William “Bill” Holsinger

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William “Bill” Holsinger cheated and lied to me for 10 long

This man doesn’t deserve a decent, respectable women in his life. He considers all women to be stupid. I trusted him blindly and that was my biggest mistake. It took me 10 years to see through the reality. On our 10th anniversary, I discovered that he has been befriending 18-20 year old college girls since quite a while now. He had also signed up on dating websites. On a website called economist, he had searched up for finding women to fuck in SC. This website provides the complete listing of the rates and extra charges for specific things provided by prostitutes. When I asked him about this, he cooked up stories and lied to me. On the worse side, he asked about what I did when I was away with my son for his back surgery. After a couple hours of discussion, he said that he was just being nosey, that’s why he registered on all these sites. He really thought I was dumb enough to believe on all of these things. He would leave for business trips on Friday and would return by Sunday. He used to say he just used the beds to sleep after he was tired with work. He is just a bag full of shit. He has been so much into prostitutes, that his pickup was repossessed. He said to everyone that he sold it, to avoid embarrassment. He now leads his life from one paycheck to another and has got nothing left with him. Don’t believe this lying ass and ask your daughters to stay away from this crappy man by all means.

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