The 30 Day Ecom Academy by Hayden Bowles: My Honest Review!

The 30 Day Ecom Academy by Hayden Bowles: My Honest Review!
Ineffective program
Not value for money

Are you looking to make some big profits through dropshipping? Have you been hearing good things about Hayden Bowles and how his info products make great profits for their users?

Hayden Bowles claims he can give you the knowledge to make great profits through dropshipping.

Join me, while I study the product further and review the opportunity that it offers

Who is Hayden Bowles?

Hayden is a young man who claims to have made a fortune from the dropshipping business. He has sold various info product courses which he claims teach you how to make great profits by using his methods through the Shopify business model.

He likes to put content on his YouTube channel showing off his vast wealth by flying around the world, buying sports cars for his grandfather, etc.

This is just his way of showing that success is possible and promoting his dropshipping courses.

Is Hayden Bowles’ Info Product a Scam?

I have looked at the 30 Day Ecommerce Academy in detail and I cannot say that it is a scam.

It does include what it claims to and has over 40 hours of content, plus lifetime access and ways to interact with other people who are taking the course.

Perhaps the bigger question is whether the course will lead to you making the profits that you expect. This needs more investigation.

A Quick Review of 30 Day Ecommerce Academy

The whole concept is to teach you enough within 30 days to have your Shopify business up and running and making a profit.

The course is divided into 61 instructional videos that are released divided into categories in weekly segments.

Subjects covered include, finding suitable products to sell, creating your online store, marketing using Facebook Ads, Upsells, aggressive scaling, etc.

I would like to run through some of the main pros and cons of the 30 day Academy course. First up, let’s look at the pros.


  • There are 61 in-depth videos included. These are quite well done and informative. They add up to over 40 hours of content and are the main part of the course’s content.
  • There is a private “mastermind” group with this course where you can interact with other people who have taken the course and Hayden Bowles is often present to answer questions. This is my favorite feature in the 30 Day Ecommerce Academy course.
  • There are regular live presentations that feature Hayden Bowles demonstrating live how he scales his ad accounts. This is a nice addition to the course and I enjoyed watching the process live.

We have seen that there are some nice pros to investing in this course, so for balance’s sake, we should have a look at some of the negatives.


  • The refund option is only valid for the first 7 days. So this means that you would have to undertake to review the first week’s videos, demonstrate that you have unsuccessfully tried to use the information you have learned, and apply for the refund all within the first 7 days. This is unrealistic in my opinion, and it shows a lack of confidence in the quality of the course. There are plenty of other course options that offer longer and better money-back options.
  • I wasn’t keen that the video content was unlocked week-by-week. We all work and learn at different speeds and I have always enjoyed “binging” my way through all of the content and then going back and reviewing it in detail. I found this to be unnecessarily restrictive, especially as I had already paid for the course in full.
  • In many ways I found Hayden Bowles to be quite charming, but his bragging about buying luxury sports cars at a young age showed a lack of credibility. It is fine to make claims of success, but his worldwide travels and displays of wealth came across to me as inauthentic.
  • When you consider the high price of this course, you should also consider that quite a lot of this content is available online for free. It may not be presented quite as well or gathered together in one place, but it is out there on the internet. One of the main criticisms I saw when I researched this course online was the price and that a lot of similar information can be found with a Google search. The content contained in the 30 Day Ecommerce Academy course is too generic for the price charged in my opinion.
  • The claims of being able to make 7 figures using dropshipping in 30 days are again unrealistic. The opinion of many people online about this course is that that target is impossible and if Hayden Bowles is making fantastic profits, it is more likely to come from selling his courses than doing any actual dropshipping.

So, we have seen some of the most important pros and cons of Hayden Bowles’ 30 Day Ecommerce Academy.  Let’s look at some other important factors…

How much does the 30 Day Ecommerce Academy Cost?

The price for the 30 Day Ecommerce Academy as of writing this review is $897. It is always worth watching out for any special promotions or extended payment terms that might be offered.

Is this Info Product Worth the Money?

In my opinion, there is a good selection of over 60 videos that contain some good information, but that comes to just over 40 hours of content in total which is not enough for an info product which is set at this high price point.

There is a comment on the website which claims that this is a Beta product and the price will be going up shortly, so I deem this to be overpriced compared to other similar products on the market.

Other Opinions about Hayden Bowles’ course

It is a fact that we all have different perceptions of how effective these info product courses turn out to be. What works for me might not be for you.

With this in mind, I decided to look at what other people were saying about Hayden Bowles’ 30 Day Ecommerce Academy online. I looked at other review sites, Facebook Groups and some online message boards, etc.

I found this feedback to be of limited value as too many people seemed to be effusively cheering Hayden’s product to make affiliate sales or were overly negative as they were promoting an alternative product.

I had more success on YouTube and Reddit. The reviews there seemed to be more honest and straightforward.

On Reddit I found the feedback to be mostly negative. I struggled to find anyone who said anything positive about Hayden, and there were even posts warning that it was a waste of money to subscribe to any of his courses.

Generally, I would say that it was quite difficult to find an reviews on YouTube. So, instead I recommend you watch the following overview to get an inside of who Hayden Bowles is and what he does:

My Personal Experience with Hayden Bowles

I did enjoy parts of this course and Hayden Bowles does have some good knowledge to share, but I am just not convinced that the content he supplies will lead to the riches that he claims are possible.

I continue to believe that accumulating life-changing wealth will always take time and getting rich within 30 days is impossible. Get rich schemes don’t work and building wealth takes both time and effort.

My Conclusion

As I have said previously, I did enjoy parts of the 30 Day Ecommerce Academy, and I appreciated Hayden’s confident tone and “can do” attitude. He is quite an inspiring figure in many ways.

However, I have doubts about how effective his program will be and I doubt that it will make you the profits which he is talking about.

In my opinion, the price for this course is far too high. The material is too generic and much of it could be found for free online.

I recommend that you look at some other options.

4.5Expert Score
Bottom Line

In my opinion, the price for this course is far too high. The material is too generic and much of it could be found for free online.
I recommend that you look at some other options.

Customer Service
  • Ineffective program
  • Not value for money
  • Relies heavily of affiliates for sales
  • Uses "Get rich quick scheme" lingo

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