Sean Evans

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Sean Evans is a serial cheater and scumbag who can’t be fait

The whole world knows that Sean Evans of Chattanooga, Tennessee cheated on his first wife, it’s an open secret. Sean is such a lowlife that he managed to get his side chick into his household as a babysitter. Seriously man, where have you left your common sense, don’t you think of all the possible things that would so go? Anyway, his wife#1 caught up with his and busted his balls. She kicked him to the curb.
Sean tried hard but wife#1 to take him back but failed. So now he decided lets gets married to the side chick, the babysitter Lauren instead. One would assume that he would stay faithful, given the fact that wife#2 Lauren, supported him while he was fired from the restaurant on grounds of sexual harassment. But no, Sean has a tough time keeping his dick in his pants, he regularly cheats on wife#2. A couple of days back I saw him sticking his tongue down another girl’s throat, exchanging saliva. Guess Sean has a lot more lessons to learn.
Please keep your woman and girlfriends away from this dick. The word self-respect has no meaning to this guy. He has a disease-ridden body and are better off without him.

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