Michael Berkowitz

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Michael Berkowitz, economy professor at university of Toront

Michael Berkowitz is an economics professor teaching at the University of Toronto Canada. He has reached the heights of being a sick pervert. This person is an abnormal pedophile and is not safe around children at all. He has already been accused of sexual assaults more than once. He has faced child luring charges and has even spent a long time in jail for the same. He is a pedophile rapist who does not seem to change his ways or get better. His mentality cannot be changed and you can never be sure of what he is up to. His own Rabbi said that this man is incurable. Wherever this man has lived so far, he has proved to be dangerous and many people have had awful experiences when this man was around their children. Parents and people in the society around him should be extra cautious about this person and should never their children unattended. He is literally a predator who has mastered various methods to attract children towards what he says. He lures children and traps them to fulfil his sick sexual desires. Beware of this person and if you happen to see him with somebody else’s child, report immediately!

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