Keala Kanae – Scam or Legit?

Keala Kanae – Scam or Legit?

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of starting a successful affiliate marketing business? What if I told you there is a course available that could change your life?

It would be interesting, wouldn’t it? Read on while I explain what I mean and look at the potential benefits of the AWOL Academy

Introduction: AWOL Academy

Keala Kanae’s AWOL Academy is a wide-ranging course which aims to help affiliate marketers of all levels from newbie to expert use Facebook ads and various other paid advertising methods to grow your business.

Have you ever had a dream of a better future? A business that practically runs itself and pays for a nice life?

It seems impossible today, doesn’t it?

What if I told you it is possible? But is the AWOL Academy really the key to finding your successful business?

I will investigate the pros and cons of the AWOL Academy and decide in my conclusion the effectiveness of this course:

AWOL Academy by Keala Kanae – is it a Scam?

Keala Kanae has put together a wide-ranging program that features content which basically does what it says it will, so if you ask me is it a scam? I would have to say no it is not…

There are methods contained in the course which will enable you to devise strategies, to collect potential customers details and promote your business via email campaigns.

Keala Kanae who is the more public face of the business and his partner Kameron George set up the AWOL Academy in 2015 (AWOL stands for Another Way of Life) and have since received many positive reviews and thankful clients. If you are curious and think, is it Legit? I would have to say, it provides what it claims to, so…

Please keep reading while I investigate this product further. The information you need is only a few scrolls away!

How much does enrolling with the AWOL Academy cost?

If you are researching the price of Keala Kanae’s AWOL Academy, you quickly realize that it all depends on what exactly you are looking for and what you need. 

The price of the courses can be rather high, depending on which course you are looking at. There are various different modules which range in price from $49 to $5,497 and a subscription to all would set you back $10k+.

Read carefully through the descriptions of the different modules to find out which ones are the really interesting and important ones for you and your needs!

What are the differences of the modules available?

To make clear to you why the prices for the AWOL Academy Modules vary so much, I have listed the different modules and their prices available on the official website:

  1. Internet Income Explained for $49: This module contains 4 videos and will introduce you to the fundamental knowledge to how digital marketing and online sales processes work.
  2. PRO ACADEMY for $99: If you are looking for a step-by-step guide to set up your own sales funnel, I recommend the Pro Academy. It shows you exactly how Keala Kanae and other entrepreneurs built up their businesses, which tools they use and many inside tips for online marketing.
  3. INBOX ACADEMY for $447: Inbox Academy is a module that specialized on email marketing. A lot of strategies and insides are shared with you, but if you are not looking to totally boost your email marketing or it is not so important to your business, then there is no need to purchase this module.
  4. CONVERSION ACADEMY for $1,797: If you are struggling to convert your leads into new customers, this module is perfect for you!
  5. TRAFFIC ACADEMY for $2,997: This module aims to help you and your business getting high-converting, laser-targeted traffic to your website, more leads and sales. If you already have a business and want to enhance it, I recommend this module.
  6. MASTERS ACADEMY for $5,497: This Academy combines the advice, tricks and tips of some of the world’s greatest minds when it comes to money management, strategic tax planning, investing, and more.

A Review of the Pros & Cons for AWOL Academy

AWOL Academy has many positive online reviews so I would like to consider the pros and cons and investigate the real worth of this course. 


  • The course itself is really comprehensive and covers the a to z of affiliate marketing. The guidelines to the program are clear and there is some real depth to the training materials included here and you are unlikely to find a lot of this included in similar courses or in any free online content.
  • Keala Kanae is an industry expert. One of the main strengths of the course is Keala himself. He is very knowledgeable about online business marketing in all its forms and is an authoritative speaker in the video content provided. As demonstrated by his ability to have built a program of this quality, he clearly is experienced and is a teacher of the highest quality.
  • At the higher levels of training, you have direct access to the AWOL Academy creators. You will have an opportunity to have one on one sessions with Keala Kanae and Kameron George. This is a perfect opportunity to get detailed advice and get problems solved. In addition, there is a private Facebook group where you can ask other members questions and get feedback for the issues you face.
  • There is a free trial two-hour class and a free pdf book which will let you get a feel for the program and see whether it feels right for you before you pay anything. This does show that Keala Kanae feels confident that you will be impressed with the program and decide to invest your time and money.
  • There is an interesting affiliate program. If you have already completed several AWOL Academy courses, and in particular Traffic Academy you are given the option to become an affiliate marketer for the course. For a reasonable monthly fee, you will receive a 30% commission for each sale you make and a 3% commission on any programs sold by your direct referrals. For the right person, this could be a lucrative opportunity.

There are clearly many plus points with AWOL Academy, but in order to reach a clear conclusion, we should consider the weaker aspects.


  • They encourage high spending on ads. A lot of the AWOL Academy strategy is on paid ads so it is important to get your advertising tactics right. It would be too easy to quickly burn through 1,000’s of dollars of your budget if your campaigns are incorrectly set up.
  • The promotion of “upsells” can feel a little bit too strong. Once you are working on one program the next will be presented to you as a necessary and “golden opportunity” next step. I did find this too much at times, but it could just be the reality of modern marketing methods. If I could recommend one thing to the owners of AWOL Academy it would be to tone this down and let the quality of the course speak for itself.
  • The price of the course is rather high. There are various different modules which range in price from $49 to $5,497 and a subscription to all would set you back $10k+. It goes without saying that this is a large investment, so you should be certain you can dedicate enough time to the program to get as much value from it as possible. 

There are many pros and a few cons associated with the AWOL Academy. I like the fact that they are honest about the effort which is required to become successful and that it is not the most suitable course for a poor student.

Let’s Look at Some Other Opinions about the AWOL Academy

When I begin a review of a new course, I always perform as much research as I can. I always value other people’s opinions. 

There is a lot of information to be found on other review sites, message boards, and Facebook Groups. While I did find much of this useful, there are some cases where people have an agenda. They are either overselling a product to make affiliate sales or they represent a competitor so downplay the course under review.

While it is a fact that we can’t agree on everything, this gets tiresome after a while.

Some of the most informative and honest information I found was on Yelp and YouTube. I have given you my honest review, and I came to a generally positive conclusion, but I think it will be useful to share some of the other information that I have found with you here:

I do hope that you find this useful and that it helps you choose the business course which is right for you the first time.

The Course itself: Conclusion

In my opinion, Keala Kanae has put together a course which has a lot to offer. As with most things in life, it does have its flaws but they are mostly made up for by the impressive content contained in the AWOL Academy.

Overall, there is a lot of value here, and although there is a lot of studying to do, it will be worth the effort in the end.

I can’t explain this enough!

Make sure you are ready to put in the required time and effort and you will learn a lot from this program…

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Bottom Line

The AWOL Academy is a high-quality course that I have no hesitation in recommending. If you wish to become an expert in affiliate marketing this is a fine choice.

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