Bible Study Locations



Meeting Place: Clovis, CA

Facilitators: Pastor Scott Gossenberger, Pastor Joe Basile

Host: Eric Tienken

Meeting Times: Every Thursday at 4:00pm


Kingsburg, Ca

HolySmoke Kingsburg

Meeting Place: Kingsburg, CA

Facilitators: Terrence Martinusen, Lance Bathauer

Host: Terrence Martinusen

Meeting Times: Every Other Tuesday At 5pm


Prarieville, La

HolySmoke Baton Rouge

Meeting Place: Prarieville, LA

Facilitators: Dustin, Connor, Dylan

Host: Dustin

Meeting Times: 2nd & 4th Tuesday at 7:30pm


There are many other HolySmoke Locations. Please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to guide you to the nearest HolySmoke or give you information about starting a Location!

Meeting Rules

  1. It’s Private – What is said here stays here.
  2. It’s Participatory – If you talk a lot, dial it back and give other guys a chance. If you talk a little, stretch yourself and share something.
  3. Be Yourself – Use whatever words necessary to communicate yourself.

What to expect at a HolySmoke Gathering:

  1. We will smoke a cigar(s).
  2. We will read and discuss the bible (Let the Word of God do the work of God).
  3. We will be done in an hour and a half (90 min).
  4. We will have a great time!

The rest will be unique to each group.


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