Gavion Muir

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A convicted criminal charged with possession of drugs and selling of weapons

Gavion Muir is as criminal as they come. Gavion Muir is a Jamaican who lives in Toronto Brampton Canada and is nothing but an uneducated labor class dolt. He works a labor job as a security guard and besides being a criminal, is also a serial cheater. He has been known to have several children out of wedlock with several women.
He has recently been released from prison where he was sentenced for multiple charges like rapes (including but not limited to sexually assaulting children), aggravated assault, forcible confinement and other violent offenses. He has also been known to sell weaponry like semi-automatic rifles and guns in the “black” market to youngsters, excuse the pun. He has been known to knock women around until they are unconscious and then sexually abuse them taking advantage of their state of comatose.
Gun violence is widespread throughout the GTA, thanks to the people like Gavion Muir. This guy has been charged and sentenced for countless criminal charges in his lifetime of all forms, yet he does not mend his ways despite having served more than just a few months of jail time.
He is a father to God knows how many children who have been conceived out of wedlock with multiple women and has never bothered about things like child support. He always claims to be broke on the event of being dragged into family court.
Not only that, but he is also a pathological liar. You guys need to be careful of this man. He is a sorry excuse for a human being.

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