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NRG Binary - Don’t even think about entrusting your money

By addison / June 22, 2017

Providing Binary Trading Platforms seems the latest marketing gimmick of Brokerages wherein they take huge deposits and defraud customers. I am a victim of one such fraud. NRG Binary is...

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Merit Gold - dishonest business that does misleading sales

By aubrey / July 10, 2016

In Feb 2015, I had come across an advertisement on the radio about buying and selling of gold and silver by Merit Gold and I discussed with my wife about...

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La Villaz Kapital - Dina Kallini, owner of the company is a psycho

By atap / September 14, 2017

I’ve assisted a few celebrities and high profile people in the past. I was offered the position of a personal assistant to the owner of this supposedly renowned company named...

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