Business Advocacy Program

Engage your loyal clientele - Be Creative

Companies often ask for feedback – but actually acting on it is another thing. Brands that ensure that comments, complaints and suggestions become part of a process that actually feeds back into the company’s products and services make customers feel more involved and appreciated – and will drive better product development. Whether you have a consumer complaint published at HolySmoke, or whether you are looking to pre-emptive a negative review by being proactive and publishing a comprehensive introduction and overview of your success, we have the perfect solution.

What the Business Advocacy Program can do for you's Business Advocacy Program is a great way of overturning the adversities of a bad review, by reaching out to your consumers with an advocacy program to educate them about your business and generate positive comments and reviews. Get rid of the negative review and replace it with an honest outreach that helps your reputation, as well as gives your consumers a direct line of communication to resolve their grievances.

Get 5-Star Rating for your product or business, ranking on page 1 on Google.

Enhanced Company Profile

Change layout of your business profile and leverage customer experience.

Prevent Anonymous Reviews

Customize review collection flow to respond to identified and verified reviewers only.

Delay of review publication

Customize review collection flow to respond to identified and verified reviewers only.

Fully Customized Review Page

Validate the author of the review. Make sure the review is intended for your business.

Customized Google appearance

Shape search results and reduce negative connotation to meet needs of your brand.

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Convert negative reviews and complaints into compliments

Control Top Rank on Google

Your submitted Expert Review and Article will outrank most negative reviews on search engines. HolySmoke’s Business Advocacy Program ensures that you get a chance to convert the negative review into a positive endorsement. Open a direct line of communication with any disgruntled consumer and resolve their greivence before they publish a negative review from websites that simply do not remove content, nor give you a chance for redemption.

Online Real Estate for Life

What gets published on, stays published on With our unique combination of high domain/page authority, traffic and user-generated content finetuned to achieve the best ranks on search engines, you essentially get a permanent slot on top page at Google and Bing, for life.

Control Reviews

Fake reviews are a problem. And there’s no way to control fake reviews online in real-time. At, we monitor each user-submitted content, and a dedicated team manually verifies each comment and review published for our Business Advocacy Program Partners. With multiple protocols in place, our BAP users can control flow of fake and unsubstantied reviews on their profile.

On-demand marketing

Turning negative review into a positive endorsement is one thing. To be able to edit your profile/review page, and add marketing content, including a lead-generation form, CTA buttons, banners and videos to compliment your marketing campaign on a high-ranking webpage is a huge benefit. A benefit you can avail under the Business Advocacy Program.