books aren’t especially pertinent to success, being fiction. Any person can skim a book cover and couple of pages and claim they can check out a book a day, however for a lot of that does not count by most as real reading, as there’s no understanding, and he has never shown this ability to anybody effectively, he simply claims it’s true. The large library of books he has actually is similarly utilized as a manipulation, to make him appear smart and smart. He primarily checks out simply enough to make him seem smarter than he really is, by cherry choosing gems, which he only uses to appear much better than you, as an adjustment tool.

    The 67 actions aren’t steps, they are parables that he can pull from at anytime to support any particular point he’s attempting to make. If it were getting instructions it ‘d resemble “you only need to know 4 easy things to get where you want to go: north, south, east west.” That’s not a GPS map, as many anticipate, simply a set of methods to move, which might be a discovery to some but … pretty good sense to most.

    He doesn’t put this on his videos but at celebrations he will utilize whatever tactic he can to get and keep attention. He’s a devout atheist and astrologist which makes no sense except that it always allows him to have something to state and be perceived as better, and interesting.

    All the statistics being utilized in his messages are high water marks. e.g. at the time of this composing he claims to be larger than Oprah, when that’s really just on iTunes and one episode where he beat her views at one day. The testimonials he utilizes are gathered from every item over every year he’s ever gotten one, often groomed into one, and some used aren’t even on speaking terms with him any longer.

    A huge reason not to do anything with him is He/his team does numerous either wise to straight-out evil things. Not honoring refunds is one, it is a variation on a self-confidence trick and rebills rip-off.

    Much of his cash that he did make originated from phony dreamy dating profiles producing phony dialogs, enticing individuals to pay regular monthly, just to recognize there wasn’t anyone real there. A number of his online residential or commercial properties utilize the very same SMS and email auto-responder spam bots, which bring the impression even further, of him being more interested in you and more effective than he is.

    The funnel starts at $67 but I have actually heard has levels as much as tens if not hundreds of thousands, the people I understand invested lots of 10s of thousands which he guaranteed a substantial return and instead they all requested for refunds and left, and needed to combat to get refund, months later.

    He is active on every website that discusses him under incorrect names to serve as a shill to make him sound good and anti-shill for people that say bad things, for the attempt to cover his track. He’s even on Aurora in some of these threads with false names, assaulting people who do not support him, and credit has banned several of these phony users. This is NOT the behavior of a person who is simply selling a harmless $67 course in high volume for the public excellent.

    These manipulations and deceptions are important to his continued operation. If you develop enough confusion it’s harder to see what’s genuine and easy for people to act by interest charm and so on

    . It’s uncertain to what degree this is destructive and calculated a mental disorder or both.

  231. 0.75
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    He gets stripped of his medical license for sleeping with patients and can’t pay your friend child support. Smart move.

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  232. This is one hundred percent scam. Do not give her your money. You will never see it again. She promotes herself as multimillionaire. She’s not. She is scamming you. Stay away

  233. Tai is certainly a fraud, he interest those who were raised with little to no company knowledge or how the world actually works. He attracts young men who wish to celebration and sleep around throughout the day without putting in any major effort. He strings these kids along by revealing them his rental home and vehicles that he claims to own. He also pays Instagram models to hang with him. This attracts the testosterone filled young boys like flies to trash. He assures riches and females if you do what he teaches.

    His very first course he provides is pretty inexpensive, I believe it resembles $67 for 67 videos last I checked. These videos have lots of standard entry level ideas that are organisation associated, but they will not make you effective, they’re just basic business related details. This sort of things makes you feel like you’ve found out something and it makes Tai seem clever. This hooks people into purchasing the larger more expensive courses, you’ll pay a ridicules amount of cash and you’ll only learn more fundamental principles of organisation. You won’t find out anything that will hallo you establish an excellent business, you won’t discover any skills that might get you a task anywhere, his information is fundamental and useless. You can invest $20-50 on an excellent marketing book and get more info out of that than Tai will offer you in his whole lifetime. Due to the fact that he doesn’t know anything valuable about service, he simply quotes a lot of successful authors, therefore making it appear that he understands a great deal of good things.

    Individuals may argue that if Tai has the money to hire designs, lease cars and trucks and homes that his method should work which they can replicate it. The problem is, Tai isn’t selling you his actual technique, because what he in fact does is called spamming. He does the above, he draws individuals in, hyped them up and then gets them to pay foolish quantities of cash for horrible content, by the time individuals get up to the fact that what he sells does not work, it’s far too late, he currently has your money. This is why you can’t replicate his success, based upon what he teaches in his videos, due to the fact that it’s not attempted and real, it does not actually work.

    I grew up in a company family, my Dad was vice president of a successful business and my sibling works for among the top 5 finest auditing firms in the country. My family was extremely professional, I’m more into software application development, so I’m not a service pro, but my Papa would share service pointers with me when I was a kid. The stuff he showed me, was the “deep” things Tai shares in his videos. Let me repeat, the deep things that Tai charges hundreds, if not thousands for, was the type of things my Daddy would just arbitrarily throw out there as tips. My Father desired all of my siblings and I to enter into the organisation, prior to I went into software style, he asked me to attempt a number of courses in business simply to see if I liked it. I took a course in Marketing, Buisness Law and an Introductory Organisation course that covered the essentials of service, it was a “broad stroke” sort of course. Those three BASIC ENTRY LEVEL COURSES taught me things that Tai never ever mentions, he never comes close to the lessons I discovered.

    The lesson you can take away from this remark is this, Tai Lopez is a sleazy scam artist and there is no such thing as a get abundant quick scheme, it does not exist. I used to check out bank break-ins and even preparing to rob a bank that has enough loan to make it worth it takes months to prepare and perform. I know that it probably took Tai two or 3 years at least to get his fraud off the ground. The only way to be truly successful and not a shooting star, that burns intense for a couple seconds then vanishes is effort. If you desire true success, a loan that lasts for the rest of your life, you have to work you butt off for it. It is difficult, there are no seven simple steps. You have 2 choices, if you are very motivated, you can teach yourself and start you own service, that’s the harder method. If you are not well inspired, then you will wish to go to college and find out. If you wish to get a job at another company than you will also want to go to college, due to the fact that college degrees go a long method in the job market. People like to state that college is a waste of time and loan, that is partly true, however college still teaches you a lot of important stuff, far more so than Tai Lopez ever will. At the end of college, you are basically guaranteed to a minimum of get an excellent paying job that you can live comfortably with for the rest of your life if you aren’t driven to go further up the success ladder.

    Sorry for the little book, I just hate scammers, I hate greaseballs like Tai who are willing to control others, to steal from them and point them in the direction of failure just to make a dollar. Don’t listen to these sleazebags, they’re just attracting your lazy side. So yeah, do not buy into his fraud. Lol

  234. 1.1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Joe Vitale says he has a new show coming up with CBS.

    First, what is CBS thinking? Do they want to throw money away the way that other network did on Tony Robbins? If Tony Robbins can’t make it last more than 2 episodes, I think Joe Vitale’s track record will be even worse.

    But shame on CBS for giving a scammer free air time to suck people into the scam of Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaching amongst other things.

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  235. I signed up for his James altucher report only to find each report was a teaser for an upsale. almost no actionable advice. Its also very confusing what you get when you sign up for. Somehow Im also getting newsletters now from Agora Financial. I really feel like these companies are manipulative and focus more on upsale than providing value to PAID customers. Agro has . a terrible BBB rating

  236. 0.75
    Customer Reviews & Opinion

    Tai has a site where you can sign up for his system. There are numerous reports of people who have asked for a refund or attempted to cancel their membership and have not gotten any response from Tai. Some individuals even had to cancel their credit cards to stop the month-to-month payments being taken.

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  237. you can talk to me [email protected]

  238. Hi Paul, am curious about your results as I am going through a similar matter. Her course is a total fake with the “no fail guarantee”.

    Would you mind contacting me please?

  239. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    You’ll be interest in the Instagram @behind.thereal

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  240. 1.35
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    wow – i am a bit frustrated and embarrassed by this.

    I paid several thousand dollars to Kelly Roach and her team for her Unstoppable Entrepreneur Program… I was very excited because i heard all about how it was easy, reduce stress, great results… sounded like a solution to my problem…

    I worked my ass off November and December and Part of January – it was like having several full-time jobs.

    But boy was I wrong, wrong, wrong about the results… I have taken more courses then i can count over my 66 years on this planet – but never before have I REGRETTED taking a course.

    It wasn’t so much the fact that it didn’t work for me (it didn’t)… But I’m a big boy and can live with that. It was how they treated me afterwards.

    You see they have this contract with Agreement #4 (make sure you read it and think it through…) it says if you terminate during the contract you are immediately responsible for payment in full of the application fee. That could be over $10,000

    This is the opposite of a guarantee and only protects them.

    So when their strategies didn’t work for me i asked to walk away – several thousand dollars poorer – but taking it as a learning experience.

    And even though their head of operations wrote up a special exception for me before I ever signed the contract… when i went to talk to them about it – they brought out the attorneys.

    Now i am sure that a lot of people have gotten great results from her program… but personally, dealing with the company was the most stressful and least enjoyable training i have ever been through.

    If you have questions – let me know… and if you had a totally different experience of them – you are welcome to comment below. I am sure they don’t treat everyone that way.

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  241. I was so happy when I got an appointment to dr. Ourian, cause I feel like he is the busiest doctor of all times. But it wasn’t unreal! I had a lot of sunspots and sun damage on my face and I hated it! It took dr. Ourian like half an hour to change what I hated for years!

  242. Funny to say, but I have always been terrified of face injections, because I never tried them. Dr. Ourian did my cheek contouring and it wasn’t as scary as I thought! The result is awesome as well! I didn’t know I could look that good with help of a few injections.

  243. I don’t recommend working with this guy.

  244. 0.85
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Firstly, as Brigette’s assistant I am very saddened at seeing such a bogus LIE posted.

    I can easily tell you have never met her in person.

    1. Brigette is an intelligent woman and her books are practical and insightful.
    2. Every event she goes to, she puts her heart and soul into it. She is very organized. Her presentations are based on the event organizers requests and she prepares weeks in advance.
    3. She never walks in with a couple of assistants. Are you speaking about Beyonce? I am not sure what image you have created here.
    4. She is so passionate about her topics that she never ends speaking before the time. She has been guilty of going over the time slot.
    5. Obviously you did not put your name, event or date. You knew you would be caught in a lie. I schedule her events and I have NEVER booked a business launch. What make believe country this happened in?
    6. She takes time, even HOURS after an event to interact with participants for which she is NOT paid. She loves meeting and interacting with people in person. Any event she has been to check the hashtags for it on LinkedIn and you will see numerous pictures with her and the event organizers and participants having a good time. You can’t fake that.
    7. Brigette has a review section on her website and any event organizer would tell you, Brigette is intelligent, humble, nice, compassionate, friendly, funny and a really down to earth person. Her energy and spirit is amazing.
    8. I enjoy working with Brigette and I can tell you she is the real deal. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis she has been such a caring and generous boss to all of us employees and our families. I really appreciate her and the heart she has for people. She genuinely cares.
    9. If you what to get to know her – read her latest book. You would understand why she is so passionate about leadership and HR.
    10. It would be great to put your name. Put a link to your website, to the event, the date time. THE TRUTH NEVER HIDES.

    Rachael Sanchez

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  245. I am so pleased with the result of my scar removal! I thought it was impossible to see my leg without this horrible scar ever again. But luckily dr. Ourian is such a professional, he did everything perfectly!

  246. In the clinic of Dr. Ourian, I had an operation to correct the shape of the lips. Asymmetry began to manifest itself not so long ago, but still became noticeable. Especially she appeared during a conversation or when I smiled. It became annoying to me, and I decided to correct this defect. I am pleased with the result. Everything was done neatly, exactly as I wanted. It gave me a lot of confidence. Thanks for the help!

  247. I have worked for Kevin for almost a year and a half, and can confirm that the post above is inaccurate to say the least. In my time working for him, he has always been consistent and on schedule. As stated above in Kevin’s response, he was unable to make it down to Austin due to several flight delays, which was entirely out of his control. Kevin’s subsequent actions were professional and logical. He immediately offered to do a webinar, which Triple Crown (the company who hired him) refused.

    The libelous post above makes several claims for which they have absolutely no standing. They blew up the agreement, and therefore never saw him speak. Regardless, the post claims that he is a scammer, a “shallow speaker”, and also criticized Kevin’s books despite never having read them.

    It seems entirely illogical to call Kevin a scammer given that he made no money off of this interaction, and has an otherwise unblemished history as a paid speaker.

  248. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Knowing someone who’s been brainwashed by him plus I don’t have the followers on Twitter or any social media I’d enjoy to see this trending with their stores

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  249. Don’t work with this schmuck.

  250. I’ve been meaning to ask this question for a long time. I had bought Overnight Millionaire and
    quite frankly, I didn’t know he was a scammer until I bought his product. IT IS TRASH!!
    I believe it was my worst purchase ever. I tried to get a refund from him but I didn’t get any
    responses. I’ve been wondering if Wesley ever refunds anyone’s money. After reading the
    experiences of everyone here I think Wesley is just a scammer. Is there any possible way to
    make Wesley Virgin refund my money?

  251. You are a complete idiot. Suckers like you empower frauds like Robbins.

  252. Simply put, the post above dated December 23, 2019 is full of lies, mis-truths, defamation, fraudulent claims, and libel. So much so that I am hiring legal counsel to evaluate suing the poster and their company for defamation and libel. There is more than a bit of irony in the reality that the post itself is a massive scam. There is more than enough evidence to prove that the poster is the actual scammer, as detailed below:

    My integrity is of utmost importance and the foundation upon which I’ve build my credibility in the industry. I have delivered over 600 speeches during my 11-year career as a Keynote Speaker and have had three cancellations, all for matters out of my control and two of which were resolved amicably through proper communication and fairness. The third was not.
    I was hired by a company called Triple Crown to present Building A Magnetic Culture & Empowering Your Employees on July 8th 2019 at their headquarters in Austin, Texas. The poster’s references to an emergency are wholly inaccurate. There was no emergency. The reality is that the weekend prior to that date I was attending a memorial service in Michigan for my Uncle who had recently passed away. While traveling back to Chicago to catch my flight to Austin, I experienced multiple flight delays making it impossible to catch my flight to Austin. I promptly informed the client, sharing that the flight delays were the sole responsibility of United Airlines. I offered a viable solution of doing a webinar at the same time the next day. My contact agreed to the webinar, then retroactively informed me that “management” now wanted to cancel the webinar. The client simply refused to accept the reason for me now being able to make it to Austin, insinuating that I deliberately chose not to give the Keynote Speech which does not make any sense on multiple fronts. The big one being that this was a paid speaking event. Why would someone whose career is to be a paid Keynote Speaker cancel a paid speaking event and lose their speaking fee?

