Dr. Richard Davis

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Dr. Richard Davis should be sued for malpractice

Just a heads up to ladies on Facebook, or other social media sites. Dr. Rick Davis, Richard Davis, or simply Rick Davis is a married man on disability. He scans Facebook for ladies and begins his dialog by “like” ing photos, then he IMs the ladies. He begins by merely saying you are “Pretty”, simple enough, right? He is very bright and will study all details available to evaluate your financial status, if its good, he pursues more aggressively.

I found his interest in me odd, sure, I think i’m pretty, but a lot of our Friends on Facebook are as pretty and many prettier than me. Why me? So, to find out I baited him, giving him time and a platform to reveal how much he knew about me. He knows a lot, and he knows I am married but still pursued me. I could not resist allowing him enough time in conversations to deliver his story to me, I wanted to get the full pitch, but meanwhile I was researching him online. I quickly discovered the story he was telling me matched stories posted by various victims for four years . At this point the table turned, Tricky Ricky became my prey. I found consistant reports on many different websites describing the man, photos are abundant because he really likes himself a lot! Its sad reading the reports written by his victims, many who allowed a relationship to form because they were lonely and unsuspecting “pretty” ladies. So if approached by Tricky Ricky via social media block him and be sure to let your friends know he is dangerous. Each lady victim reported having intimate contact with him, so hes ok with ripping off his lovers. They all they suffered monetary damages, and some were drugged and physically endangered by his bogus medical treatments.Tricky Ricky AKA Dr. Richard Davis , #rbeaglemaster is a married man (apparently he wife is an idiot), with no job, in fact he is on disability, he is reported to be an animal abuser, a debtor, and a loser.

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