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Cheap and Misleading Customer Service provided!

My friend had been laid out by their misleading and service full of negligence. She fell prey into the trap of their services by reading positive reviews about them online which apparently now seem to be fake. After she discussed her idea and how it could change other people’s lives, one of the people from their team insisted her in making the investment as it would be the best decision she could consider. She had never imagined that they are just lying to take money from her.

After she made the initial payment of $ 2500 as it was told, she received a Patent Initiative Guide which was not at all a guide, we couldn’t understood some of the terms and decided to request for a full refund. The first two to three months were fine, as you at least replied for the work, but then it became a nightmare when no replies came back. This is not what she had expected at all. When she told me about the entire situation and how you all cheated her just to get money out of her and provide no quality service, I was angry and Yes, I wrote some emails to you all in hope of getting a reply and added a touch of abusive language too just because you all deserve it.

No one would have ever thought in their wildest dreams that their services are just a medium to take money from people and make lame promises of getting the best out of the service. She has been trying to contact them from about a month to know the status of the project, but there is no response coming from any side. Even the calls that were being answered are now put to voice mails. She is completely exhausted and has even sent a mail demanded a complete refund of $ 2500 that she has invested for nothing.

I have realized that Patent Services USA has gained name and good reviews only through fake people commenting on the website and there is nothing real happening. At least show some courtesy and reply to the texts that come. People are trusting you for the EXCELLENT SERVICE GUARANTEE you provide and I personally, didn’t feel there was any excellence in it. This is sheer cheating and no one would ever recommend such services further to anyone.

As per the company’s services and guidelines, it was clearly stated that one can request for a refund if they are experiencing issues with the company and want to discontinue their service with the firm. However, the company has completely ignored her messages and have failed to discuss the issue openly. My friend was already quite disturbed after her divorce and this rude behavior has added extra stress on her. She feels very helpless as she had planned so much for the project and invested her hard-earned money which these people planned to extort in a strategic manner.
Such treatment with the clients is a shame on their part and how can anyone rely on getting such response? My friend deserves a complete refund of $ 2500 as mentioned in the Patent Initiative Guide you sent. Even I have filed complaints but there is no response from you all. It is so bad on your part, at first you keep calling the client to make the necessary investment and when your lies get caught, you stop replying and fully neglect the messages. What are you even trying to prove? If this is the way you are earning money, you are not going to survive for long. Today I have spoken and other people will also get motivated to speak up for themselves as well.

Looking at some of the complaints on BBB, I was shocked to find many of the complaints were closed and people were facing similar issues with the company. If you all could provide a good service, no one would ever had filed such complaints. In almost all the complaints, people are asking for their refund as per your own policies. What is wrong with you people having eyes on other people’s money and doing nothing to actually earn them?

Many of the calls have been left unanswered and there are no ears to actually listen to the plea to the people who have made the investment. I literally don’t get it, I myself, am working in a company and at least we reply to our clients who rely on us for their projects, such negligent behavior is a blot on a company’s reputation. If you cannot provide us with a relevant solution, just tell us so that we can look for an alternative that can get us the money that she deserves.


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