    In addition:

    – This company never hired me for Human Resources Consulting Services as they claim. As such, how could they ever fairly evaluate the quality of such services?

    – This person has never seen me deliver a speech. As such, how could they ever come to any sound and valid conclusion as to the quality of my Keynote Speeches. Incidentally, this person could not have seen me “in an interview” since none of my interviews have ever been taped. Furthermore, it is quite telling that over 90% of my new speaking gigs come from people who have seen one of my Keynote Speeches. I must be doing something right while delivering those speeches.

    In fact, my average rating on the ubiquitous Net Promoter Score (I would recommend Kevin Sheridan as a Keynote Speaker is running at 97%). Needless to say, I am very proud of that because I’ve worked very hard at delivering the absolutely best speeches and training possible. Feel free to contact me if you would to speak with my many references or former clients: [email protected]

    – This person is claiming that I am not a professional author. How can I not be an author when the reality is that I have written and published two management books? I also am a regular blogger and encourage you to evaluate the quality and meaningfulness of those blogs:

    – This person has not fairly judged the quality of either of the books I have published since they are basing their poor conclusion on just one review. Here are my scientifically validated scores from the multiple reviews on 4 ½ out of five stars for my New York Times Best Seller, Building a Magnetic Culture and 3 ½ out of five stars for The Virtual Manager.

    – This person’s assertion that my New York Times Best Seller is shallow and full of “fluff” flies into the reality that the book appeared on six of the Best-seller lists. Why were thousands of people buying it? Why were thousands of people recommending the book to many other professionals? Why were so many Human Resources people buying it for their entire management team?

    – This person concludes that I cannot provide great speaker coaching, yet they have never experienced or hired me for such coaching. Not only have I done so with great success since I began performing such coaching, but I have had a considerable impact on multiple aspiring speakers lives. Again, I am happy to provide references for my speaker coaching to you if you like: [email protected]. Have a look at what depth my speaking coaching covers:

    – This person claims to be “scared” that I make my books available through my web site claiming that purchasers will be scammed. Thousands of people have purchased the book via my web site, getting the book within days of ordering it. Also, since my web site allows people to pay via PayPal, purchasers are afforded all the protections of the PayPal purchasing platform, including full refunds. Incidentally, I encourage people to buy the book from my web site, so that I can personally sign each copy for each purchaser. When you write a book about Employee Engagement, you better exhibit the characteristics of engagement. To date, I have personally signed tens of thousands for people who have purchased the books.

    – Also, how can this person say that “Kevin Sheridan is rude to his clients” when they have not spoken with any of my clients. Truly ridiculous. Again, feel free to contact me if you would to speak with my many references or former clients: [email protected]

    – I also find it incredibly strange that this person waited so long to create and make this misleading, fraudulent, and untruthful post. If they really felt that strongly about the topic, why did they take so long to get their message out. To me, this delay seriously questions their credibility and authenticity. My prompt response to this person’s post speaks to my credibility and authenticity.

    – In addition, this person’s post reads at about an eight-grade reading level and is riddled with typos and grammatical errors. My favorite is this sentence: “It is suitable for you to look for an established and someone who is vastly experienced in the speaker training services.”
    In closing, I think it is quite telling that this person making the fraudulent post did/will not provide their name or the name of their organization. Needless to say, they hid behind the shadow of anonymity because they knew they weren’t telling the truth. I have revealed my full name and feelings because I am telling the truth. I am proud of my name, my reputation, and the impact I have had on my audiences.

    With great sincerity,

    Kevin Sheridan

  253. 1.25
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    I attended one of Kevin’s lectures at the Kellogg Graduate School of Business, which I am an alum, and found it extremely interesting and helpful. Kevin showed he had deep knowledge of his subject and no doubt he does based on the number of employee surveys with top companies he was involved with.

    At no time did I believe Kevin was anything but authentic. The guy is an expert in his field. There cannot be many equals at his level when it comes to surveying, analyzing
    and improving employee engagement.

    I read the review from the person who said they hired Kevin and thought he was a scammer. This strikes me as so odd and unusual that I can only think the writer must hold some sort of personal grudge or is trying to cover his/her behind for some sort of mistake they made (and won’t admit).

    Whatever the reason is, I would not hesitate to attend one of Kevin’s lectures again and would certainly hire him to help my company with employee engagement.

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  254. I did my best to get Simon Ourian to do fat transfer to treat my frown lines. He is all I could ask for, cause I knew he is very reliable. I absolutely love the result! The lines are gone!

  255. This whole company is a huge scam dont even think of investing.

  256. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I have seen many comments which says Qnet is a scam. What I understood is this is why Indians unemployable educated… They don’t understand who the business works in Qnet… If Qnet is fraudulent, it can’t be survived for more than 23years… Some culprits commit mistakes and finally company name will come to the screen.. even after supreme Court verdict on Qnet’s legality was declared as it is one of the genuine company in the world.. Guys if you don’t understand about the business name model sit back and relax at home… This business is not for you! Morons wants to become rich in one day…. Which is impossible in life unless if you do illegal or unethical business… In Qnet you can’t get rich soon but you will get rich sure…

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  257. The new “dog whistle”. calling people racists. As a white guy, the only racists i know, are black people who blame white people for everything.
    Just review the material and stop trying to make political statements.
    And for the love of God, learn how to properly form a coherent thought into a correct sentence.

  258. Its a waste of time. Zero results.

  259. 1.25
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Manulator and lyes about achievements. Money machine no true care only for his own image.

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  260. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    depending on the time consultation takes place, at times placing an actual pre-set price is difficult. I’ve noticed many fees on the website there, and just like any industry, you have to know about getting into that company or line of products before you get into it. Otherwise with some purchases we make we’re satisfied even before we never heard of it before.

    I’ll give one star only because it is required, and I’ll give the actual star for at least writing a lengthy article.

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  261. I have been an investor at Gulf, I find it perfectly fine being with this broker.

    If you are stupid enough to invest in stocks without any knowledge, being fooled by people who assist you in trading, then you are on your own, you are uncurable stupid, you lose your money and don’t blame anyone. You have a talented DJ with you but without a good singing voice, you are just a dork, not even close to a amateur singer.

  262. What a sad state our world is in??
    We literally have people falling for a Wesley Virgin scam every day!!
    These people should be thrown in jail for running these scams. He thinks he’s really smart. We
    have sleazy marketers like Wesley billion dollar Virgin who make millions by fooling others and
    then claim to ‘teach’ others how to make those millions then repeat. This is a cycle I’ve seen
    everywhere on the internet. I bet he’s scammed hundreds of people with his ‘flashy cars and
    stupid ads.

  263. Reply
    Please help the victims January 10, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Thank you for writing this Wesley Virgin review. I had seen his ad a couple of times and I was
    wondering if the guy is legit or not. It’s sad that we have people running such malicious scams
    online in this day and age. Even his product’s name “Overnight millionaire” sounds like a scam. I
    can’t thank you enough for saving my money 🙂

  264. Please be careful and do your due diligence before you buy anything, and don’t get caught with your pants down by wasting your hard earned money on products that don’t contain any real value and waste your time.

    ” If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck “

  265. My Girlfriend also bought the course. We found him through Stefan James, which Dan did some videos with. At first it sounded promising. But say you can earn a lot of money in a short time should always be alarming. In the course they brainwash the crap out of people. They want you to watch one hour of Dan’s videos a day. When the course is finished, they want you to sign up to the inner circle which is 2k plus 100-200$ a month or so. When buying the inner circle you can also attend the Closers in Black event. There they sell the High ticket millionaire for god knows how much. Alsways saying, just buy the next step and then you will earn money and get rich. They even illustrated Dans following as a circle. With him in the center, then htm, then inner circle, then the course members and then social media. Basically it is a pyramid scheme and they even admit to that, buy painting it like a circle. It’s so sad that he is abusing the trust and hopes of people. Don’t buy anything Dan sales. You won’t make money with him and they will always say it is your fault. Fuck you Dan, piece of scamback shit. You should really be ashamed.

  266. I came into the federal way office with an idea and talked to Jim Foldger. He told me all of the services they offer and made me feel comfortable with giving my idea. I have the best drawing of my idea and every single detail written in my notebook, they made copies of it and signed a contract to keep my idea a secret. They took over a month to make the book. I thought they were trying to help me sell my idea to people and investors and help me get a manufacturing company but when I read the book I got, I cried. They completely waisted my time and money. They fooled me to think they were good people but in the end just told me the real fee is 13, 600 for the rest of the work that he told me about on the first day but never mentioned that part. Only told me I had to pay 760 for the whole service, and let me tell you. It was written by a child in high school. It had nothing to do with my product or have the copy of the picture I drew. Which is the main point of even making a book. To SHOW what I want them to make and invest in. Jim Folgers also informed me he was a pastor before and I told him I was born Muslim and I feel like he thinks I”m stupid because I am not from this country. This company needs to be closed down.

  267. I had an idea and the man I talked with told me I didn”t need a patent pending for my idea. He told me I needed 1500 dollars. I told him I didn”t have that kind of money. He told mme if I could get 7oo hundred in 3 months we could start the process. I am legal blind so there was no way I could come up with it. My idea was to put zip locks on dog food bags. A couple months later I go to buy dog food and it has zip lock on the bag.

  268. Runs a pyramid scheme. Preys on people that work hard for their money and extracts thousands of dollars from them. It’s illegal because he portrays his courses as something but shows something else. Should be arrested and investigated for fraudulent activity before he takes all his illegally gained money and runs.

  269. I bought it the 1st time & then went back a 2nd time the guy got so pushy & mad because I didn”t have the funds to buy the premier package & I asked about just patenting then he told me about financing but I had to come up with 3 grand and again I couldn”t do it the man stop returning my calls… Ok so now I contact a law firm who just does the patent part I send them all my inventhelp stuff books and all he emails me links to show me where I have been lied too the thing I wanted to patent was already on the market in the same form and their lawyer had told me it was not in his written report Now I get a call from someone in corporate asking me what the issues was wanting me to take my complaint down promising to send me 400 dollars for the lawyer fees (but it was not even covering the cost of the lawyers fee) I was in agreement to remove the comment consider it addressed but then I read the form she wanted signed The form voided the original agreement and made my invention even thought not original and my 1st one under no contract of confidentially… I exempted me from any legal proceeding in future… So I wrote back saying that in it current form I could not sign she never responded

  270. 1.25
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    They do have a valid address, email and telephone number

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  271. Reply
    Wesley is a scammer January 20, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    I watched his video on youtube and saw that you can make money online by posting google pics and of someone clicks on it you get paid….lies. When I clicked on the link I was immediately redirected to a youtube done for you service program. I thought this was kind of weird because its not what I wanted and it had nothing or little to do with posting pics and making money online but thought maybe this is what I have to do first in order to do this. Welp…I was wrong. Dont bother calling the customer service line because you’d be lucky to get someone online. I got in contact with just 3 affiliates of his and all told me I’d get my money back but nothing was ever done. I guess they’re waiting till time past 60 days and then you cant get your money back. I even saved and screenshot the return policy but yet I was told I cant get my refund even though I was told I can even before the 60 days are up. This is why I think all of us should build a class action lawsuit against him and his company. I will ne making a youtube video exposing him. Thats why I am so glad someone on youtube has sent me this link because this blog has put EVERYTHING into perspective and im very grateful for that. I will make videos one after another so that his so-called “good” review’s can be dumbed down and more and more people will know the truth as well save them the heartache. In times of this covid-19 crisis he actually does not feel ashamed to express his greed and disregards how people’s lives are at a brim just trying to survive and stay alive. We have families to feed but yet I sacrificed my last few dollars trying to make more. What a mistake and this I can say is my worst purchase ever. A scammer never gets too far. I wouldn’t hurt anyone ever but I wouldn’t even feel sorry for that virgin if someone had killed that man because he messed up alot of lives. Just sayin. 🤷

  272. 0.85
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    Live your dreams by Les Brown is nothing special to read. Wasted my time on kindle.
    It sounds like generic horoscope where something will ever hit you.
    Surround yourself with positive people, have goals, don’t get down when things don’t work out, etc. We’ve all heard/read it before. There is absolutely nothing about the book that stands out

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  273. A long time ago (1989) a young man with a silly idea sent in for the Inventhelp innovation packet and submitted his idea of the toothpick floss, and you guessed it never heard back again. A few years later there it is in major stores, coincidence i think not. someone out there has to know something about what this crooked company is doing to people, make it right and report them…. I went under the the name John Doe … know why……

  274. Hello everyone, I am a programmer, with an income of over 30 million a month, I do not know why they get my phone number, their employees race to call and almost force me to pay money and invest with them on top of that, committing to 30% interest per day. You know it is scary that in Egypt there were many of their victims and now they have come to Vietnam, everyone please take care of yourself. This is a “financial trading company” named GulfBrokers who are looking for money in Egypt recently to invest in Forex. But they didn’t say it at first. They called “potential customers” and told him that there is going to be an IPO for company X and if you book our seats with us now, you will make a lot of money, it’s simple. And they can give you a reward as well. So I asked about the company and its profile and learned that their basic transactions were Forex, but they have started working in stocks and stocks recently, so I have understand that it is okay. And I transferred the money. Phishing Gulfbrokers are tested ( gulf scam brokers ) They then assign you a broker who is considered your “professional adviser” to tell you what opportunities in the current market and how you can benefit from it. Until now everything is fine. Then the broker told you that the IPO still has some time to reach the market so we can use this time to make more money. And start convincing you that Forex is as safe as any other market, and the day that goes by without making money is losing money. gulf scammer brokers After a while, another IPO appears on the horizon and you have to participate. This is huge, a lot bigger than the first (not happening) and you have to participate. This time you should place a much larger quantity. When he told me how much I needed to take into account, I told him that was all I had. That’s really all the money I have, ever. So he told me it was a certainty, and for me to feel safe, the company would give me a 20% bonus on the money transfer to cover any potential losses. that’s not possible) and unfortunately I believe, and I transferred all the money I had. But again, the IPO is not yet on the market, so we will wait. And while we are waiting, we can earn some money. Therefore, Forex transactions continue, but because you now have a larger equity, so the transactions may be larger. But the broker guarantees you will never lose a dollar, your money is safe no matter what happens. He never closed a losing trade. However, every transaction he tells you to open, must be negative for a long time, before it makes a profit. But every time he tells you it’s normal, and he will never put your money at risk. And then trading will eat your money off, for me it’s oil. He told me this news he made the price fall, and we opened the trade, and of course it opened with a negative, but again, that was normal, I was not at risk. Then suddenly the negative gets bigger and when you call to ask what the problem is, he tells you it’s just a matter of time, but it has to go down again. But it no. And finally when he couldn’t help himself, he told me that I needed to put more money in my account to save what I ordered. That is his genius solution. To put a fortune to save my fortune. But the thing is, this is all I have. So he offered to withdraw from my credit card, or maybe a loan. But all this did not solve the problem I encountered. After two days, he called me and told me that the situation was very bad and I had to put more money, again. He does not believe that I am no more. So in the end, he said, “How do you put all your money in one place, you have to be careful !!!!!!!!”. And the next day, the account is closed, you lose all your money. No more. And you cannot do anything. That is your mistake. You put all your money in one place. And the reward, supposed to pay me in case I lost any money, suddenly became the company’s money and they had the right to withdraw anytime they wanted. So they did. Gulfbrokers scam gulf warning brokers scam! I’m not saying here that the company is a fraud or nobody is making money from these transactions, but the Egyptian operations branch is just a group of liars, incompetent people, will lose everything Your money and then not answer your call. So I just don’t want anyone with the experience I have. Please, do not give your money to this company. I lost every penny I had, so don’t do that.

