Rita Jindal

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Rita is a selfish gold digger who flirts and sleeps around

Rita is a whore who likes to hit on men who have money. She just wants someone to take care of her irrespective of who the man is or where he comes from. She is fine with dating men who are committed also. She flirts with everyone at her work place whether or not they are married. She manipulates men and says lies for most of the things in her relationship. She has used many men at her previous workplaces as well. She cannot feed her own self or bear her own expenses and thus keeps dating anyone with a heavy wallet. She is a gold digger who doesn’t mind sleeping with anyone as long as he maintains her lifestyle. She doesn’t just stop at basic expenses. She needs someone to take her to parties every weekend. This woman gets completely out of control when she drinks. Oh lord! She is one hell of a whore and I just wish people would come to know about her, so that she pays for her sins. There should be someone who comes and uses her the way she uses people. She should definitely learn a lesson so that she takes care of her own shit without ruining anybody’s life.

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