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This website is a small step in the right direction. A drop in the pond. We cannot alert everyone. We cannot expose every bad business, scammer, cheater and criminal. We understand that. But we’ll try to help as many as we can. It’s not about numbers. It’s about giving it a go and ruffle some feathers.

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Recently Added @ bad service

Ahmed Marzok

Ahmed Marzok is a con artist and a corrupt lawyer

Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews)

Dr. Eric Amidi

Fake Physicist! Ripping off money through his ordinary books

Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews)

Dr John F Largen DMD

Dr John Largen and his staff are a bunch of liars!!!!!!!!!!!

Comments Rating 1 (3 reviews)

Pangemanan Chiropractor

Sexual Predator in the Garb of a Chiropractor!!!

Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews)

Lyon Marketing Group

Should be Renamed to Con Marketing Group!

Comments Rating 1 (1 reviews)

Dr. Scott Silverstein

The Arrogant gesture of Dr. Scott Silverstein

Comments Rating 1 (2 review)

Dr. Michael Luther DDS

ruined my sister’s smile instead of improving it, stay away

Comments Rating 1 (2 review)

Dr. Morris Ritz

did NASTY stuff with my friend when she was sedated

Comments Rating 1 (3 reviews)
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