  275. Arise Virtual solutions is a total rip off company! I spent my time and money on this opportunity, after 4months I was or should I say my statement of work was terminated for unprofessional business practices. Hanging up on customers which was a lie! Anyone who works for them knows they control the systems and how many problems the systems have. I tried explaining that and had been with technical support about those exact issues, to no avail, but this is the real problem my money that owed to me was not paid and it’s a day after they invoice, I worked and I want and need my money, I will contact an attorney since they don’t answer any calls .

  276. Great personality wonderful staff Bad surgeon. He changed my total face structure. I had to have a chin replacement removed tons of scare tissue from my cheeks. Five well known Beverly Hills surgeons had no idea what kind of Plane Surgery he did when they meet with me. Just had a facelift with a revision specialist and he gave me my original looks back. I am overjoyed with the results. And lucky he took this case on. My friends and family all said Dr. Jason Diamond gave me the worst face lift they had ever seen.

  277. By far the dirtiest scheme I’ve seen around! After doing some digging, I saw SO MANY people who went through the same experience. The damn IRS even said they are not to be trusted! They have gotten so many calls from this place and so many hard working Americans lost their hard earn money to this type of low schemes its unbelievable.

  278. I apologize for my response…it was clearly a miscommunication. I

  279. I had a very similar experience with them. They lead me to believe everything was being done for the longest time. It took me a year to find out that they weren’t doing anything and when I got a notice in the mail from the IRS I owed so much money! It’s crazy to believe there are people like this in the world.

  280. I am shocked. I completed the online assessment and was told I did not meet the minimum requires for Arise. I am a paralegal with a law firm and have been so for 25 years. I speak with court officials, judges and attorneys EVERYDAY. However, I did not meet their “minimum requirements.” Well I guess I am so far up the ladder and have been there for so long that I just don’t know how to get back down to basics. Not impressed with this company.

  281. I decided to write about this company, to give the reviews a more recent experience and more up to date. I usually dont fall for scams, but I fell for this one. And believe me I am HIGHLY upset. I was skeptical about this company from the beginning because I kept thinking who pays for a job and who pays for training? Training is suppose to pay you, and a job is suppose to pay you. But after noticing major companies listed on arise, I thought to myself, ok, major companies would not risk their brands, so I gave in and took the bait But before training could even start I kept thinking about, all the fees to start up, internet, phone, computer, I was like is this even worth it with the pay being 9.50 an hour and then to pay a monthly fee to arise. Before I even begin my detailed nightmare, let me say don’t even bother to WASTE your money most of all your time with this company unless you dont mind loosing money or time. So the break down is you will pay your class training, than you will start your training, they will send an email when you have started class, they will than give you a codes and a fake name you must use while servicing. After that, you will attend class 5days a week, 4 hrs a day, and pretty much listen to your teacher talk. Throughout that you will have homework assignments which are a bunch of power point slides, than you will have 4 assessments, they pretty much give you the answers so youre guaranteed to pass. Lastly you will have your mock call, which everyone passes. they will set up your Avaya, on your computer, which is how you will receive calls. They tell you to get a phone line but you never use it. They tell you to get a phone, but you never use it, you will only use your headset. Now Im assuming depending on what kind of teacher you get, class will feel draining. My teacher was terrible. You wasnt allowed to come 5 mins late, she would call you out, if you left your computer for a sec, she would embarrass but what got me was the bathroom, you were only allowed to use the bathroom on break, which is a 10-15 min break each day. Lord forbid you need to pee after break and she calls your name to get on your mic I will say this teacher name in the hopes if you do get her. DROP the class! change your class, do whatever it takes but in my opinion dont even join arise! KA is her name. So here is where things got interesting. After passing all the assessments, passed the mock calls, passed/completed homework, and came to class on time, never missed any days, the day that is expected to be certified, I receive an email, your certification has been withdrawn. No explanation nothing. Of course I first reach out to the teacher, interestingly NO RESPONSE. The teacher is very responsive throughout the course, but all of sudden goes ghost. I contact arise support, all they can say is that the teacher has failed me from the course. What bothers me is that they make you feel like you’re about to get a job when the truth is, they may only pass a very few, because that many isnt needed anyways. Which makes sense. I remember in a field trip session, there were 80 students, and I kept sayin 80! thats a lot of people to be hired for one company. I know that many isnt needed. They will play with your mind and say youre doing good, you will pass and etc. When its all fake and lies. The fact that my teacher never responded to my numerous emails, and no one can explain why I didnt get certified even with perfect scores, and attendance speaks volumes. The warning signs are there. The fact that you pay for the training, the fact that you pay monthly fees, the fact that its so easy to get in, and the fact that SO many people join the class, like what company would need that many workers, unless it was a company that was just created and fresh and needed to hire as many people. Im curious to know about the companies that work through arise the disney, comcast, Intuit, what do they have to say because this looks bad on their reputations as well. I did noticed in my arise that Carnival and Comcast were the main constant ones having classes and consistently looking for people. Thats a red flag there, like why are they always looking for people to sign up. This is bad for the companies very bad, because now I dont look at comcast or disney the same. I want my time back! I want my money back and all the frustration. but if this can help someone and prevent someone else from wasting their money and time I am grateful for that. Bottom line DONT TRUST this company. If anything dont even waste your time. You should never have to pay for job let alone pay for training. Run from arise, as far as you can.

  282. Dorron Shapow needs a new pair of glasses, or better comprehensive skills to understand who is being racist here. Us, a bunch of Black and Brown guys, or Mr. White Shapow or Mr. “My-Ancestors-owned-Slaves” Pollard?

  283. Les Brown Caters to Everyone without having a firm conviction on anything especially religion. He once said he prayed to Allah, Buddha and Jesus. I returned his audio books. I’m grateful that I didn’t waste money on his seminars. I’ll just listen to his free stuff if at all.

  284. 0.5
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    This is the owner of this site a racist here is his words.
    Don’t remove it that’s fine your dealing with an internet expert I have my own ways on addition to a lawsuit.

    “Yes, of course you are. Pool little us black guys, always waiting for the white master to teach us how to live our lives.”
    Nikolas the owner of

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  285. Before I contracted with Arise I was with another “well respected” WAH provider. The training was a compression of about 2 months of information into 6 days. I have no idea how anyone could keep up. There were precious few (2) opportunities for extra help… “just keep doing the practice sessions… you’ll get it.” Well I didn’t get it. They were patient up to a point but with the antiquated computer system, too much information, no support, and the required extra training I was terminated. Now I see Arise who, once they got my contact information pursued me with emails phone calls, discounts on fees. Finally when a client came up that looked reasonable I took the bait and signed up. Everything changed once my payment cleared. Instructions on how to set up for my course NEVER worked and those friendly people all sent me to the live support group or just ignored my request for help. I tried live support however after several 1 hour waits I gave up. My time is important as well. Once I did get a tech who took over my desktop… did a few things and explained to me that I needed to finish up with the instruction that he pointed out. Now I’m one who can follow instructions but these just plain did not work. Actually at one point my case on the resolution center disappeared! Now they are all resolved (to their standards (telling me to go to live support) but I’ve followed the instructions many times and cannot make things work as they say they should. Arise is a “My way or the highway” operation and I would not recommend them even from my personal experience, let alone the things I’ve read here. There must be an opportunity that treats it’s contractors with respect and is willing to give help when asked. BTW I once found a blog where people talked openly about their WAH experiences.. who is good, and who is not. Does anyone have that web address? I must work from home but will certainly trade big $$ for a fair and respectful affiliation.

  286. I had an idea of a flexible eyeglass frame that would adjust to any size lens…I was told that they”re research found nothing like it in the market and had a great opportunity to make lots of money . ..I dished out about 20, 000 dollars and received a terrible video of how the invention would work . ..I received a letter about every other 6 months on how they submitted my idea to companies and had to wait for the companies to respond . ..I had the feeling nothing was being done and got taken for a ride…

  287. By all means sudeep kumar, how is your business growing? Are you satisfied looting more and more people or there is still some scope. Dont give your shit here endorsing MLM here.. you guys become rich by extorting money from down lines and once they are in trap they have to set a trap for someone as there is no other option. Is this your business model??? Have you ever seen legitimate business models in your life you moron…

  288. 1.35
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I had bought Wesley’s Overnight Millionaire some weeks ago. And I can say with 100%
    the certainty that his product is a sham.
    The guy is stealing from people. I was shocked to see so many positive reviews of such a
    horrible product online. Now I know why that’s happening. Wesley is paying people off to
    promote his product through lies. I really wish that I had read your article before.

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  289. Very evident this pudgy, cherub-faced eunuch, is quite the bullshit scam artist. His kung fu videos are amusing too.

  290. Its been so long that I am feeling less eager to speak for what happened to me. Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. So, I realized that this is not the right way to hiding in the room. I have a thunder of thoughts in my mind but don’t know where to start. I met Dr. Jason B. Diamond, M.D, F.A.C.S for my ear plastic surgery after one of my friends gave me a suggestion to meet him. What he did his work was very high associated with other doctors and friends I had spoken with, but I felt he would do the best job. I had a critical injury on my left ear. So, I needed plastic surgery. Money was not a matter at all because I just wanted to be cured at any cost. I thought it would be great but what happened back gave scars on my face as well as in my life. But Dr. Diamond started listing that everything is wrong with my face. He said that i have Nasal Septum Deviation but deep inside I knew there is something wrong with him. Somehow I agreed to take cure of nose too. This guy killed me inside. I have lost my confidence. I have not expected Swimmer’s ear. The shape of my ear was disturbed. I don’t have an improvement in listening and even turn my neck. A big bump was there on my left cheek that was increasing continuously. I was scared as hell because when I see people having scars feeling inappropriate. I have spent $5000 on this disgusting thing which is not worth at all. The scares were very creepy, red and noticeable. There was nothing I can do with that mark on my face and the bump on my ear. Dr. Diamond could never explain what situation he created. I was totally horrified. I was so afraid to go outside because of people whisper in each other ear every time when they see me and that hurt too much. I’ve spent a lot of my individual time and wealth seeking to remove the scar myself after Dr. Diamond unsuccessfully had a woman try to hide it with changeless makeup. Dr. Diamond and his staff were very nice people before my treatment. But they changed my thought completely. Their behavior was not professional. In the next session, he gave me a suggestion to take consulting from another surgeon. I was shocked and came back to my room and cried. There is nothing left in my life. First I have lost a lot of money and time just to hide those scars and then after I was trying to hide. I left my job because of a lack of confidence. It felt quite embarrassing whenever my friends come home to meet me.

  291. 0.75
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Tim is a fraud. Please hear this! Speaking does not make you an expert. If you can skim through all of the distracting fluff on his profile on LinkedIn you can see he has no real experience and no work experience to make him a leader on the future of work.

    It saddens me for someone to be bamboozling so many people with false advertising. Please take a closer look. There is no substance there and he should adopt humility, have real life experience, and then try and share lessons with the world. Not pole vault from student to industry leader.

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  292. I know for a fact that invent help deliberate and intentionally hid fees, charges and amounts of investments with malice intents. I specifically ask purposeful questions with the sole intents of being informed, protecting myself etc. In retrospect its become clearer that the vague answers were for the sole purpose of denying me benefits while maliciously gaining themselves by their. experienced-well put together foul-play SCAM.

  293. Scammed. Never shown proof only sends letters saying they sent out a press release. God I pray they can give me something but it is nothing. Do not listen to anything the internet tells you or TV commercial about this company being any good. Just professional scam artist who will milk you out of thousands of dollars I wish some one would report this company to FBI if the US government cared. They do not have any proof of reviews about your product or let you contact the companies they listed your idea too. It is a scam.

  294. Dan Lok has a tremendous amount of free content and when I look for scams in any type of internet offers, I look to see if the person is transparent or hiding behind a fake name. I have watched quite a bit of Dan’s content and he offers all of his philosophies for free in these videos. When I look at investing in a course, I find the best way to evaluate it is to speak with a recent graduates of the course to get their opinion. I would get the opinion of several graduates and make your own determination. At the end of the day, it is not the content of the course that makes you successful, it is YOU. YOU end up applying the course and YOU have to do the work. In one of Dan’s videos he said that he stopped platform selling because over 90% of the people that bought his materials NEVER EVEN OPENED them. Only about 3-5% of people that take these courses put the material to work and become successful. Less than 5% of people make over $100K, so it simply shows people are people and that percentage is not changed by the course. I personally like Dan and his teachings, but he is not everybody’s cup of tea and he even tells people that in his videos. If you are successful, you will attract many followers, but also many critics.

  295. Check your copy. You’re not the only one who looks like a numbnuts. DAN Lok is a scammer. But DON Lok? Yikes. Way to write a hit piece and make yourself look like a dipshit.

    Cheer, mate.

  296. Dan Lok isn’t the only scammer we need to be worried about. There are new scams that basically take the hype of crypto and use it to take advantage of people.

    Mogul Productions is a horrible scam being operated by an Indian scammer Gagan Grewal. Be careful, and avoid it!

  297. It’s appalling how this kind of scam is taking place. I find it hard to believe that there would be
    any legal action taken against this Wesley Virgin scam. But I want to thank whoever wrote this
    amazing piece of work, you saved many people from getting involved in the scam. I do
    understand that his Overnight Millionaire program costs only $37, but it is totally unethical to
    post fake reviews everywhere and try to hide the real reviews from the internet.

