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Jeff Ber is corrupt

Jeff Ber is a corrupt investor advisor that used to work with TD Securities. Jeff Ber has received over $100,000 in bribes.

Stay away from this Jeff Ber


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 A senior investment advisor at Toronto-Dominion Bank left the company after an internal investigation found that he had placed Blackbird Energy Inc shares with clients not suited to investing in high-risk stocks, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.

The sources said that advisor Jeff Ber received an unauthorized payment from the junior oil and gas explorer after the placing was completed.

TD Securities acted as co-lead on a public offering of shares in Blackbird Energy in March, through which the company raised C$84.8 million, more than the C$80 million it had planned.

Ber, who joined the bank in November 2016, received a check from Blackbird for around C$100,000 about a week after the financing closed, said a source familiar with the situation.


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