Hyper up the Change: Examining the Down Now to Hyper Verse Name Change and Its Impact on the Fund




The recent announcement that the digital asset management platform Hyper Fund will be changing its name to Hyper Verse has led to some confusion among the site’s users. This name change was followed by a number of other changes, one of which was a large drop in the value of Fund’s tokens, which caused investors to be concerned. This article will investigate the factors that led to the rebranding of Fund and will present a summary of the recent events that led up to the company’s fall from prominence.

The Beginnings of Hyper Fund

Ryan Xu initiated the creation of the cryptocurrency investing platform known as Fund in 2018. Xu, an entrepreneur from China, is the person responsible for the establishment of the MultiBank Group, which is a provider of financial services. Individuals now have the ability to invest in digital assets like as Bitcoin and Ethereum through a platform called Fund, which was developed with the intention of relieving them of the burden of navigating the complex world of cryptocurrencies. Investors may choose from a variety of investment packages provided by Fund, each of which featured a unique combination of risk and potential return.

The Development and Progress of Fund

Initially, Fund’s success was credited to the one-of-a-kind business model that it utilised. Fund, in contrast to most other cryptocurrency investment platforms, did not impose any fees on its users, the investors. Instead, it turned a percentage of its revenues into its own cryptocurrency, which it referred to as HU, and used those HU investments to produce revenue. Investors were drawn to the possibility of significant returns with no initial investment required, which made this strategy appealing to a large number of potential backers.

The Expansion of Fund in Asia

The success of Fund was especially noteworthy in Asia, where it was touted as a method for individuals to take advantage of the fast increasing digital economy in that region. HyperFund was a huge hit in Asia. In China, where it already had a sizable and devoted fanbase, the corporation created a solid presence for themselves there.

In spite of the early achievements of Fund, the company is currently experiencing a period of stagnation. This downturn was brought on by a string of events, the most notable of which were the rebranding of the company to Verse and a large decline in the value of its tokens.

Changing the Name of Hyper Fund

In the latter half of the year 2021, Fund made the announcement that the company would be changing its name to Verse. This name change generated confusion among its users, many of whom were uncertain why the company had opted to rebrand itself. Some suspected that the name change was an attempt to dissociate itself from its prior reputation as a cryptocurrency investment platform, while others claimed that it was an attempt to reposition the company as a blockchain technology provider.

The confusion surrounding the name change was accentuated by a large reduction in the value of HyperFund’s tokens. In early 2022, the value of HU, HyperFund’s cryptocurrency, dropped by almost 90% in a couple of weeks. This reduction in value was attributed to a multitude of issues, including greater competition in the cryptocurrency industry and worries over the company’s management and governance.

HyperFund’s Governance and Management Problems

HyperFund’s decline was also tied to worries regarding the company’s management and governance. Some investors expressed doubts about the company’s openness, stating that it had failed to give accurate and timely information about its operations and financial performance. Others questioned the company’s management, accusing it of making actions that were adverse to investors’ interests.

Hyper Fund’s Reaction to the Decline

HyperFund responded to the decrease by implementing a range of actions meant to restore investor confidence. These steps included boosting transparency, improving governance and management structures, and diversifying its portfolio to reduce risk.

HyperVerse Review

HyperVerse’s recent name change and downfall have raised worries about its future prospects. Several analysts have argued that the company’s intention to reinvent itself as a blockchain technology supplier could be a sensible move, considering the potential for growth in this area. But, others have expressed worries about the company’s capacity to compete in an increasingly saturated market.


HyperFund’s collapse has been a key event in the bitcoin sector. The name change to HyperVerse and the reduction in the value of its tokens have prompted alarm among investors, who are now questioning.

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