  298. Please be careful of all these people. watch youtube videos of how qnet people cheat and trap innocent peoples money using trust, friendship and relationships.

    these are some of the people who work for qnet. Be careful if you are dealing with them.. s

    1. Vaishali gore (Also dubai)
    2. Vishal mast
    3. Pratik parmar
    4. Kaustubh moghe
    5. Praveen shettigar
    6. V c gautam
    7. Cs mallika ladi (Sap)
    8. Yogesh jangam
    9. Rupesh bamne
    10. Jyoti parmar
    11. Tejashree singh
    12. Swati suman singh
    13. Ravi kumar chaurasiya
    14. Sheela mary
    15. Manika bhardwaj
    16. Sagar metkari
    17. Sarika metkari
    18. Prasad jadhav
    19. Rakhi jadhav
    20. Rohan naik
    21. Reema kulkarni
    22. Vijay naik
    23. Gitesh kulkarni
    24. Manju deshmukh
    25. Preeti wahalkar
    26. Anita naik

    1. Dikshit prashar

    1. Pallavi rm (Dodda balapur)
    2. Lalitha
    3. Ravi
    4. Chakra
    5. Abhishek sajwan
    6. Amarjeet singh
    7. Thiruvengadam
    8. Koushik r k
    9. Pavithra krishna
    10. Seena kothari
    11. Mukesh
    12. Deepika ca
    13. Dinesh
    14. Karthik
    15. Athik
    16. Srinivas
    17. Naganad

    1. Amit singh naruka
    2. Sapna singh
    3. Ravi jaangid
    4. Himanshu verma
    5. Praveen
    6. Pradhuman
    7. Aayushi sharma
    8. Dinesh singh

    1. Sameer deshmukh
    2. Natasha khandve tumkar
    3. Darshan patil
    4. Chandni rajchandani
    5. Nishikant dhumaal
    6. Akhil akhate
    7. Jigar vora
    8. Amol shinde
    9. Mohan ambarnath shelke
    10. Mahesh ambarnath shelke
    11. Sanketh kothari
    12. Ca prateek aggarwal (Pune
    13. Ca riya maheshwari (Pune)
    14. Nitin garg (Pune/gurugram)
    15. Vividha parab (Pune)
    16. Mayank bharti
    17. Prachi singh (Pune)
    18. Vipul aggarwal
    19. Nicki rathore (Pune)
    20. Ca shaunk atre
    21. Ishan atre
    22. Kiran andre
    23 prakash supekar
    24. Abhiram kidey

    1. Devashish kotnala
    2. Saheel karla
    3. Priya mungayi
    4. Vidya bhushan dewangan
    5. Divya thukral sethi
    6. Rocky bhatia
    7. Akash bhatia
    8. Saurabh sethi
    9. Praneshwar prasad – husband
    10. Kriti jaiswal – wife
    11. Prateek jaiswal – brother
    12. Kartik jaiswal – brother
    13. Prashant jaiwal – cousin
    14. Trisha dey
    15. Mohit kaushik
    16. Rajiv kanaujia
    17. Priya mumgayi
    18. Nikita sethi
    19. Arpit nigam
    20. Mohit kaushik
    21. Nikita seth
    22. Alpana mishra
    23. Neel singh
    24. Rajiv kanaujiya
    25. Uday singh
    26. Tufan singh
    27. Amit chaudhary
    28. Gaurav singh
    29. Mukesh bharti
    30. Archana rathi
    31. Sumit rathi
    32. Sumit wadhwa
    33. Minakshi bharti
    34. Sanjay solomon
    35. Mariam solomon (Bala)
    36. Mohit bhardwaj
    37. Supriya
    38. Satya vati (Delhi police)
    39. Sunil kumar (Delhi police)
    40. Rinku (Delhi police)
    41. Shasi kant
    42. Dilshad
    43. Seema shekhawat
    44. Shardul shekhawat
    45. Sanjay prajapati

    1. Avnee pandey

    1. Suriya
    2. Ryan
    3. Charles

    1. Rajesh nawale
    2. Manjiri nawale
    3. Poonam raut
    4. Deepak urkude

    1. Sourav mukherjee
    2. Amitav kar (Projected very successful)
    3. Esha chakrobartty
    4. Niladri chakrobartty
    5. Titli basu

    1. Ritika singla gupta (Chandigarh)
    2. Puneet bansal (Chandigarh)
    3. Rajeev sikka (Kuwait)
    4. Ca sachin garg (Gurugram)
    5. Adv jyoti baudaria
    6. Swati garg
    7. Sanketh kothari
    8. Urvashi shah
    9. Bibhu prasad
    10. Arpit nigam

  299. 1.1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Running one of the biggest scams on the internet!

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  300. Do not trust these guys!! Blue Tax inc preys on people who do not know how to deal with their own taxes and lie straight to your face! They promise to take care of things and they just steal your money. What kind of a company tells you that you cannot contact the IRS directly? That makes no sense whatsoever! These people are THIEVES.

  301. 0.85
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Arise is one tricky place. I serviced AT&T and Carnival. First AT&T KCA which was a disaster in of itself and then Carnival which was actually ok to work for. But the end result will always be the same, you will be removed and forced to purchase more training or do another client. What they are basically doing is getting people to pay for classes/training, the person passes and then contracts for client. However, they set their metrics too high and often you are unable to meet the metrics because either Arise or the client’s system habitually fail, you are forced to call other departments with wait times that are out of control or other reasons that are out of your control. Believe me when I tell you this, you can do everything perfect for a while but at some point they will remove you so as to make room for the next batch of people. After a bit, they will find a reason to remove that person who can then re-train (after paying more money) or do new training (paying more money) for another client. Then they will find a reason to remove you. Its a rinse and repeat thing. The bottom line, they keep getting a fresh influx of people to take their “training classes” making a good amount of money in the process (not to mention taking a percentage out of your paycheck providing they even pay you what you worked or earned) Also note, they will remove you without reason or warning and without even a message or email as to why. Extremely unprofessional and highly suspicious. The BBB or another government agency should really look into them (again)

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  302. At the age of 66, I opted to have cosmetic surgery in January 2017. I am currently 3 years post-op. The procedures I had were performed at Coral Gables Cosmetic Center by Dr. L______.
    My reason for having this done was for the health benefit, having had gastric bypass 7 years early.
    I am trying to refrain from releasing a diatribe on Dr. L_______ or Coral Gables Cosmetic Center.
    The individual that processed my initial free evaluation was very mendacious. First, she advised me that due to my age I would have to be hospitalized for the procedures. I understood that and felt very comfortable when she explained that I would receive at least 23 hours of post-op care at Westchester hospital. She also informed me the total cost for this was $14,500 instead of the special for the mommy makeover. Also, because I was receiving GEL implants, I was paying additional. Second, she questioned my means for payment. I informed her that I hadn’t made up my mind, be it savings, check, sell a stock, or credit card. She offered to have their financial person speak with me regarding their interest-free credit card. Before doing so I had to sign papers stating I wanted the procedure done and the scheduled date. I asked if I had to lock in or was I able to cancel after the credit check etc. she informed me that yes this could be done. I ask her, if I don’t want to do this, you tear the paperwork up and no harm was done, correct? This is only to see if and how much I can qualify for on your credit card. She informed me yes. So, we proceeded to do just that.
    I saw doctor Loessin for the initial consultation. He seemed very shy and coy and barely said two words to me. I explained to him one of my concerns which was the pelvic area was he assured me that he would liposuction.
    I went back to the initial person C______. To inform her that I wasn’t certain about the procedure and I would like to cancel she informed me that I couldn’t. I asked for a manager she said she was one.
    I left the office, in tears when I got home. I sent emails to the main office manager who informed me that I would lose all of my money if I didn’t go through with it. Well, needless to say, I went through with it.
    I complained about the lump (fat) from the beginning. I was told to get ten lymphatic massages. I did, with no change. I was told it was fluid and would go away in a few months. After a few months I scheduled an appointment with Dr. L_______, when I got there, he was nowhere to be found, just the nurse. The nurse attempted to drain me. After a few more months, I attempted again to see Dr. L_____. Finally, I succeeded (after several tries to see Dr. L______ 30 days before my contract was up.
    My contact with him that day was a waste of time. He ordered an ultrasound of the abdomen. By the time I went through the testing my contract was up. His response was it was my fault I had gained weight since the procedure. Well, I hadn’t, I had actually lost. (Now, I know the reason the scales the girls used to weigh patients with were 7lbs lighter than they actually weighed).
    I am left with my right side larger than my left. I have a protrusion in my lower belly, which my personal doctor thought was scar tissue but after more testing found that Dr. L______ left visceral fat inside. The scars on my breast are still as large as when they were initially done. I have minimal feeling in my nipple area. My right breast nipple points up, my left points down, not dramatically. Due to my age, I can live with my current breast issues. However, if I was younger, I would be devastated. I have no feeling in my lower abdomen. I feel as if I had been put on a conveyer belt and sliced and diced. The level of the patients’ well-being from Dr. L_______ dropped dramatically as soon as the surgery was completed.
    Oh yes, the 23 hours of aftercare never happened. I remember seeing the anesthesiologist immediately after the surgery from a distance. I guess I blacked out after that. My husband said he put me in the car and brought me home. He said never again!
    Would I recommend Dr. L________? Absolutely not!
    Please if you have a problem file complaint with the state attorney’s office. When I filed mine, they had no other complaints against him, and I was told they look for a pattern. Well, the pattern is there, they sell unethically, tell you, you will receive all kinds of service, don’t explain that once the surgery is done you are pretty much on your own, and seeing the doctor after surgery is almost impossible and when you are allowed to see him your contract is at its end. I think this is all intentional and really needs to be investigated. Dr. L______ needs more than a slap on the wrist this time.


  303. I was having some problems with the IRS regarding my taxes and decided to hire Blue Tax for help. They promised to take care of everything and I would not need to worry. They said they would contact IRS and get the amount I owed lowered and not get charged for penalties or late fees. In fact, I was instructed not to get in direct contact with IRS myself. Blue Tax called me and let me know how much I would need to pay and I was pretty impressed with how much they had lowered the payment to. I made the payment to them and waited to hear back. A lot of time passed and I got no notice from them. In my head I figured it’s because everything was ok and paid for. I decided to give them a call just to be safe. I was told over the phone and never through email or writing that everything had been taken care of.

    A year goes by and I get a notice from the IRS for an audit. So I decided to reach out to them directly only to find the debt I had with them initially had now grown significantly due to high interest and penalties. I find out Blue Tax never had ANY direct contact with the IRS They let me know I should have never given Blue Tax any money and that these people had scammed me. After all of this, when trying to contact them, I was told that they would see what had happened and CHARGED ME TO FIX IT. They told me the money I had already paid, I would not get back and that it was my fault all of this happened.

    After being put through all of this, I had to spend a lot of money and time to hire another company to take care of this and try to renegotiate my debt. Time and time again after all these years and trying to contact them I would always get hung up on. Every time a “manager” was supposed to be on the line, until finally the company just vanished. The number on the website that I had always contacted was disconnected and I guess it closed. How can they close a company owing people money? Blue tax is a total FRAUD.

  304. 0.85
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I requested Blue Tax to represent me in dealing with the IRS. I sent them $ 3, 000 and they were able to stop the garnishments but well after they promised. After the garnishments stopped they ignored all my contacts for over a month. I called several times to talk to them and all I received was the constant changes in my case manager. Changed every time just so they could avoid me. After months of trying to get them to submit information to the IRS they dropped the ball on everything. They never filed any of my information on back taxes. At one point they told me the guy that was taking charge of my account was just a secretary and not an attorney. I couldn’t believe it. Different departments called me and said I wasn’t cooperating with them and of course I had every attempt I made recorded and they said they would get back to me. Well they obviously dropped the ball on everything because they ended up sending me a letter saying they were done representing me. I have all the info against them and will not stop until I am reimbursed one way or another!

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  305. None of these reviews are accurate, I have personally worked with Tristen and had a great experience.

  306. Going to any of his sites, half the links don’t work. They are clearly made on If you look up any type of analytics for his websites, he gets a handful of views a week. Clearly he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he makes websites with freely available website makers posting fake social proof, and asks for a boatload of money for his “service”.

  307. The commentary here is one sided and seemingly bigoted. Les Brown has accomplished success in a career that existed long before he started. To discredit him on the selling of “motivation”, would also have to include Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and every US president that ever lived! Motivation is a part of success and the human need to feel inspired to action. That’s why people in the US actually think they are in a democracy. We are motivated by the ideas these politicians and public figures retort. The constant spewing of change, making America great again, being united, blah blah. Motivation. It’s what makes nuts go out to polls to intimidate their fellow citizens. They are motivated to action by the very energy of that narcissistic blowhard in office! Motivation has the ability to work for either good or evil. We are all in this game to live quality lives and make money. Les Brown gaining wealth is a part of what success is! Stop the racist tactics and discrediting a Black man for winning at his game.

  308. I wanted to invest 100K in gold so I took the previous poster’s advice and called Birch Gold and sat through their sales pitch (which was really just exaggerated doomsday news) and I noticed how they were deliberately talking me into investment grade or private gold. What they mean is collectible. So I made him do his whole pitch and wrote down exactly what he was offering and his price. Much to his dismay, I told him I would call him back. I went to and found the exact same coins for 30% less. LESS ! By far. I confronted them on this and he told me some BS about buyback and then dropped the price but I’m not falling for it. All these gold companies are rip offs that try to sell you high mark up collectible gold coins.

  309. 0.75
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    As someone actually working for a real marketing agency when you hear of the promises Tristen makes, its not so much that theyre outlandish its that he doesnt have the qualifications to make them. Can he use SQL to run queries? Can he set up even basic pivot tables in excel to measure data? Does he blindly trust the metrics from Facebooks platform? There are so many things that he speaks about without any sort of actual understanding, so many half-truths, and lies of success. Please look into hiring an actual agency before considering hiring Tristen to do work for you. His agency has four employees on LinkedIn including himself. While I have more of a familiarity with national and large brands, an actual agency will at most assign one paid media specialist five or so clients depending on size. Tristen claims to work with 100 restaurants and its shocking how little experience his employees have. One is a freshman at the University of Washington. The other two dont seem to have experience in marketing before Tristen according to their LinkedIn profiles.

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  310. Get-rich-quick marketing scam run by a child. Avoid at all cost.

  311. 0.75
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I had a very unusual experience with Dr. Scott Jatos Loessin. I had bariatric surgery done a couple of years ago, and even maintaining the pounds off, I still had a lot of skin that needed to be removed. While doing my research I found Dr. Scott and decided to reach out for a quote. Since I live in a different state, I had to fly in and find accommodations as well. On his website they offer special deals for out of state patients and at the time it seemed as everything was going as planned.

    I was given a date to come in and was told to get my blood work done and have the results sent into the office before the surgery. Normal procedure. I did everything as was asked of me. I called the office to make sure they got the results and everything was ready to go. I was told everything was ok and we had the green light for the procedure. I travelled 2 1/2 hours by plane with my sister who would help take care of me after surgery and to my surprise when I showed up at the office on the day of the scheduled surgery, I was told that the surgery could not be preformed because my bloodwork came back as anemic. I was told by the office I would need to take vitamins and increase my levels before I could get the surgery done.

    What kind of an unprofessional office would make such a mistake? Have the person spend with traveling and accommodations only to find out the procedure couldn’t be done after telling me that it could??? I walked out of there furious! And decided that such an unprofessional place did not deserve my business and that I could not trust them to operate on me. I got the money back for the surgery, however, the money spent on traveling and accommodations were not refunded. Extremely disappointed in Dr. Scott James Loessin and his practice. Would not recommend to anyone out there. There are plenty of good surgeons around.

