Tony Brea

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Tony Brea does drugs and will give you an STD - stay far awa

Tony Brea is a nasty man. He spreads viruses to people (if you want to check, ask him about all the sores he gets in his groin area, genitals and butt), cheats and lies to woman and he uses drugs. He’s a freaking coward and he doesn’t care about how many people he hurts. Or infects.
He asked at least one of his exes if she could get him prescription painkillers and even offered money for it. He wanted her to get Xanax from her doctor. He will also proudly tell you about how he was formerly part of a gang in the Miami/Carol City area. He still keeps in touch with the leader. And yet, he’s a coward who hides women.
There are arrest records for him in Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County. He lives in the West Palm Beach and Loxahatchee area now, but used to live in Royal Palm Beach, Lake Worth. He works with a company based in Riviera Beach and Martin County, that deals with aquatic vegetation control. He drives one of their trucks and the company has also been warned of his drug use.
He got the virus he spreads around now after he slept with Brittany C Park (she’s known online as LilBritt), who also lives in the Loxahatchee and West Palm Beach area. And let me tell you, condoms won’t protect you, because they don’t cover all his infected areas. Tony thinks STDs are a joke.
This is to warn people to stay away from Tony Brea and to tell them who he really is.

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