Andreina Rodriguez

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Andreina Rodriguez is desperate for love and doesn’t stop at

Andreina ‘Quiroz’ Rodriguez of Harvey, Illinois is my boyfriend’s ex-wife. Since both have a daughter together I had accepted that I will be seeing her quite a bit in my life, in some capacity or another. I will be truthful, I did try liking her and accept her presence. On several occasions, I have invited her into my household and made sure that she was always treated with respect, while she on the other hand is making me wonder if she really deserves any of it.
That bitch is so cheap that she constantly keeps sending her photos to my boyfriend that leave little to the imagination. She has made herself inseparable from his family, making me the outsider. She made his family believe that she is the victim of their separation and got a raw deal. She is a damn good actress and plays the ‘poor-me’ card at the fall of a hat. All she wants to do is break my relationship with my boyfriend. Please ensure that your man doesn’t have her as a friend in their SnapChat or for that matter any other social media because she will try and ruin your relationship too. You are better off deleting her from your life. She is desperate for love and that makes her seek it in all the wrong places and using all the wrong methods.

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