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Jason Bond Picks ran a finance scam targeting young traders. He is now being sued for $137 Million. Read full report on Holysmoke!
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Why You Should Stay A Thousand Miles Away From Jason Bond Picks 

Jason Bond Picks is everything that is wrong with the mainstream financial investing space at present. He is a fraud, a con artist and coaxes people into giving him money for his strategies on investing in stock markets and earning great wealth as he claims. Jason Bond Picks flashes his vacations to exotic locations, his private jets and supercars. He also claims that he has some proprietary tactics and strategies that can help anyone get on top of even Wall Street’s money mavens and win in the end. Jason Bond Picks is based on the penny stock market and he believes that luck is nothing and only the proper skills are what matter. It is statements like these that have already managed to fool several people into parting with their hard earned money in his name. 


Who Is This Guy Anyway? 

Jason Bond Picks is the stock trading advisory company or entity set up Jason Bond who is the CEO and founder here. He has claimed to have earned millions of dollars post leaving his teacher’s job in the year 2011. He now claims to offer services which will deploy a strategy for small cap swing trades to earn considerable profits and incomes for members. The website claims to be the TrustPilot top-rated service for stock trading and also claims to have successfully trained more than 10,000 people. There is a team of trading experts including Nathan Bear and Jeff Bishop among others. Bond has claimed that he can easily teach you how to master stock market trading while eventually enjoying the same millionaire life that he already has. He has been interviewed as he claims and featured in prestigious journals. $5 million is estimated to be his own net worth (we all know where that comes from). 

He offers videos and other merchandise via a gift store (how ingenious a way to make money) and also has the Jason Bond Stock Picks advisory and Jason Bond Picks millionaire roadmap on offer.The former basically works on the basis of subscriptions where Bond talks about the best performing small cap stocks on a particular day in the market. This is billed at $399 for every quarter and covers trading alerts for both swing trading and also the long haul. Post enrolment, members get the copy of the DVD named How to Trade Like a Pro, Not a Hobby which is reportedly valued at $1,499. The subscription entails 10 alerts every week through email and text, sell and buy alerts, watch lists on a daily basis and access to the educational suite along with long-term trading strategies. 

Once Jason Bond spots any stock that can be a winner, he issues an alert to all members telling them about the one to purchase, the targeted price and the duration for which to hold onto the position. Then, a sell alert is dispatched, asking people to exit and the selling price. When it comes to his legitimacy, nobody will recommend Jason Bond. He is not transparent enough when it comes to revealing information. The biggest red flag here is that Bond’s service does not come with any trial period which is free and there is a policy of strictly not giving any refunds. This means that the guy is only interested in getting people to sign up and taking their hard earned money which explains the no-refunds position that he’s held onto until now. 

The Millionaire Roadmap is the premium facility which costs close to $8,000 as per estimates and aims at offering more personalized mentoring and guidance for turning a member into a rich person. However, everything takes place in the shadows with a total lack of transparency which makes everything seem really shady and boy it is! When you get people like Joe Canseco (baseball star) and Frank Mir (former UFC Heavyweight Champion) endorsing the system and talking of Bond as their coach, it is even more dangerous for the people. The premium service includes Mastermind Training, Mastermind Meetups and also Mastermind Webinars. Training is given by Bond, Nathan Bear and Jeff Bishop. Bishop claims to be a millionaire trader with ample experience and ex-mentor to Bond himself while Bear claims to have increased $37,725 into a whopping $1,223,734 in 2 ½ years only. 

This program reportedly helps people watch trades done by these people in real-time with commentary. The meetups take place in Dallas, Boston, Las Vegas and New York where people can meet these guys and discuss strategies for trading. Some of the add-ons include free access to the Weekly Money Multiplier program by Jeff Bishop who will keep alerting you throughout the day, claiming that the position can be increased by 100% in less than two weeks. There is a private chat room for talking to Bond and his team along with getting live alerts. However, everything happens on the surface with no evidence of anyone having benefited from the system. 

Bond is a master at fishing out people for the long haul and earning money from long-term subscriptions without really helping them grow their money. There is no money back guarantee or free trial and the claims made are outrageous which make it seem that it is really easy to become a millionaire overnight. There is no evidence available for verifying these claims made by Bond and his team. 

The Truth

​How Jason Bond Is A Big Fraud And Liar

Investigations were conducted by experts into the operation back in the year 2015 and everything they found was really shocking to say the least. Jason Bond has been lying openly about being affiliated with Harvard University. He has claimed that in only 5 years, he has earned more than $26,000,000 million courtesy day trading in penny stock markets although there is no proof whatsoever. There is just a feed on Twitter showing fake 100% winning trades made by him every day which is not possible to say the least! No money has ever been lost and he has duped several people of their money. Jason Bonds operates in penny stocks which are not liquid at all. 

