Katharine Crawford

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Katharine Crawford is only looking for money and sex

Katharine Crawford is best at getting men to get her knocked up. She does this all the time. But she still can’t keep a man. She wants them to knock her up and then marry them. She doesn’t stop there though. No, she cheats on them. And then they leave her, unsurprisingly.
But this woman doesn’t care about any of that. All she is looking for her is the next man she can trap. Because if she can get them to knock her up, then she knows she’s found her next money train. And trust me, that’s all she wants from them. Her poor kids, though. They’ve all got different last names and they have the worst mother in the world. Again, it’s not only the kids she affects because of her actions. She has wrecked so many relationships and ruined so many lives in order to get what she wants. If you don’t believe men, then go ahead and check her records. See how long each man stays with her before they have. Always less than 6 months.
This hoe works with Waterford Fire and Rescue, and also goes by Katherine Rice, Katharine Gums, Katee Renee, Katharine Rice and Katee Gums.

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