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  312. This guy constantly posted in restaurant marketing Facebook groups obviously looking to scam unsuspecting restaurant owners and other marketers.


    Literally the reason good marketers get a bad reputation…. again, STAY AWAY!

  313. I got two of his courses. HTC and 6 steps to 6 figures. Ofcourse I didn’t pay $5000 for them, I’m not that crazy. You can find his courses a lot cheaper if you do little research. I get them from here:

    Long story short. The courses don’t wort $5000! He has strong marketing team and he spending a lot money on ads so he can ask for premium price. Dan Lol courses a made with very low effort. I seen $20 courses and they look way more professional.

    The informations you can get from him are valuable, but nothing special. You can find them a lot cheaper and even free. He speaks more like motivation speaker and you don’t need to pay something $5000 so he can motivate you.

  314. Reply
    WILLIAM CLIVESANDER III March 10, 2021 at 12:36 pm

    As someone whose met Swish at several events and heard him speak I don’t think this is accurate at all. Swish has publicly acknowledged that he was blessed to be brought up in a decent household. When he brings up his speech impediment it’s not to suggest he suffered but more to suggest he did have setbacks but overcame them. I for one also think he sometimes talks a lot about himself but when you meet him he’s probably the most down to earth person you’ll meet. He didn’t talk about himself – he was always curious about what I did and what he could do to help me. I’ve spoken to his team members who all see him as a leader and I know he didn’t get to where he was through luck. He is always working and though I think that might come to bite him in the ass later on, it’s still indicative of his work ethic. I think you need to meet him and not just judge him on his online posts. I’ve also heard that he’s had some family issues recently that really affected him. Cut him some slack and stop spreading lies yourself.

  315. He manipulates a lot of Asian and other countries’ well known stories into his own and with all those discipline and hard work, creative thinking stories have made him a multi millionaire. Prior to his online teaching/webinar thing, I doubt he was truly rich. He says he made a lot of money from copy writing prior to becoming a YouTube star and copy writing just doesn’t make enough money like he claims to be. Companies who would pay big money for content writers would go to an actual marketing agency with solid reputation, not to someone who wears a shady suit with a oily hair with 0 credible background, it’s a common sense. He does say one right thing though, you need a “high income skill.” Most people achieve that high income skill via going to schools and years of training before making anything over 6 figure, not by taking few weeks of Dan Lok’s class.

  316. Honestly if you think about it you could say a cone is like a pyramid. And if you look at that cone from a top view what do you get? A circle. With Dan at the top.

  317. 1
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Thomas Quest Bar was involved in a law suit which said that he mis stated the accurate fiber, calories in it. The nutrition facts were not true as stated for the bars and was hurting the nutrition goal for the person consuming it.
    It was said to be very dangerous for Diabetic person as the source of Carbs were not clear and hence would result in spike in sugar.
    these protein bars are just a gimmick. Best option to get good protein and carb is from real food.

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  318. 0.75
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Reported Customer Experience

    I went to Dr. Jason Diamond, MD, for rhinoplasty in 2017. He has many positive online reviews and according to his website, he is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the region. Unfortunately, I trusted all this fake information. Dr. Jason is a vicious and heartless man who stops at nothing to get a few bucks. He doesn’t know how to operate nor does he know the basic manners of being a doctor. He misbehaved all the time when I went to see him for my treatment. He boasts a lot about his past achievements and thinks that his patients are morons who have no minds of their own.

    I think Dr. Jason should be sent to jail along with his staff. His negligence cost me over $80,000 and ruined my looks. I wanted a little modification made to my nose to enhance my looks. He did a horrendous job. I look horrible. I don’t think he should even be allowed to practice. He is a goon who should get suspended and sent to jail. I can’t even look myself in the mirror anymore. His negligence cost me my looks and a fortune.

    I went to him for a simple rhinoplasty. He took some images and then I paid him the advance of $75,000. After he did the operation, I paid him the rest of the sum ($6,000). He had told me to wait for a few months to get the best results. I didn’t get any better. In fact, he did nothing he was supposed to do. He did nothing except making my nose look worse. We had discussed the results through images and simulations but I guess he forgot everything when he did the surgery. I discussed the results with him and he said he isn’t responsible for anything.

    He simply shrugged it off like it didn’t matter. This is a person’s body we are talking about. I will have to get another rhinoplasty done just to get rid of the damages he has done to my face. I wish he will rot in hell. There is no better place for him. He is a disgusting human being. I asked for some reimbursement because clearly, he did a poor job. He said he wasn’t responsible for anything and this thing does happen in some cases. So what if it is a rare mistake? Shouldn’t the doctor at least show a bit of remorse and accept his wrongdoing?

    The least he could have done is apologize. I only demanded ‘some’ reimbursement because I know doctors don’t give full refunds. He not only ruined my looks but arrogantly denied his mistake.

    I would suggest anyone who wants a rhinoplasty done to go look elsewhere. Dr. Jason might ruin your face completely and take your money. He doesn’t know the basics of surgery and he dares to call himself a ‘world-class surgeon’. I hope my personal experience will help others in finding the right cosmetic surgeon for themselves. Go to any surgeon except Dr. Jason. Just like he took my $80,000 and made my nose a big mess, he might make a ‘rare’ mistake on your face too.

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  319. After deposits been made by me. I eventually told the company i need to make a withdrawal and they told me it would take at least two weeks to get my money back but it was all a lie. The Binary options broker named “IQ OPTION” were pushing me to make more deposit so that i would be able to make more massive gains.
    I invested the total sum of $265,000 and i made double of my initial deposit and i decided to make a withdrawal of my whole funds. The broker started telling me lies and i was forced to play along because i had no option. He even told me that if i was going to get my whole money that i would have to make approximate $20,000 to access the vat and government withdrawal fee from one country to another. He even said that after the payment would be made i would receive my receipt. It took me a while, but i was able to get the $20,000 and i did the transfer to him but after that he never answered my calls anymore and i felt so sad because i had no proof given to me. I was so confused and i did not know what to do and i started emailing the “IQ OPTION” and they eventually replied me saying that they had transferred my money to my bank account, I felt happy and i was given a reference number to take to the bank. I went to the bank and told them about the transfer and they said they had nothing like that in their data base. The bank said i should contact the people that sent the money to be sure. A few days later i called the broker and he said to me that the money was transferred that i should go back to the bank and complain because the fault is from them. I even asked for a copy of the wire transfer as a proof to take to the bank and he got so angry and never replied me anymore. I contacted them and got several excuses, then I knew that I have been scammed, I complained to my colleague at work who directed me this recovery experts, Mr. Jim Kim that helped him, I contacted him immediately, what surprised me most that i recovered my money that same week. you can contact him via [email protected] and I did as he instructed me and it was helped. Good luck as you contact him for help.

  320. Indians need to be worried about another scam now. Mogul Productions seem to be taking victims from Asia as well. India played a big role in Bitcoin and now these scammers want people from India to waste their life-saving son their fraudulent scheme, caution!

  321. Why do you keep calling him Don you dumb shit? You’re probably too stupid to understand anything he even said lol

  322. The biggest bloody tool alive on LinkedIn

  323. The level of arrogance and self promotion by Dr Diamond is a dangerous red flag. Beware the doctor that spends more time raving about how brilliant he is than he does understanding patient needs. Ultimate god-complex. So disappointing. Seemed like such a nice guy in his younger years.

  324. I put together this video exposing Dan Lok running an online Ponzi scheme that has turned into a Cult that has destroyed thousands of lives.

    This video goes through every single aspect of Dan’s Ponzi scheme so you yourself can see EXACTLY how he has ripped people off for 10s of thousands of dollars.

  325. 0.75
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    He wrote a partially true and obviously did not fact check his resources when writing a short dialogue on LinkedIn about Lebron James. It made me wonder why would he post lies about someone especially LBJ. There is so much info out there about LBJ. Either Swish is an uneducated moron or he has understood the psychology of lying. Anyone with money can attend university but not everyone who attends university is smart. Swish is both a liar and an educated idiot.

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  326. I bought HTC and i have a honest review about it.

    You can make money but as everything it’s up to you.

    He didn’t reinvent the wheel… He took the name “salesman” and converted to a more sophisticated title “closer” i give him that.

    Did i learn how to close a deal from Dan’s program? -> NO
    Did i made any money out of it? -> YES

    It’s an industry and a skill where you can make money!
    I would suggest the following:

    Find free information about how to close a deal, role play with other who wants the same, grow your social as you should, adopt the title “closer” and go find gig’s and influencer’s who look for “closers”…. Start making money online!!!

    I closed deals for 3K and more in a single 45min call but not because i got on HTC, because i am hustle and try my best. A normal commission is 10-25% depending on your closing rate and usually takes a couple of months to get the money in your pocket.

    Do i regret the money invested on HTC? -> Ehm…Not really cause without that i would be on sales and not making money today ( not a lot but growing )

    So i’d say it helped and it worked on ME but it’s waste of money for the most people i know… From my season i am the only one i know of that made real money.

    Good luck gyus

  327. so many different ideas on over the place. Please share the course content if you have it. Since now you can’t can a refund, sharing it or not won’t cause you a dime. since the lost is already lost.

    Share the receipt if you don’t mind, to justify that you are not 1 of his haters but really saying the truth

  328. I watched his courses as my friends bought it. It is very very basic. There is no real value at. I don’t believe this. His youtube videos are informative but his course is rubbish

  329. Kostas, would you be interested in teaching me? Get some of your htc money back? Im serious. Spoke with kat and sam already.. rather have on the job training. Thank you

  330. He has been featured on Fox and can be found searching youtube or Fox business.
    Being on Ted Talks is not something to brag/be proud about.
    Forbes and Forbes’s book are not % credible.
    One of his successful business is apparently owning a Salon.

    Brian Tracy – snake oil salesman Yale/Harvard Study of Goals myth
    Joe Vitale also on holy smokes

  331. Reply
    AVoid this scammer April 22, 2021 at 9:53 am

    Dank Lok os not the #1 highest ticket sales guy. There are many people in the industry who sell way higher. Her was never bullied, that is made up, he has never achieved any success other than selling programs to others. He should be in jail. He is the Bernie Madoff of Canada!

  332. thanks for the info.

  333. Why would you pay for Dan’s $2,500 HTC program course when he has so much free content on his YouTube channels?

  334. Is this where I’m supposed to put THE BODY of the reply?

  335. So easy to get sucked into BS these days it happens to everyone at some stage! I read his fu money book which is very average, content is all regurgitated nothing new. I’ve seen a few of his videos more recently which definitely made me cringe he’s the furthest thing from genuine that’s foreshore! Bottomline the world is full of inspirational people who are credible and worth learning from so stay away from people like this with zero credibility. I didn’t know this guy was into seminar BS and i feel sorry for people who got sucked into that. Suppose anyone can become an author these days and one has to have an eye for detecting bogus authors, YouTubers etc..

    “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” ― Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching

  336. First off, a lot of Dan Lok’s content is actually very good. His basic principles on motivation, how to deal with customers, how to deal with prospective clients, etc are all very good. I enjoy his free content.

    But the guru industry has a very strange double edge sword – as this applies to all of the online gurus out there, including Dan Lok.

    Which ever online guru it is, they all preach one golden rule. NEVER EVER QUIT. Whatever happens, no matter how hard it gets – Don’t quit, because quitters never win right.

    Basically, you buy the online guru’s book or training program. You try applying it to your business and personal life, and after a while – it just doesn’t seem to get traction. So, online guru says “Don’t quit”, buy my next book and other program that will definitely help.

    So you buy the guru’s 2nd book and program, and plug away again. After a while, you are still not finding success or traction. Perhaps you’re starting to become a bit skeptical. So again, online guru says “Don’t quit”, you MUST NOT QUIT. Buy my next book and another program that will help.

    A couple things might happen at this point. You buy more of the guru’s materials, and you might actually start getting some traction and a bit of success because you didn’t quit on your business.

    Or conversely, you might again get no success, and be fed up with paying too much for all these courses that you quit buying into the guru’s sales tactics.

    Now – Do you credit your success to the online guru’s mantra of ‘don’t quit’ and keep buying all his materials? Or would your success have happened anyway without buying the guru’s materials?

    For those that quit – The guru and his minions can now make fun of you and say “I told you so, I told you not to quit. See everyone, here’s a quitter. His business failed because he didn’t buy my program”.

    This is why online gurus and their programs are so deceptive. They take ALL the credit when things go great. But, take NO credit when things don’t work out and will blame you for quitting.


  337. Yep, scam.

  338. Let me preface this correctly, Dan shares good content, unfortunately it’s all other people’s and he acts as if it’s his own.

    The Gem Theory about personality types? Dani Johnson’s did that in 2005.
    The negative preparation mindset? Dan Kennedy shared that as far back as 2004.
    The 5 reasons people won’t buy video on YouTube? Right out of Zig Ziglar’s Selling 101.

    He gives sales people a bad name, he’s a scammer selling his trash and because he look wealthy and successful, people buy in. He has a sketch past with a timeline that doesn’t add up and I doubt he’s ever sold anything except his garbage to victims. How he can feel good about what he does is beyond me.

  339. First of all, as someone who went through the course, you are not an actual student – you are one of Dan Lok’s Lackeys who is either working for him or selling his affiliate program which is still working for him. Second, we make our testimonies BEFORE the course is over, in that most of the testimonies are actually worthless since most of them haven’t even made a single penny from this program.

    1. there is no way to accurately interpret exactly what is ‘taught’ otherwise no Holy War would happen between churches that believe in the same God.
    2. We go into the course expecting what Dan Lok ‘promises’ – aka your way of saying being ‘spoon-fed’, otherwise why would any sane idiot want to join the course without expecting good results? If it’s all up to ourselves to make the program work, why join it in the first place? At the end of the course Lok just tells the morons to go FREELANCE. DO YOU NEED TO PAY THOUSANDS FOR SOMEONE TO TELL YOU TO GO FREELANCE?
    3. You got it the opposite way, it is the course itself that is half-assed, otherwise there won’t be so many half-assed students (at least 70% fail rate btw and I am being lenient here; If you look at the number of Facebook users in the group compared to the people who are actually active in the group you will know that I am being VERY lenient)
    4. You made a good point here actually, it applies to almost everything that you want to do need a positive lookout and seek help when required
    5. How about you provide an accurate percentage then? if it is something like 90% success rate won’t that be very good for the HTC course to advertise that? Geez I wonder why Team Dan Lok does not even think about rally up the success rate? OBVIOUSLY ITS BECAUSE THE FAILURE RATE IS HIGH YOU IDIOT.
    6. ‘Dan’s Internal Team’, think about what that means for a minute and reflect on how brain-dead you are; if you want me to send you an philosophical paper on that, just message me
    7. I mean I thought Dan Lok’s mentor is Dan Pena and I thought Pena’s content is all free on his site right? Why don’t you go on Pena’s reddit page and challenge the ‘meatheads’ there? bet at least one of them can enlighten you

    Lastly, you mean hundreds that made this work and THOUSANDS that didn’t right? I mean you just said Dan Lok has over 6,000 students and you are claiming only hundreds made this work? You are joking right?