Once he releases any buy or sell alert, there is a huge rush amongst members to purchase the stock or sell it and this leads to the penny stock going up to lower/higher prices. This means that Jason Bond and his team dump their own shares of almost no-value penny stocks upon the bigger fools who are buying into them. This is total manipulation and he is scamming people greatly with these strategies. Many organizations that are recommended by Jason Bond are illegal and shady and some of them are total fraudulent entities. He has managed to convince many people that he is a transparent financial wizard who can make them huge money and they fall in to the trap hook line and sinker! Bond fraudulently tells a story of how he was a humble teacher at a gym in a public school and then he found penny stock trading and made the huge amount quoted above. However, this is totally false and fake. There is no proof, nobody has made any money yet and all Bond has made is the money earned from subscriptions. 

Bond even lied about speaking at Harvard Business School. He has quoted in his tweet, saying that he was invited to speak with student entrepreneurs. He also talked of how he made it a reality through his passion for trading and educating. The investigators contacted Harvard University and were referred to the provost called Alan Garber whose permission was necessary for speaking at the prestigious institution. However, he had never heard of any such person called Jason Bond or deployed any invitation. Just think how this guy lies on everyone’s faces! 

JasonBondPicks.com is a shamelessly operating fraudulent scam and Bond has managed to build a reputation that is clean in the outside world without being exposed for what he really is and also is pulling off several tricks on his website. The guy is readily scamming people without breaking any law. In the Swing and Long Term Trading pack, users will never have any chance to replicate the moves being made by their teacher, Bond himself. He will get into a trade and then send out the alert. All followers will then scramble to get in and thereafter, get out later on, making losses while Bond keeps making a profit. This is a pump-up and dump system employed by Bond which is really sad since he keeps making money off his members who blindly follow his advice to their own financial doom. He brings several buyers into purchasing a stock which is obscure and then flees with prices being pumped up and his clients stranded in deeper waters. This is illegal although Bond has managed to cleverly conceal this till now. 

The Millionaire Roadmap is even more fraudulent. They get more celebrities into the program and shoot promotional videos, all the while luring more unsuspecting people into paying a huge sum of money which ultimately benefits their teacher while leaving them poorer and none the wiser at the end of the day. The reviews are so positive that you will wonder about how much Bond pays to ensure this. He does not have any proof of success or experience. Negative comments are wiped out with alacrity as well. Bond has videos showing stuff like a Porsche being given to a star student which are totally fake. There are paid actors thronging the videos and their real identities are simply not there. They are not students of Jason Bond at all. 

Additionally, there are several negative reviews and complaint about the faulty services and losses that people have encountered at the hands of Jason Bond. However, they are made to vanish and drowned in the sea of positive and promising reviews. In fact, many people have also stated that Bond promised to offer them help in case their trades were down but he did not do so at all. What this guy is essentially doing is that he is selling a false dream of striking it rich immediately within a few days after investing in penny stocks on a day trading position. However, nothing could be farther from what happens in reality. What happens in reality is that Bond and his team of pseudo financial gurus are only using the innocence and trusting nature of people to keep making them losses with trading tweaks while they end up richer from daily trades. People don’t even realize this and continue making losses. 

Also, there are no refunds so as long as he manages to find new people to swindle, he’s not bothered about the ones who have dropped out due to negligence and heavy losses and upon realizing that Jason Bond is nothing but a fraud and scammer of the highest order. Then take into account the fact that he is actually earning his money through the subscriptions and member payments. This adds up to a huge sum and in fact he is paying a hefty amount for getting positive reviews posted and negative reviews removed so that he can continue to find gullible new prey for his financial scam. This is where the authorities should act strongly against this entire cohort for swindling people’s money. In fact, there is no evidence of what Jason Bond has accomplished so far. What he has done is build a castle out of air that people have evidently fallen for and realized much later down the line when they had already made losses and paid up through their noses for getting this self-proclaimed financial guru’s tips and suggestions. People should firmly stay a thousand miles away from these crooks and in fact encourage the authorities to take action. A thorough investigation should be done by the authorities on the products and services offered by Jason Bond and his team before they are allowed to continue doing business. 

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Following Jeffrey Shaw is waste your precious time and resources that can pull in other activities to benefit you economically. The advertisement he makes all over the social platforms and on Television is a lie.

