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Friends arrested with big bags of cannabis and LSD, criminal courts, telling victim stories and slandering witnesses in court cases

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Published: 13 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymously

I felt something was amiss with Breath and Sound. I did not want to say but I had to speak up for myself. I wrote earlier in the year and I wanted to take my friends to a breathing workout but then I cancelled because my friend found these articles. A woman called Daniela Mar responded to me by email and pretended she was being victimised but the court letters with Han’s name on do not lie.

I stumbled across some threats published with Hans name on many other forums and I read an ebook about what happened that was hard to read. Han obviosuly has some abuse and hatred issues and he needs to own it. From what I read of the ebook Daniela Mar tried to blame someone else for Hans abusive energy instead and was also implicated in energy violations in ayahuasca rituals.

I feel if a relationship has problems it needs healing and the ebook said Daniela Mar tried to put Han’s abusive karma in a shaman and things went bad. I told Daniela Mar in the email they had things to face in themselves and they needed space to heal it.

They need to heal themselves first and face the truth rather than blaming others and spreading lies.

Daniela Mar posted some lies blaming others but I saw she had to take it off. I try not to judge but they are false victims to their actions. I can say they were arrested with the bags of weed and it is their responsibility. Maybe prison will help them to work out their stories and find the light.

I am disappointed with Karuna as well at InLight, obviously there are problems with Daniela and Hanuman and Karuna Manning glossed over it by hiding the truth from me.

Karuna Manning at InLight also wrote to my friend and told lies to try and discredit the other side of the story. She wrote that she was being spammed and subjected to mad accusations. She is covering for criminal behaviour and not as love and light as she says she is.

Karuna Manning of the Breath and Sound team at Lagos was involved in mocking witnesses as liars, mentally sick spastics, retards, rapists, pedofiles and scumbags. Karuna Manning and others stopped laughing when they were caught seeking witnesses, two other involved were arrested.

They were caught hiding fugitives from the police and allowing their centre to be used to intimidate witnesses in criminal judicial hearings and Johannes Maasland stopped laughing when he was re-arrested for the third time in November 2019.

Police planted trackers on Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland to arrest people for ayahuasca, LSD and for cannabis farming. They decided to stop threatening people with murder and violence, and making fun of them as sick retards, deranged idiots and pedofiles.

First they would not stop and the response was to post up links to threats of murder, claiming witnesses would be murdered before police can help, or have their legs broken and put in hospital

It was done by Johannes Maasland of Breath and Sound, with help from Daniela Mar as well as someone called Karuna Manning who can also be nasty to those helping police in their investigations. The two drug traffickers were on police bail, running from cops and hiding under different names whilst posting hate speech, threats of murder and nasty defamation. She helped to hide Johannes Maasland under a different name and then the police found him jumping bail after he kept posting homosexual pedofile comments against witnesses in Court cases involving himself.

They did stop in the end but that was after more than 400 (four hundred) of their friends involved in ayahuasca were arrested and/or investigated over 3 years and 351 police reports were filed on Daniela Markert and Johannes Maasland.

Karuna Manning is best buddies with drug traffickers going down for dealing and she stopped laughing when she was exposed as a sick liar, a deranged idiot and a retard involved in picking on witnesses, laughing about it and posting sick pedofile slander.

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