Ewa Jankojc

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Ewa Jankojc – Liar, cheater, and adulterer!

This post will clearly demonstrate the complete and utter lies, infidelity and betrayal of a woman named Ewa Jankojc against the institution of marriage and her 12-year old daughter named Julia. This socially corrupt individual aged 47 years made a conscious decision to have a sexual relationship with her daughter’s 22-year old tennis coach in the summer of 2016. She deemed it worth ruining her marriage with husband Waldek.

Her husband is an amazing father who works hard to make ends meet. He works as an independent driver and puts in long hours to pay the mortgage of his condominium in Cliffwood, New Jersey.

Her daughter’s full-time travel tennis coach is barely 24 years and she started a romance with him in the garb of taking an interest and participating in her daughter’s extracurricular activities. The tennis coach was a health stricken man suffering from clinical depression after his last breakup and Ewa took advantage of that fact to fulfill her own selfish desires. She approached him saying that she wanted to help him out with his depression but her ulterior motive all along was to seduce him into her bed. She mercilessly exploited his innocence to convince him to meet her at other locations to start up a sizzling extramarital affair with him.

She kept low so as not to draw suspicion and even had the balls to perform sexually deviant acts in the coach’s own home where he lived with his parents. This woman has no shame and she didn’t blink twice while looking her daughter in the eyes and lying to her face. She continued on this affair for 3 long months without any qualms while her husband worked hard to provide for his family and to keep them happy.

After the end of summer, she mercilessly broke up the short affair with the guy after satiating her own selfish and deviant sexual desires leaving him, once again, distressed and brokenhearted. The coach tried to reason with her and tell her that he wanted to have a real, honest to God relationship with her to which she laughed in his face and threatened to report him to the cops with the charges of stalking.
Shortly after that, a Domestic Violence Restringing order was granted against her and now she is being tried for the same.

Be smart people and do not let the likes of Ewa Jankojc coerce you into doing something that is against your will!

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