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Horrible Management! Poor Pay! Worst Company to work!

Vantage Acceptance has the worst management ever. The environment inside is so stressful, no one should ever work in this company ever. Their services are pathetic even their clients are unhappy with their work ethics. Unprofessionalism, pinpointing each and every mistake and unjustified pay is all part of their inside story. I know how I survived there for 3 months. I had never thought they are such cheap heads. HR is the worst of all. She has no respect for juniors and only states her own facts saying that the whole management has seen it. I would never recommend this company to anyone.
I was referred to work in this company by a colleague at my previous workplace. As I had been in need of job change, I decided to interview here. Since the day I was employed, I saw the HR keeping an eye on me. I thought as I was new, maybe for a week, I am kept under observation. However, this continued till the last day I went to that company. The company owner was ridiculous and didn’t listen to their employees. He never tried to understand the employee’s side of the story and just relied on the facts stated by the managers.
This approach never suited me and I even tried to discuss it with HR but she seemed more offended and started blaming me and counting my faults. I was in a dilemma in this way, I couldn’t see any scope of growth in the company as every person in the management didn’t consider other employees as people. The mistreated employees and even paid them less than they actually deserved. The company policies were not at all employee-friendly. They fired employees if they asked for any increment. My fellow employees were good people but management was not at all good.

With all the work pressure combined with the micromanaged environment, it literally became difficult to even stay and work in the company. I was doing my work with full dedication and never complained about it. But all these other factors were not right. The company already had a small office and there was nowhere one can go and let out anger. And this became more confining when I had a fight with the HR on a silly issue that my manager has reported that I was not doing work consistently and take unnecessary breaks in between. I was astonished to hear such ridiculous blames being put that too when you never do such things. I said I always completed my work on time and had never failed to deliver my work at the stipulated time. The issue was just this that they did not like me taking more than 2 short breaks which are just too bad. I mean what kind of mistake is it? I felt pity for the management to raise issues on such petty things that are even baseless in the eyes of some other person.
I was completely unsatisfied with the environment and after fighting for 2 months, I had decided to look for some other job and starting giving interviews in other companies. One of the company owners might have known our company owner, and might have shared my name and that day, I was called by the manager and asked if I was facing any problems. I literally laughed to myself, because it was all a joke. I politely replied that I don’t see any growth avenues for me in the company.

No one would have ever thought that Vantage Acceptance would be such a horrible company to work in. If I had known it first, I would never have agreed to join here. No employee deserves to work in such company where the management is putting tremendous on the employees and under-paying them. Even the HR is not at all helpful and keeps an eye on your activities to track your mistakes just so to blame you for things even when you are doing no bad thing.
One of my good friends at the company got fired just because the company owner wanted to add one of their family members into the company. This is so wrong but as we were the juniors, we couldn’t raise our voice for such injustice at that time. No one should work in this company. It is full of people who are playing dirty politics to get their work done at a meager pay. I do not recommend this company to anyone. This company will just provide you the worst experience of all and you just can’t expect anything right from this company. They are just working and torturing their junior employees with their foul tactics with their arrogant and terrible behavior.

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