  340. I agree with the comments that divide the talk into four 25% sections.

    A 3-hour video (yes I went through it) contains about 5-minutes of actionable content (of questionable value).

    The rest is just what you always hear in MLM session. This person can do this, that person can do that, ooooh this changed my life, Dan is so rich and so knowledgeable, call me this call me that, pressure you into calling him sifu-thing. How about NO? Close me on that.

    Even the role play setup is worthless. It’s not different from asking a guy next door to you to act like a prospect and play along.

    IMO, train on your tenacity and consistency first, make your aim, and the rest will follow.
    Skip this bullshit.

  341. I can provide hundreds of stories and testimonials from students who have had success through the mentorship of Dan Lok. So why would I listen to a handful of people who:
    1. Didn’t listen accurately to what is taught, but only chose to hear what they wanted to hear.
    2. Wanted shit handed to them on a silver platter, and wanted some done-for-you course.
    3. Didn’t follow exactly what is taught, but instead chose to half-ass some things, and now cry “Scam. Scam. Scam.”
    4. Chose to buy in to the negative of others, instead of listening to and following the positive from the ones who are making it happen. Or even further, didn’t continuously ask for guidance and help from many who are making things happen for themselves with this mentorship.
    5. Claim that **% of students didn’t get “——“, or was not given “——“. But with over 6,000 students, have not spoken to enough students to be able to provide ANY sort of accurate percentages.
    6. Make claims that what is taught is that the only way to truly make money is to “upsell”, when there are students who have proven themselves with hard work and are on Dan’s internal teams and ARE NOT “upsell” students. Yeah, that’s right. You don’t have to “upsell”.
    7. Claim that all the info you need is out there on the internet, but yet are STILL BROKE. (I challenge anyone making this claim to show how to do it. Show how you took all the free information from the internet and figured it out.) Show me your bank account. Show me your income.

    If I have to chose between hundreds who HAVE made this work vs. a handful who couldn’t figure shit out (or chose not to)…..I choose the hundreds.


  342. I was the number one sales person in the world for a certain brand of high ticket product. I did this by actually applying sales methods. Later I had my own product and now this product is being sold in Europe, using the same sales methods that EVERY high ticket sales person uses.
    Dan Lok uses all the same methods in his classes that I used for many years. I can sell $28,000 items over the phone, without even seeing the person on the phone. I sold thousands after a while all over the earth on the phone and even by email; by using these techniques and ideas that work on fixing a person’s internal problems that stop them from making money. Ego and pride are the first thing to go for success.
    I was very shy when I started this process, but in sales, it is do or die. You either get off your ass and take the plunge, and try to make yourself better, more of an extrovert, learn to write and speak better, and so on. And the number one key to high ticket sales, is to have a very good product that out performs all the rest in your field.
    Dan is not a scam, but as he said; “All I do is teach you what successful people have taught me.”

  343. Here what i am asking to Dan Lok! If one day he look here, Lok can can answer and we dont look for around…

    i check your htc program, i see people who join this program talk about it but when i check their latest video, mostly them seemsto be become youtuber but not millioner? Means they dont go on for your htc program? what make them give up ? is your program costy or their willing ? i have read more about your htc program, you telling high ticket closer sell everyhting. What are they ? are you supplier ? how you choose people ? which people sell what item, which item has hight sale rate ? Who sell the best service or product?

    i also read around that to join your program cost around 5000 dollar or beyond if its true, (not sure). I see you love to help people and give advice! then why you charge people 5000 dollar or beyond! Do you need money? Are you not millioner?

    i also see you love to help people etc but for this program, why dont you make it free then choose talent canditades then they make your product sell and then you give them their commission? Then this chain system keep runs better.

    Could you answer this question, me an a few people love to join your program but when you charge people very hight then how non usa countries affort such dollars? You dont think rest of the world? Or you focus only USA or Eu?

    Because dollar or euro are very strong in this countries, as no one did htc program before how they can find such money unless their family move to eu or usa maybe canada ? means they can not effort your 5000 dollar or beyond then why you dont make a talent test? give poor people chance? Let them be rich as you! As an example if you would be in Afganistan, it would be way much hard for you to get your current position right now! see even your parents moved to usa long ago! Can you give this chance to people who are on the other side of the world! Yes you sound nice person, hope to hear good news then you get 10 million subscriber.. Take care.

  344. This happens worldwide. Make sure if you gonna buy someone’s course.

    Check their real businesses are if they are profitable & make them billionaire.

    Fake gurus sell info that you can get for free. Telling you shets they arent doing. Just playing with words is their ability.

    Think about it. If you are real deal crazy rich, you have a lot of businesses. Would you go selling course 24/7? Right?

    Dan is on the net & YT all the time, guess what his real business is? Thats it. Selling his saliva to you

  345. Dan Lok is a con man that feeds on peoples weaknesses, In an ever evolving economy he targets the weak and vunerable, people especially the youth that you should get a high income skill, before starting a business and doing any form of investment. Whilst this is true he pushes his course the high ticket closer skill as a way out. The fraud is not deliverance of the High income skill But the promise of work at the end of the course, of which unknowing undergraduates are told when you join the 25k inner circle you will strt getting jobs leaving the 95% of studentsstunned and confused. What just happened?
    His marketing and sales calls with prospects YOU!! is crafted that it will have you believe that that you can change your life, and with effort earn 10k a month, whilst this is possible, it is Only when you have paid initial investment and pay the upsell of 25k to the inner circle of which you may get a job working for Dan Lok. The deception is in the incongruency, of which Dan Lok invites one into the HTC programme stating when you learn the Closing skill do not misuse it for negative purposes, Yet Sifu Dan Lok Promises all htc undergraduates a job, with no intention of giving them one, as they must upgrade into the $25k inner circle. Thus instanteaneously, wipes out 95%of the people that took the course.
    Having connected with several inner circle members over 70% of them leave because jobs offered are too few. He talks about abundance and has 25k self investment of which he has people on a leash waiting for work whilst demanding they bring in influencers.
    Many people pay the very last of thier income for this course resulting in rent arreas additional debt to employers and family. People quitting university to get on the course. because they believe they are on a life changing mission. The shit hits the fan when all on the course are hit with the upsell in class six, discord the portal for roleplay practice is empty like a graveyard SILENCE no one is any longer on, what there is no job? 25K for innercircle?
    THINK! If Dan Lok let you down in the first instant with a clear non offer of a job why pay another 25k on another promise of a job. Blinded by the promise and course content people find the money and pay. Only to find…..
    Dan Lok describes Closers in Black as a Religion, Again another upsell attatched to his Mindset video, which he says listen to everyday and at the end of video says He hope to meet one oneday at closers in black.(repetition) of which if you listen to everyday is constantly upselling closers in black. This is a cult targeted with slick marketing to the youth, He says one should call him Sifu..the Master in Chinese, and after the course demands a testimonials from everyone in exchange for a HTC tshirt, all testimonials are demanded from ex htc students before issue of graduation certificate.
    The ones that give positive testimonials are the 25k inner circle members who may have had work, note they never say how many jobs, and they in turn ar selling YOU the HTC course, with link under video. You cannot become an affilliate of HTC unless you join the innercircle at 25K That is 25k for an affilliate link. people do not expose Dan Lok as a fraud because they are afraid of litigation. The 7 week course is a pre-recorded course of which he appears live once. To ANYONE wanting to do this course I STRONGLY advise you NO!!!! a total waste of your MONEY.
    I will see when all the scarred ex students come forward and talk and inform everyone and expose this Fake greedy man, EXPOSE THE TRUTH even if you do not tell your story about it.
    Inform me is this a LIE!!! NO…
    Dan Lok who instills a scarcity mindset of you can only earn 10k a month through him, whilst preaching Freedom!!! Freedom!!!! Freedom!!! Everything about HTC is a secret, you are not allowed to have opinions, or want to work independently, one is given a list of over 45 people, mostly ex students who went to work independently with thier HTC skill and they are on the bad apple list and you as a graduate are not allowed to work with these people. You will be banned from HTC for life.
    As an ex Graduate I will never recommend this man or his course. The loss of investment is heartbreaking, yet does not compare to the shame of being right in the same position that you were prior to taking the course, having sacrificed your investment on a promise for an income of which could change your family’s life. Its hard not to beat yoursself up post Dan Lok Scam, Remeember you were dressed for buisness, on each class and role play. Your mind was programmed for success. This is the past and now that the truth is out it wull save thousands of others considering wasting thier time and monies on this course.
    Through out the duration of the course Desmond Soon constantly reminds people that if they talk bad of Sifu Dan Lok they have legal teams that will come after you.

  346. As a former copywriter for several agencies, I can see through the facade. Watch the videos carefully:

    In one video Dan is friends with (and endorses) a strip club manager / bodybuilder. How many legitimate millionaires would do this? Not many.

    In all of his videos he is in the same rooms, wearing the same red suit, in the same car. Why can’t he drive his own cars? Why is never shown inside any of the helicopters or planes?

    Why are his “podcast episodes” rehashes of the same videos and the one conference he gave?

    If he’s so incredibly rich why is not on modern TV programs? He’s not.

    If he’s been on CNN, USATODAY, and all the other publications his website says he’s been in, where are the videos and articles? Google can’t display them because they don’t exist.

    Finally, nothing he says is original or new. Read “Book Yourself Solid,” a real business book and you’ll get ten times more substance than any Dan Lok book or course.

  347. Mixed feelings on Dan Loks content. Much of his free YouTube content is of good quality with good general tips, wisdom, and ideas. Even his wing chun martial arts videos are very informative. But too bad it seems Dan is selling good old Bullshido. It’s like Dan googled “how to make easy money on the internet” and then dutifuly applied everything and came up with what we see today. Dan does seem pretty smart and hardworking and even charismatic and handsome and he could probably be a successful business man or motivational/self help speaker to legitimate companies selling legitimate products. Sadly though he no doubt makes a crap ton more money peddling Bullshido online. All that said I’ve certainly taken many college courses that were a few thousand dollars of tuition that were useless so guess a determination of value depends how you look at it. But after attending one of his free allegedly live seminars online for a copywriting program I decided that I didn’t have 3k to gamble just to find out for myself. Tbh I think you’d have much better luck actually gambling your money in Vegas than getting a return with this program. Although it’s possible you will learn some basic sales stuff, but nothing you can’t find free or in a 5 dollar used business book on Amazon. Oh I should not what ultimately turned me off from investing into the program was when I quickly realized that Dan’s supposedly live seminar that allegedly thousands were attending was using a chat that was entirely full of bots. As someone who spends a good time in live chats on twitch, it was very obvious the chat was entirely fake and the whole thing was prerecorded and staged. Which I have no problem with, many great works Hollywood movies etc are staged and still give something of value. But the dishonesty of the tactic was off putting.

  348. do you have the videos of the htc program? if so share it with me [email protected]

  349. Shohaib Ahmed, you are selling the course through an affiliate program. By definition, you have a conflict of interest. You should at least mention that in your review, which is really a sales pitch. By the way, $100k in sales is not great. You are probably taking a percentage of that so you take home pay (before taxes) is probably between $10k and $25k. You can go to any position in business development and make way higher numbers than that – $300k to $1M in sales in relatively junior positions – yes, with higher take home pay too. I have taken the course and the quality and depth was laughable. At the end of the course when they announce the upsale and I was very unimpressed with the quality I thought it was absolute madness.

  350. Never bought any of his programs, the guy is actually a scammer, a friend of mine bought his HTC shit and it was actually a disaster ! he tried to up sale my friend any chance he get, but that’s okay, just to get something outta it, but nothing, my friend is a salesman who tries to make something from himself and a very nice guy, he tricked him into turning him into an asshole.

  351. 0.75
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    I have spoken with Jake Kennedy at Birch Gold Group in the past. My experience talking with him is nearly identical. I found him deceptive, evasive, and overall unethical in his sales pitch and responses to very basic questions. I suggest consulting several companies before committing to any transaction in precious metals. I suggest starting with the “authorized purchasers” or dealers that you can find listed in the US Mint government website. I also have my suspicions (unproven) that many of the glowing customer reviews you will find when searching for Birch Gold Group may be posted but sock puppet accounts. Please read several and judge for yourself. Also internet searches for Birch Gold Group will also return numerous precious metals websites and blogs that uncritically praise Birch Gold Group. At first glance this may appear to support Birch Gold Groups reputation resources it links to on on its homepage, but the similarities of so many of the posts make me even more suspicious. This could be an astroturfing campaign by Birch Gold Group. Again I don’t have the resources to prove this definitively, but this is a widespread problem as the Federal Trade Commission admits. The FTC on the other hand can take on only a small number of cases each year so this does little to discourage widespread astroturfing.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  352. Reply
    ALIANOR STERNBERG May 10, 2021 at 1:34 pm

    A total scam of a woman.

    She got hired to train or team, came late, and was more busy promoting herself than teaching or coaching our staff.

    Big words about motivation that anyone could just have found on Google. Quotes material without giving them credits.

    I lost my credibility recommending her and I will never ask for her again.

    Highly unprofessional at best, a total scammer at worst.

  353. Even if you put aside the fact that there is no physical evidence of him being a millionaire before he started his internet business, his course content is things you can find literally all over the internet, and save yourself a load of money at the same time.

  354. This is a real anonymous objective review.
    High ticket closer teaches nothing that cannot be learned from you tube or acquired free from google. Nothing.
    The sales script or technique can be learned by joining any telcom sales company.
    The lessons on mindset is basically to trust Dan’s teachings, focus on your goals relentlessly with no excuses.
    The sales methodology is nothing special for those who have worked in sales. Nothing.
    You then practice for hours.
    You get good.
    You potentially may be hired by dan to sell his courses.
    The circle goes on.
    At best you will walk away with some sales skills.
    It will be cheaper to buy the best sales books, learn for 3 months. Then take action.
    If you cant do this, then pay for his courses. When people pay for something expensive, they tend to pay more attention to the content.
    Dan also says in one of the videos that nothing he does is original. He takes what’s good and reject what’s useless-quoting Bruce lee. He takes and repackage. He also advises you to do the same.

