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Sent a WhatsApp message containing his nude video!!!!!!!

Dr. David Galler made us cringe at the Invisalign Summit. I am really upset with Dr. David Galler who I thought was a respectable and prim and proper doctor. Really! I got enrolled for the Invisalign Submit at Washington D.C. and booked all my female staff their hotel rooms and tickets for participating in the summit. The second day saw Dr. Galler offering information as the self-proclaimed wolf of Invisalign and we were forced to wear t-shirts with this title. During the ceremony, this disgusting doctor even played a video which showed him naked in bed with several naked women around him. I had to immediately leave with my employees. To add insult to injury, while we were sleeping, the doctor sent a WhatsApp message containing this video. He was lying on the floor with a pillow on top and a girl in a bunny dress jumping all over the bed and then him.

This message came at 3 o clock in the morning. This experience literally broke my faith since I was hoping that the doctor would be kind and we would get to learn a lot from him. I cannot fathom how this doctor was allowed to get away with everything. This is a pure form of male chauvinism which everybody should call out. I had to return with my team even before the summit concluded. This guy is not to be trusted. At least, I will never trust him again or think a thousand times before trusting anyone else.


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