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Beware of Dr Kevin Sands!

I was in the Santa Monica courtroom and saw Dr Kevin Sands had a case against him. His patient won the maximum in small claims originally due to his horrible damaging dental work. He walked in disheveled and yelling in the courtroom. It was alarming to see a dentist be very disrespectful, loud and even having the air of being high.

The patient was awarded $10,000 due to the horrible work on FOUR FRONT teeth she had veneered by his office. Her teeth are infected and she needs implants on 3 of the 4 teeth he destroyed. His lawyer, who Dr Sands talked over is claiming she is past the statue of limitations somehow. The procedure was done late 2016. I really hope this woman has the strength to appeal and get her money back. She said on the phone(she was unable to attend as they changed the original date) there are multiple malpractice cases against Kevin sands currently 4 plus several others over the years.

I decided to look up the case today and YES that is all true. This guy portrays himself with bought advertising as the rockstar dentist. There are pages on google are dedicated to hide his reviews from unhappy patients. After a little digging you can easily tell they are all websites owned by his marketing company. You can find several hidden articles talking about his strung out behavior and terrible attitude. I am so glad I never had my veneers done by him as I’ve seen ads for him and was considering it for awhile. Having faulty dental work can be very detrimental. I strongly suggest anyone to look up all the malpractice cases and page 5 google before you get work done by any dentist or doctor. This dentist is dangerous.

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