  355. Hey guys, I’ve read your posts and decided that I would tell you all my story. That way you can make of it what you wish.
    I enrolled into Dan Lok’s HTC course after watching a lot of his videos on YouTube. It took me about 2 hours to actually pluck up the courage to pay for the damn thing because of that hefty price tag, $2,495 is NOT CHEAP. And immediately after I paid for the course a feeling of dread sat in, thinking “oh no what have I done” and how much money i had just wasted away on pretty much a spur of the moment decision after telling myself the course wasn’t going to be just another scam.
    Honestly, I almost immediately regretted my decision. After I signed up the first thing I done was look to see if they had a refund policy – which they do. This policy lasts until the 3rd class starts.
    I thought what the heck? I can see what the course is like and then just get my money back when I was inevitably unimpressed.
    So that’s what I did. I passively watched the 1st class, and I entertained the idea of doing the class assignments and connecting with other students just to give myself the same experience as the others taking part. And then I passively watched the 2nd class. Again, I carried on connecting with others in the classes, completed the class assignments.
    After finishing the 2nd weeks homework, life kind of dawned on me. I really sat there and thought about what I wanted from life. I thought about the things I would do if I had the life that I was dreaming about. In that moment I remembered that it was these kind of thoughts that led me to discovering Dan Lok and HTC in the first place, so I went back and rewatched the first two classes. And this time I REALLY watched them, I left my ego aside for a few hours and looked at this throuh an open mind.
    It was after this I decided that I was going to go through the whole course.
    I had already paid for it now and had come to terms that I would decide my own opinion on the HTC program, rather than let preconcieved notions cloud my judgements. Besides, you’re gonna miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.
    So I completed the HTC program.
    When I signed up to HTC, I thought it was just going to be some guy teaching me how to sell stuff to people. But I was wrong. The HTC program completely changed the way that I look at my life and the way that I conduct myself and my conversations. The students I met through the course, have now become life long friends, with many of them already having become successful closers and earning thousands each month.
    But mine and their successes did not come just through sitting in a class every week. We put in the work. We were determined to achieve what we signed up for in the first place. We practiced many hours to hone our skills, and for many of us it has paid off.
    If you have bothered reading this long post, then it probably means that you have some sort of interest in Dan Lok’s HTC program. I will be the first to say that if you are not willing to put in the work and are looking for a get rich quick scheme, then this program is not for you.
    However, if you believe you are someone who is resourceful and will put in the graft to pursue their dreams, I encourage you to watch Dan’s webinar (I’ll attatch the link below), and make your mind up for yourself.
    Webinar Link:
    If you are still unsure and would like an actual human to talk to who has been there and done it, not some internet posts or some videos you’ve seen, then you are more than welcome to book a time with me, I am happy to speak with you, and we can figure out together if the HTC program would be the right thing for you.
    Calender Link:

  356. Dan Loks mentor programs are expensive and they are worth around 50USD max, really bad quality of video and its complete opposite to youtube where his videos are deacent, basially his courses teach you how to sell his high ticket closer programs, so its like circle, you will be called with high ticket closer to buy high ticket program, in this program you will learn how to sell his high ticket porgram, and so on adn so on in circle. i also doubt tai lopez and grant cardone but their porgrams hawe at least some serious info and quality. you can check dan loks , tai lopez ad grant cardone here : , and make your own opinion,,, full access is just for 10USD, so o rpoblem to check those courses

  357. Ji Fung Lok aka Dan Lok is a complete scam. He sues former students that call him a scam. (legit)

    That’s why I’m remaining anonymous lol

    His upsells are a complete waste of money.

  358. I started off by listening to some of Dan’s podcasts for a couple weeks now and I really do think some of the stuff he says is legit. recently on the podcast he’s been promoting his book unlock it, and I thought I’d check it out cuz at that point I thought he’s not bad. I go to the website and I was very close to pre-ordering the book, but I decided to search him up first to make sure he’s credible and not one of those scammers. I’m not quite sure what set off the red flags for me but there was an itch at the back of my mind telling me there’s something not right.

    so I google him, I see some reviews and testimonials which tbh seemed pretty staged. I decided to look up one of the “CEOs” praising his course and I find the most empty Facebook page with the link to the company website not even working (I think it was called gnr8 software or something like that for those of you who want to check yourselves). major red flag, and clearly backed up the testimonial being staged. I do some more searching, and lo and behold, I see on Quora and Reddit people talking about his courses being trash and scams, he lacks much clarity and some outlandish claims like failing at 13 businesses etc, and now I see this post as well and it pretty much sealed the deal. I am no longer going to preorder the book or ever even consider purchasing anything from him. I’m debating on not listening to his podcast anymore just to completely eliminate him from my life but like I said I do think some of his material is good, so we’ll see what happens.

    thank you for writing this post, it certainly saved me from wasting my money on his book and I’m sure it will help others not waste their money on his products as well

    BY MK

  359. Trading Binary options with Mr Harry jones is synonymous to winning, because Mr Harry Jones always makes wins on trades,in a very special way, I must acknowledge Mr Harry Jones and the Guardian Strategy, it helped so much with predicting which way the market will go. I have learned a lot about candlestick patterns and your trading strategy have changed my entire perception of the market. I just want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge, it’s rare to see someone in your position who’s made their money to give back to people and help them along their journey to become successful traders. Thanks you are legendary. I will see you give your own testimonies email him on [email protected] ….stop watching your investment go down the drain… Take this bold step today.

  360. I am 59 years old and have been in sales my whole life. For the last 21+ years I have owned a small business selling trained service dogs to disabled people. I took and watched many sales programs over the years, but got little out of them I could make money with except working hard and havinfg a good attitude. Dan Lok’s HTC course the first night I felt I got my $2500 worth. Before I started the HTC program and read his “FU Money” book and implemented the things I learned in my business. I work part-time now and make over $200k/yr thanks to Dan Lok.

    You complainers are total losers and write like typical narcissists. Obviously, you are stupid and lazy is why you would make a blanket statement like “I never learned anything.” Normal people do not spend hours and hours making websites to hate. Again, you were not ripped off. I took the program and own and sell for a real business. The sales information I learned was spot on. That you need to lie, embellish and make ad hominem arguments speaks louder than your false and demeaning like about Dan Lok.

    No, I did not sign up for the Inner Circle after the HTC program. My website is and I say Dan Lok and what he teaches is worth a lot more than $2500.

  361. I think that it’s a scam. I haven’t taken his courses but I can at least tell that his videos have something to offer. Some people will get success and most will not. Just listening to the way he talked I was asking myself some questions, and I’m going to tell you why you should not buy into his program.

    The first thing that I took note of was how truthful this man was. Most of what he said was the truth, mostly full of information I already know.

    Scam #1 Though he mostly spoke the truth he did not say anything new

    The next thing that I noticed was the lesson itself, I’m not sure if anyone here listened to his seminar but he is about closing deals. Now tell me, did you listen to the way he talked especially at the end? Halfway through I was asking myself “is he trying to close HIS deal on me?” My answer to that question was yes.

    Scam #2 He’s talking to you about closing deals while closing one on you

    Scam #3 limited time offer that’s not a limited time offer

    Scam #4 Basic calculation of money, costs 2500 to sign up, 1900 people sign up which is 4.5+ million dollars. He told you this in the seminar that people pay you for what they think you are worth. Did you even listen to him? He also said to throw away money without even thinking about it. Now tell me, what smart man who is good with his money just throws it away like that? At this point, why do you still trust him?

    Scam #5 Chances are that you won’t meet with his team, don’t even bother

    Scam #6 Oh you thought there was only ONE entrance fee? Nah mate, there’s thousands of dollars more fees to pay. This man has made tens of millions of dollars off this program alone.

    Scam #7 More and more lies. Doesn’t care about money yet charges ridiculous amounts of money for the program. Promises you some sort of success as long as you work hard for it! You mean like anything that you do in life ever?

    Look, I’m not here to convince you to not do it. It’s your risk, but red flags are going off in my head telling me that I don’t need this man. The video was more than enough teaching alone if you paid any sort of attention. And then he closes the deal on you. Whether you are willing to accept the facts for what they are is up to you. I, for one, am not willing to put more money into that man’s pocket but I appreciate the information that he gave for free regardless.

  362. Did you write all the comments yourself? I’m sorry that you lost 2,500 but to bash on him ain’t going to get your money back or doing anything much but to make you look like a fool. I never bought anything from him nor am I his biggest fan. But let’s be real here. No one will flat out hand you their secret sauces of making the real money because if they do, everyone will be doing it. It’s like college, you learn the fundamentals and you apply your experiences (trials and errors) and that’s move forward with it. Because if you expect any courses online that will make you rich without you putting the efforts out then I suggest you stick to your 9-5. No offense.

    I spent thousands of dollars on softwares and programs in the past and let me tell you, I didn’t regret any of it even though 99% didn’t make me money at all. What I learned is how they did it. How they managed to get me to buy and that’s the answer. Good luck man. I’m just giving my opinion as well. If you going to put that money out then it’s a 50/50 chance.

  363. Youtube is a breeding ground for these type of fake and manipulative individuals. These guys prey on the vulnerable, promising them wealth. However the true test is what have these guys done themselves. Here are some simple logical questions you should ask yourself before you buy these overpriced courses:
    1) if this person had his own business and was so successful why would he put his energy in the Youtube space if he could better use it in his own business ? Answer : his main business is the selling of courses.
    2) if you had the secret of success why would you share it, and not use it to make even more millions, since you can plainly see this guy LOVES money. Answer: the courses are generic courses you can buy any book on closing sales from an online bookshop and get the same information. The only difference is you wont need to pay $2000 plus dollars.
    3) successful people do not need to show pictures of themselves around expensive cars etc – they just give clear facts about what they achieved and give evidence. Anyone can hire an expensive car for a few hours and get photos done.
    There are no easy ways to make money – and if there was Dan Lok would definitely working so hard creating all these videos – if it was not to make money – from you !!!
    4) Dan Lok – loves to create a dream and then he tries to sell it to you – if you want dreams like the ones Dan is selling you are better off buying a lottery ticket.

  364. Anyone can just re-hash the same old stuff and get a way with it, it would seem. By turnng people into lemmings with indoctrination along the way, those that stay the course are brainwashed into buying more. Dan is getting away with cult like tactics to get people to hand over money for basic sales 101 skills that even he’s not reallly good at. But some people can see straight through BS, Hype and Cult tactics, and some cannot until it’s too late. LOL, no refunds (First Red Flag)!

    I love the sad comments where people kind of stick up for him like this (suckers trying to be PC) :

    Did you write all the comments yourself? I’m sorry that you lost 2,500 but to bash on him ain’t going to get your money back or doing anything much but to make you look like a fool. I never bought anything from him nor am I his biggest fan. But let’s be real here. No one will flat out hand you their secret sauces of making the real money because if they do, everyone will be doing it. It’s like college, you learn the fundamentals and you apply your experiences (trials and errors) and that’s move forward with it. Because if you expect any courses online that will make you rich without you putting the efforts out then I suggest you stick to your 9-5. No offense.

    I spent thousands of dollars on softwares and programs in the past and let me tell you, I didn’t regret any of it even though 99% didn’t make me money at all. What I learned is how they did it. How they managed to get me to buy and that’s the answer. Good luck man. I’m just giving my opinion as well. If you going to put that money out then it’s a 50/50 chance.
    By Jon

  365. So this is how his program is laid out. Dan on Demand ($49/mth) – > HTC ($2500) -> Inner Circle ($2k initial with an additional $199/mth fee) -> High Ticket Millionaire ($25k)

    I know because i was one of the retard that got suckered into it. From DOD to HTC to Inner Circle and that’s when i draw the line, it should have been sooner. I honestly felt bad for people entering the HTC fraud, i know that they will not be able to get anywhere near the promise that Dan made. (I have so many friends in the HTC that are living on their last month savings because of this scam.)

    He keeps selling you more expensive shit that doesn’t teach anything you can’t get for free online.

    In terms of high ticket sales, Dan has never done it himself.

    Want to know the sales method he uses in HTC? read the book “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar” by david sandler. He even uses the words that are in the book, it’s that ridiculous. The funny thing is, since he copied exactly from that book, you can actually learn much more by reading the book than going through HTC. It cost a lot less as well.

    He then build as a platform to bridge between influencers (with high ticket items to sell) to Dan’s own HTC graduates. But since no sane influencer wants to work with any HTC retards, he has no influencers that wants to work with

    Hence, Tube Your Own Horn (YTOH) was created. It was created with the hope that soon, his HTC graduate can become influencers with their own high ticket products to sell.

    When that happens, he will have the 2 sides for Well good luck with that!

    If you don’t believe that Dan Lok and HTC is a scam. Go to linkedin, talk to any big influencers, ask them if there’s an opening for a closer and tell them you are an HTC graduate. They will despise you so much its not even funny! Don’t believe me, try it for yourself and you can thank me later.

  366. He keeps popping up in my FB feed and before I make baseless comments I do research. I really didn’t have to looking and reading. But in essence you pay him to learn how to close others on his products! Genius I must say. People are paying him to make him even more money, I don’t know how people fall for these things and I feel sorry but in the same token I found all this doing 5 minutes of research. And never believe anyone wearing ( he claims Versace and stuff) and showing off their wealth. Most people with money don’t flaunt like that. Today social media has given people the edge to shill and make millions, You don’t even need credentials or have to even be successful.

  367. After carefully analyzing the above reviews, it’s clear. This is a course I will absolutely be purchasing. The above negative comments are hilarious. The FREE YouTube content alone is worth the price tag of the program. I almost feel guilty not giving him some cashola!!

  368. Wow, lots of angry negative energy here. I’m successfull because of this program.

    No I’m not a millionaire but I’m not broke either.. Farrrr from it. HTC helped me make an extra 20K in 2018 because I got promoted in my career. I used what I learned from HTC. I talk to a lot of companies, HR, CEO’s, etc. What it taught me is it gave me “balls.” And?, I took action.. I actually took the class online and took notes, did the homework and the meditation section.

    Man, some people are calling it a scam but they never bought the program? whattt? Right there, you did not take action.. No action? no results. Unfortunately that’s how our planet works.

  369. I only took the HTC program.. I’m not in the inner circle program.

  370. High performing individuals who are great business people are not found on Youtube selling courses .
    Does Elon Musk sell training courses – NO he is busy with his own business
    Does Bill Gates sell training courses on how to be successful – NO he is busy with his own business
    Does Jack Ma sell training videos on how to be successful – NO -he is busy with Alibaba.

    So do yourself a favor and think twice about buying such courses – NOBODY will tell you the secrets of success.

    If you really want to be successful – find someone who has succeeded and you want to follow, read about them, learn their methods, and then WORK YOUR ASS OFF. Thats the hard bit – perseverance. Everyone wants money and success – but not even 1% are prepared to work hard to achieve it. I’m talking about day-in and day-out. Its hard, its tiring, its exhausting, but you need to keep going, never give up.
    There are not ‘secret recipes’ its called coming up with an idea and working hard to achieve it.
    That means years and years of hard work .

