HolySmoke Challenge Coin

Challenge coins are not just proof that you are a member of HolySmoke but serve a specific purpose. They remind us that we are part of an elite group and its rules that challenge us on a daily basis.

When you accept the challenge, you accept the responsibility of carrying the coin on you at all times and must follow the three rules below.


You are going through your day and you reach into your pocket. The Challenge Coin is a reminder for you to pray for someone who you might not have yet. So take a little time out and pray.


You are sitting in a group and you reach into your pocket. The Challenge Coin is as a reminder that someone might be waiting for a personal invitation to one of our HolySmoke bible studies. So reach out and personally invite that person.


You are in a social environment, perhaps a cigar shop or a restaurant. One of our brothers pulls out the coin and challenges everyone in our HolySmoke elite group. Those who do not have their Challenge Coin with them must buy everyone who does a cigar or a drink.

Do you want to accept the challenge?

Will you carry the HolySmoke Challenge Coin with you and abide by these three rules?


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