Barbie JoAnn Cozby

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Beware: Barbie JoAnn Cozby is a bitch who will use and throw

Barbie JoAnn Cozby who used to live in Anacoco and work at Louisiana DOTD as a road technician is a scumbag. This crud hunts for her men at equally sleazy bars and dating sites like POF. Barbie is quite infamous in the Anacoco and Leesville area as the number 1 whore. She has quite a reputation and it is not unfounded.
She has been married thrice and cheated on all three of her then husbands. She ensured that all her husbands faced huge financial debts. Her list of boyfriends and fiancés is rather long. She can’t stay true and loyal to anyone, and will cheat whomever she is with. She likes to change men like clothes and cannot stay with anyone for more than five or six months after which she will dump them.
Her favorite is long distance relationships cause that’s her license to lie and cheat. She will expect you to be like a saint and never feel jealous of her male friends, guys who send her nude photos of themselves and call her at all hours. She is so corrupt that the day she dumbed her boyfriend who was from Lake Charles she fucked me. What sort of human does that? she even gave up custody of her son and daughter to her ex so she can roam free and lead a carefree, dick hunting life.
All she wants to do is find herself another dick. If you make the mistake of dating her you can be assured that she will rip your heart and pocket and leave you with a bleeding heart and dried wallet. If you do fuck her treat her the way she should be, like a whore.


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