  371. I have been following Dan Lok for a long time and learned a lot from his free contents. All of the best contents you need is free on his YouTube channel. I would never pay for his HTC closer program. It’s a complete pyramid scheme that he is trying to hide. He’s a very good marketer and sales person, that’s always a couple steps ahead of people. His right hand man is Desmond Soon. A poor want to be entrepreneur with some bullshit background story that you can read about online. Desmond Soon was Tracy Walker’s right hand man in the scam company empower network dream team. Desmond soon has many years of experience in MLM companies working with the top performers. He is expert at manipulating and getting people to trust him so those suckers can join his bottom line and make money for him. If you look at it closely you can see that Dan Lok’s HTC program is very similar to empower network’s pricing structure. In HTC you pay $2500 initially then when you finish they try to upsell you some generic crap that cost a couple thousand more dollars with a reoccurring monthly fee. Then after that there’s some high ticket millionaire program that cost tens and thousands more dollars. His HTC closer program is what gave him away. When he first offered the program I was kind of suspicious and knew it was some kind of MLM crap that he is trying to build. Dan lok then released a video with Desmond Soon saying his program is not MLM and how Desmond Soon was a victim of empower network. How he didn’t do anything and the company closed down. This is just a cover up video to his HTC closer program. He knows people will be skeptical about his program so he wants to assure them. This is why I said Dan Lok is always a couple of steps ahead of people. By the time people realize this, it’s already too late. Dan lok already took your money.

  372. I’ve seen a few of his videos online, but his entire sales process is based on the SANDLER SELLING SYSTEM, every technique he uses is from them… how do I know.. I’ve trained with Sandler and it’s their system.

    At the end of the day, it seems he’s put in a lot of hard work into his marketing, etc. and if he’s helping people and they are *doing the work* and getting results from it, I don’t really see any real big issues with him, let him do his thing… BUT I prefer the Sandler selling system, here is a video from one of thier training, but it may not be for everyone as it’s non ‘hypy’ and you gotta do THE WORK and practice… ALOT!

    All the best folks 🙂

  373. If you have experience with sales then you obviously know he sold you. No attention was being taken to the fact in the first class he literally says you have 3 weeks in order to get your money back to avoid these issues presented by people like you. If you truly did your research, their policy states no refunds before you even buy the course, and then Dan himself tells you(in the first class) you have 3 weeks if you think it is bullshit. Nobody put a gun to your head telling you to finish the course, he cannot even touch you over the screen, the power was all in your finger tips. Also if it wasn’t for him you would not have found courses that are “similar” to his. Grow up, part of that is listening to what others say and he literally says he is just putting his spin on tactics that successful people before him have already done for years. You can make money, or you can make excuses and your excuse is bashing his rags to riches story? 13 business ventures, the first one was him mowing lawns, how did he start? he helped an old man mow his lawn and he asked the old man to borrow his lawnmower to make money in exchange for him mowing the old man’s lawn for a month and taking care of the lawn mower, does he really need capital for that? business is business whether you think it is for someone working in an office or working working anything else, sucks it isn’t the politically correct term of a business but he did not know english. Also he pulled a Mark Cuban, wanting to not work a 9-5 and trying to find alternative solutions (which in both cases business) at a young age, why the fuck would any bank give him capital for this?? So Dan had to borrow money from relatives and even they were tired of hearing that eventually he will pay them back. You obviously have not done “enough” research when there is an hour long interview with Omar from the passionate few youtube channel in depth with the story, but you don’t have time because you have to go back to your (lets hope worth it) 9-5, you would rather watch a 5 minute summary, ignorance at its finest. He never ever ever says “I am going to make you rich” He literally says so himself that he is giving you the keys to success, you either use them to your advantage and implement them(do you remember that word?) to your life and the business relationships you obviously have not established with successful people. I wish you knew the definition of a pyramid scheme because if he was, he would have had wayyyy more people join his program. He has 1 million subscribers on youtube, you dont fucking pay for youtube. Amway, how much do you have to pay to get in? just $100 annually, and there are 4 million people that joined that. How many people actually paid Dan for his program? 5k people with only 1 investment of $2,500. Imagine paying amway $100 every year to “say the same thing he does”, if that were the case don’t you think there would be higher success rates with amway instead of 1 in 1,000 of a chance?(you seem like a smart guy, you do the math). You lacked seeing value because you are mad you could not implement anything efficiently. You got upset that he it is not live, yet you sound like a person that did not take advantage to replaying the course, or even looking at the bonuses more than what your fish attention mind span can handle. You also failed to mention the private facebook group, and the whole role playing on dischord. You thought you practiced enough and then you said “I am ready for the real world” and then you got your head torn off and now you’re mad that you did not practice enough and now that is his fault? Did you really take the time to see that all his subscribers are bots? If that is the case, why are you wondering why you have not made money? And you telling people to search for information about him on quora is the same thing as telling people to search for the info on reddit, and I don’t know a single person making the same amount or close to the same amount of money he is that is a fucking reddit blogger. This guy said 25% is “something about the mindset”, if you paid any attention to any successful person (which clearly you haven’t) success is all about the mindset and repetition. But to people like you, all successful people are scammers. Graham Stephan, Jason Capital, Dan Pena, Iman Gadzhi, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins…and many more. Stay with the rest of the 95%, but do not insult the work of the 5% just because your brain is too small to comprehend them. You hate what he does yet you contradict yourself by saying the last part provides opportunity to earn some money, I would love for you to show everyone your tactics and alternative solutions on making money other than working a 9-5 for someone else. If you did, you would have posted them by now and people would have paid you money for the same shit he is getting paid, but that sadly is not the case now is it? Good luck to you, clearly you are living a better life than he is.

  374. Hey Alex, I was wondering if you can send me an email and we can talk more about Dan’s program. it seems like you purchased it already. This is really confusing to the point that I don’t even know who to believe . I hope we can talk. Thank you!

  375. Honestly, ask yourself – if this guy was so great – why would he be doing training videos ? Professionals do not act like him, do not have those ridiculous photos with fancy cars. Come on ? seriously ? What is the type of customer that they are trying to attract – teenagers ?
    The courses are a bit of an insult to ones intelligence.

  376. The moment he began talking about closing, I realised this guy didn’t know anything about sales. You can clearly see that this guy has just watched too many series and he has no idea about how real life works. 9/10 salesmen and business development professionals will tell you that closing a deal is actually the easy part if you do your freaking job correctly. It’s all about preparation, discipline, ambition, and good old grinding. No stupid gimmick learned on YouTube will ever save you from doing all these things.
    “But no, Dan Lok the super expert will make you a real closer ! With that you’ll make 7 figures by the end of the year !” Give me a f***ing break.

    BY SAM

  377. Why don’t you stream his information on you tube if it is fake? Did you sign a confidentiality agreement?

  378. i have the course if anybody wants to buy it cheap

  379. Better to buy a book at Amazon – its cheaper and done my someone who is a professional.

  380. your channel will be terminated if you upload his content.
    i tried it a few monthes back

  381. Lool laughable review here. If you took the course and found that 25% was about his bio, 25% about motivational crap etc. then I don’t know which classes you took…

    Then again, I don’t think you’ve even taken the classes at all because that’s not what’s in there.

    I’m proof that HTC works. I’ve quit my job and closing full time and have made $100k in sales so far.

    You seem like a hater that just wants some attention and another avenue to complain about your life that’s not where you want it to be.

    Continue lying to people, hating on others more successful than you and living your life in this sad and pathetic way.

    And for all those who are scared of getting scammed – you’re not actually scared of getting scammed – you’re just justifying to yourself why you can’t part with a measley $2500 or you’re just scared in investing in yourself because you know all your life that you’ve had a lot of self-doubt.

    Let me tell you this, financially successful people always invest in themselves. If you can’t even invest in yourself to learn a high-income skill that will transform your life, then who on earth will invest their time to teach you anything?

    What will you do with the $2500 you’ve saved? One thing’s for sure that it’s not going to grow into 6-figures whilst in your bank lol. It’s just going to deplete like all your other savings and you’ll still have the same problem of being BROKE.

    The real question is not that you can’t afford it or think it’s a scam, but the real question is, ‘can you afford to keep your current way of thinking?’ What results has your current way of thinking got you? What life has your current way of thinking got you?

    For you to be a successful person, you need to change who you are and how you think first.

    I have a review dan lok htc review .com – check it out for those who truly want to know about this amazing HTC course.



  382. Yep. As this review suggests, Dan Lok is a peace of shit scammer that makes his money teaching people “how to make money”. He is so full of shit.

  383. Wesley billion dollar virgin, what a effin joke! Anyone can steal and rob people, this is what you are doing. Please stop scamming people, for these people even a dollar bill is worth a lot, and you need to realize this. How can you not have any kind of morals whatsoever?!

  384. I bought the Overnight Millionaire program from the official website after I saw an ad on FB, where this buff as heck guy was yelling about how miserable my life is if I don’t earn $10,000 per month doing pretty much nothing. I’m not kidding lol he literally said, “You are a loser if you are not making $10,000 doing nothing” He was quite entertaining, to be honest, and I decided to donate the 37 bucks he desperately needed. Cause man, you have to be really needing money if you have to make a joke of yourself on the internet for $37. So I bought the program and it was nothing like I expected it to be. In the ad, he was showing all these fancy cars and stuff like this other guy Tai Lopez, but his program, to be more specific “The Overnight Millionaire” program was really weird. It didn’t have any helpful videos. The whole program is just corny and cringy as heck. I couldn’t help but laugh during those so-called “meditation sessions”. Apparently, those meditation sessions are supposed to give you a “millionaire mindset” LMAO! Trust me, listening to a $hitty audio of a random guy from the internet is not going to help you become a millionaire in any way. You just have to spend less than you earn and you’ll see you are better off than you were before. I’m not a millionaire but I do financially well as a software consultant at a reputed tech giant. The Overnight Millionaire program is a useless product and I will advise everyone to actually avoid it. The biggest concern I have is that people will believe that the “mindset” that this Wesley guy is talking about is the actual “millionaire mindset”, while in reality you just need a ton of money. Most of these millionaires did not have poor parents man, just know that. Even these self-made guys in the industry had rich parents. Rich parents help you a lot. I did not have that luxury and honestly, I’m not a millionaire. I didn’t even try to get a refund for the [email protected] program, by the way, I know how these scams work. They take your money and when you ask for a refund because you saw their flashy “30-day money-back guarantee”, they start ghosting you.
    Anyways, I did get interested in this energetic Wesley Virgin guy, so I researched a little. And this guy has done so much scammy stuff that you won’t even believe half of it, but trust me, he has made these claims. Here are some I remember:
    1) He was a Navy SEAL
    2) He has a computer engineering degree
    3) He was fired from a tech giant company for some reason
    4) He is a single dad of 2 or 3.
    LMAO! I could not believe that he made all these claims but he has. Crazy isn’t it? There’s more. According to this Wesley Virgin review, he actually paid up popular bloggers to write fake reviews for his Overnight Millionaire program. This is not the only place I read this, he has actually been exposed by several people from the internet. Reading about all the nasty things this guy has done to “make it” in the self-help guru industry demands a slow-sarcastic applause. But Wesley, my guy, stop scamming people, it is not good! What do you think will happen? Do you expect to become the next Tai Lopez or the next Gary Vee? Whatever you wanna become, there are better ways to do it. Stop stealing people’s money, stop putting fake reviews online to fool your own fans, stop trying to hide the truth, face it like a man! I don’t even know if he’ll read this, but if he does I wanted to give him some tips. For you, all I have one advice, read the reviews online but pay close attention to the critical ones cause they might tell you something that’s more important than the sponsored 5 starred post. This concludes my Overnight Millionaire review, basically, this product is garbage and I won’t advise anyone to buy it. Getting it will be counter-productive, this program has some extremely wrong teachings!

  385. His programme screams scam if you listen to the ovwr night millionaire video there’s a point where it says something along the lines of are you tired of paying loads for programmes that are lies etc.. and makes you think you dont have to pay anything im pretty sure it even says you don’t have to pay anything then they just slam a price in there out of nowhere, now the copywriting technique used isn’t bad at all just a shame its used for such a malicious purpose i hope someone takes this guy to court and takes all of his money away from him.
    With the right amount of evidence that he’s a scammer and is commiting fraudulence I imagine it would not be too difficult for somebody with great influence and persuasion skills, heres to the world becoming a better place one day.

  386. Yeah its bs when he refers to himself as a former hedge fund manager in the 90’s and now a successful vc. None of my Wall st. friends ever heard of the guy. If he ever really ran money it must have been small potatoes.

  387. RECYCLED JUNK !!! He’s peddling recycled information from a year ago. I purchased in early Feb 2018 and was hopeful his offer was real. When I noticed his audio was dubbed and he mentioned bitcoin was at an ALL TIME HIGH at 10k, I knew I was hosed… After participating in his vague webinars, reading all of his useless newsletters in which he talks more about himself and all the coins that shot up in the pas; I noticed each newsletter finished the same, he would reveal his “secret to xx” in his next newsletter. On the webinars, same rehashed JUNK.. More drivel about himself. Look, here’s the deal.. Bitcoin and alternative coins had their bubble. If your looking to make it rich off this guy’s knowledge; save your money. The vast vast majority of those who got wealthy did so by getting in when no body would even considered this currency real and then rode the hyper-inflated meteoric rise for doing nothing. That really doesn’t make anyone a skilled cryptocurrency trader, just lucky.. I’ve not received a response from him for my refund of $250 either.. Good luck to all in this currency sector and do your home work. Everything Altucher is selling can easily be acquired by attending conferences and just looking online, seriously !! Where do think he get’s his info ..?

  388. I was a victim of gulf brokers. I did a charge back with a forensic and cyber crime consultant and my bank because I used a MasterCard to make my deposit. It was a bad experience

  389. Will withdraw whats left with this scamming company. Keep on telling me to deposit more and more for 5mos already til i get bankrupt. They will only blame the market and wont make any remedy unless putting money in is the only solution. A lot more things are irregular with them. I advise never to entertain them.

  390. Attorney derek eddy from the law firm of fellheimer & eichen llp is preparing to sue inventhelp on behalf of an inventhelp customer for misrepresentation, breach of contract, and unfair trade practices. If you believe that you have a claim against inventhelp and would like to join in the lawsuit as a plaintiff, please send an email to [protected]@fellheimer.Net. After mr. Eddy receives your email, you will receive a personal response and initial assessment of your potential claims against inventhelp and whether they would be worth pursuing.

  391. I was scammed when i was goin through a depression. A rep from inventhelp talked me into borrowing 4000 dollars from family since he was convinced ill have royalties once my idea was sold. The y took me for a total of 4750 dollars and all i got was a ton of mail and useless paperwork. I wish i knew who he was id smash him. When the rep received my money i called him and he immediately said how now im being transferred to a new person! The embarrassment and thought of someone taking my dads money and my hard earned money is horrible. They pray on weak to separate from money. Stay away!

  392. Has anyone else stopped paying invent help and got it put on your credit. They put a collect of thousands of dollars stating that I financed the whole process… Which I didn’t. I made installment payments never got a loan for anything.

  393. He is, regrettably, a scam.
    I am, regrettably, a subscriber of his top tier offering: Altucher Alliance. Lifetime subscriber.
    I have lost a LOT of money following his advice, including the rather expensive $5,000 USD subscription fee.

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