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  1. All these guys selling trading strategies are BS artists who make their money selling courses instead of being successful traders. Obviously, if anyone had the “secret sauce” to winning in the market would he or she not take a huge loan and use margin to the hilt to make a killing in the market with the knowledge he or she had?!

  2. If I could give this outfit a lower score then 1 would. The only thing they score high in is LYING, POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, and never doing what they say. The lawsuits continue and I would strongly suggest you stay far away

  3. I read in several different places that his real name is not “Bond” and that he claimed to have been invited to Harvard to speak, when in fact it was a lie.

    Who knows but I believe he’s totally untrustworthy.

  4. I believe that all countries and world governments should force all these internet providers and search engines and any other company that uses the internet to pay a small tax to set up a police force to track down and prosecute all deceptive companies spammers and scammers alike. They make more than enough profit from the world public to do this and make the internet safer for all. Any country that refuses to take part should just be blocked from the internet till they comply. Because this whole situation is getting right out of control and the internet is becoming a haven for unchecked crimes, except for child pornography they do very little.

  5. I was one of the gullible fools who fell for this con artist – $1000 dollars POOF, GONE for what?
    A bunch of LOSING TRADES that put me further into debt so that Jason Bond and has fraternity brother thieves could front run their own recommendations and then FADE their subscribers! SCUMBAGS ONE AND ALL!

  6. These people are spruikers. They make money teaching you to trade and play options. When you play options you are gambling. At the same time they make guaranteed profits selling options in the market to people like you, gamblers.

  7. Bought Jason Bond Picks unlimited alerts and training for $1,295 on 10/4/2020. Did not realize his alerts are for penny stocks, ungi

  8. After having traded for 10 years all you have to figure out is what indicators they use. That’s it people. It’s usually a combination of indicators. I use 4 indicators. Forget about all the other BS. These people make money on their courses not trading. If they made good money they would charge alot less. Don’t believe them when they say you get what you pay for. The stock market along with Forex is a trillion dollar plus business they could give away this shit for free but it’s all BS. Keep your money and learn from the free stuff you find online. That’s how I did it. These guys will never offer guarantees or show the horrible track record they have because they loose alot and make it up on their over priced courses.

  9. Ask yourself one thing, whenever you see these types of people – if a person is good at trading, then why would they need the income from selling courses, systems, subscriptions and training?

    They need the income because it’s their only income. And they get that income by selling you the fantasy that they’re rich and successful.

    i was apart of his webinar presentation about 5 minutes ago . He was goin on and on about making big returns and using the 7 secrets to trading success not sure something along those lines , am on the the fence about him because he didnt even do a live market analysis just using historical charts and throwing big number

  10. Reply
    ROBERT BRUCE BRIDGENS July 25, 2020 at 2:12 am

    It is quit obviously why should people earning money by them selves make others earning money for nothing!!!! Maybe only 1 in a thousand would do that. As they always lie – it is for free, risk free but as soon as you klick the button all of a sudden it costs money! That is how they earn their money fouling you! It is the same with selling!

  11. Bought Jason Bond Picks unlimited program for $1,295 on 10/4/2020. Realized it was for penny stocks and a pump and dump scheme. Started requesting for a refund on 10/7/2020. No refund yet, lots of run around when I call customer service line, such as that they will give me a refund in a few days. No refund request confirm email received yet. They told me their system is up grading or switching over and they can’t send me an email. In the meantime, I am getting tons of up selling emails. I reported them to BBB and my credit card company. I also sent an email to: [email protected] bull.com. My campaign to get my money back continues…. this is BS.

  12. I will say this once now and will say it over and over again. ANYONE that needs to sell their strategy to teach a beginner to people they don’t know on the internet is ALWAYS A SCAM. I am a real day trader, and because I have an amazing system I would never share that with anyone else. Why would I? It doesn’t make sense to me. Doesn’t just go with trading, I’ve seen stuff like this in every industry. If you’re truly making money, why do you want money from others to teach them? What are they gaining by doing this? These people are EXPERT SALESMEN and that’s just the truth. DONT GET SUCKED INTO ANYONE who tells you they can teach you to become a millionaire online.

  13. while trading it can cause swift death of your trading account in the Forex world. Want to get rich quickly? That kind of greedy and aggressive attitude will quickly wipe the commas and zeros off your account balance at alarming speeds. You may have just missed out on a 600% return. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new or experienced trader, Forex trading is a journey of self-improvement. You will learn more about yourself as you become an experienced trader, than you ever have. One of the things that you must master is the ability to suppress impulsive behaviors, dangerous emotions, and irrational thinking before trading. read more and get connected to website on google if only you can search for it on net.

