Christine Flores

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Christine Flores is a pig who slept with a married man, know

Whore is a word that suits Christine Flores of Lancaster, California. This pig knew that my husband and I were married for 26 years. I messaged her and still she chose to sleep with my husband and wreck our marriage. My husband is equally guilty but a woman who chooses to sleep with a married man after knowing well that he is married is worse than a whore.
A whore is actually an understatement for this sleazy pig. She is a characterless person who has no morals and doesn’t care if the person is marries, if she is wrecking a marriage and doesn’t care about others feelings. She tempted my husband and lured him into her arms, knowing fully well that he was married and taken, such a woman is worse than whores.
The funny thing is she expected my husband to be loyal to her, silly pig. A man who wasn’t loyal to his wife of 26-years isn’t going to be loyal to a side bitch. You deserve everything you got and believe me karma is just around the corner waiting to give you what you deserve.

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