  14. Jeff Bishop, Jason Bond ,etc, they are all a scam gang. They absolutely don’t have any clue of what they do. They are just blind gamblers playing with the money you pay them. Never fall prey. If they have little credibility they would give a trial period or offer money back guarantee. They know that no one is going to buy their scam after the trial period. BEWARE GUYS, DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

  15. Be aware of auto renew with no communication. For an entity that sends email with frequency bordering on spam, they do NOT email you that you will auto-renew. No indication that you are about to be taken for another $400. They have a phone number that IS NOT IN SERVICE. What legitimate business has no method of contacting via phone?

    Look at the cancellation policy. Once they have your money, it’s theirs. No questions asked.

  16. My thoughts about ALL of these companies and individuals who promise the Sun & Earth – If they are REALLY that successful, why would they tell me or sell me their secret? Why do they want my petty change if they have zillions of dollars rolling in? The REAL big winners don’t tell me their strategies and secrets at ANY price. If I had great strategies I wouldn’t be too quick to share them either. So I have to believe a pile of change collected from wanna-be’s like me is better than what these guys can actually do in the real market.

  17. Only fools and couch potatoes get enticed by bond/bishop/kyle denis. Go and explore and practice on simulator and you will soon make money. Remember don’t fight while trading like with your wife all the time. Be serious and go with the flow while trading and you will make money no snake oil involved.

  18. I will tell you 100% Jason Bond is a scam! He is also a paid shill for companies dont ever take his advice or guidance or follow his trades. I imagine Bishop is the same but not sure. 100% Bond is a scam marketeer.

  19. This guy is a charlatan. The other reviews are right on the money. Unlike Jason’s picks. In three years I gained a couple of thousand but lost thirty. That’s his master plan.
    His friends create bogus shell companies and get them listed. He pumps them and buys in first. Then when it’s ripe enough for him he dumps everything. He might suggest that you get out . But only after he gets his. And what a great fall it is. God forbid you live on the West coast. Or are fond of eating or have to work for a living. Don’t even think about going to the bathroom! You need to have your finger on the trigger at all times. Not so that you can get out with a small profit. But so that you don’t loose everything ! SNPK . What a pick that was ! An abandoned building with junk in high grass. PHOT. That’s the one that really cost me. He pumped it all the way up to the S.E.C. halting trading. Closed at .80 and reopened at a fraction of a penny.
    Your success is no concern of his. And if you contact him through email to figure out what went wrong he will tell you it’s your fault. But I guess he’s right. It’s my fault for wanting to believe that snake in the grass.
    He doesn’t need to have winning trades. He makes his money on membership. His business is built on lies and payed sponsorship.
    He should be investigated , sentenced and forced to pay retribution to the thousands of people that he’s duped. And when the stuff really hits the fan for this guy I’m going to be there to help throw him under the bus !

  20. I have been watching these sort of people over the past two years claiming to teach people to be successful at trading and they are all shams from marketeers who have nothing to offer so if you too are offering ways to win at trading then you too have nothing to offer and we all know these people are scammers.
    Sorry to be harsh but the truth is not so pretty is it?

  21. I’m a skilled trader always looking to enhance my capabilities. So I signed up with this guy to see if anything could be learnt. This guy does not know how to trade.

  22. Read alter captain Kirk even Mr spock will stay away millions miles from Jason Bond cant even give him the answers..ohhhh wait maybe Master Yoda saying doings there is no try ..pain will lead to suffering..suffering will lead into the DarkSide..Darkside will lead into death..

  23. The thing I don’t understand is if you made millions of stock trading, why expose the secret?

  24. I thought Jason was caught and thrown in jail. Crypto seems to be the scam trend in 2021. This is the third scam I’ve seen which includes crypto. What a shameful sight honestly. Be careful everyone, this is a pandemic of different sorts.

  25. 1.25
    Value For Money
    Honesty & Transparency
    Customer Experience

    Jason Bond just kinda shows up everywhere that beginning trader is looking. I did watch his webinar, and for a beginner there is definitely some good information, but as you stated with continued research, I could probably find that on thousands of other websites. I was wondering if this was truly a scam or just, as you stated, another business for selling “stuff” disguised as a golden goose opportunity.

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  26. They make millions but want to help a random guy by selling a course for 1k-2k or maybe 3k? Go figure! Just because you spent 3k on a course, doesn’t mean you can find the “answer”, and just because someone put 3k in the market doesn’t mean he/she can’t learn. Everybody who sells 3k course always claim that they have a quick fix, they don’t.

  27. Learns all the knowledge required for trading
    Spends months trying to implement but can’t get it to work
    Instead sells the knowledge of how to trade
    Next person comes along and repeats and repackages

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