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Heather Monahan

Heather Monahan Heather Monahan Heather Monahan Heather Monahan Heather Monahan

Phil M Jones

Phil M Jones is a master manipulator, who targets masses and upsells them until he gets every penny out of them. Read more on Holysmoke!

Brigette Hyacinth

Brigette Hyacinth chooses to lie about many factors to "motivate people" & take money from their wallets. Review her here on Holysmoke!

Gladys Cali

Gladys Cali makes up stories and is a textbook fake guru. Review her malicious practices here on Holysmoke!

Neal Schaffer

Neal Schaffer claims to be an expert, but proves to be a charlatan. With fake followers & testimonials he is a pure scammer. Read more here.

Marc Lobliner

Marc Lobliner is a steroid freak with no real knowledge about human physiology & nutrition. Read the TigerFitness review here on Holysmoke!

Jay Samit

Jay Samit is a fake guru who lies about everything just to sell exorbitant services & programs. Review this scammer here on Holysmoke!

JJ DiGeronimo

JJ DiGeronimo manipulate her victims through various techniques and leeches money out of them. Read the full review here on Holysmoke!

Jason Bond Picks

Jason Bond Picks ran a finance scam targeting young traders. He is now being sued for $137 Million. Read full report on Holysmoke!

Evan Luthra

Evan Luthra was exposed by Coffeezilla but he is still scamming businesses. His whole brand is based on lies. Review him on Holysmoke!

Neen James

Neen James uses manipulation to upsell her fans into purchasing exorbitant products. Review her here on Holysmoke! to learn more.

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a cunning marketer who lacks any morals, he uses deceptive techniques to market brands. Review him here on Holysmoke!

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– Phone. In this case, we mean classic phones, which are the simplest kind of “mobile phones”. Their key difference from smartphones is the lack of a full-fledged operating system (see below) and, accordingly, very limited possibilities for installing additional applications: at best, solutions for the universal Java platform are supported, and at worst new applications are not available at all. Most phones are equipped with a hardware keyboard (digital or QWERTY, see “Data entry”), and touch screens (see “Basic display”) are very rare among them. In general, despite the presence (and often – and the abundance) of additional functions, the initial appointment of phones is still calls and SMS.

– Smartphone. This category includes mobile devices equipped with their own operating system. In addition, almost mandatory elements of the equipment for a modern smartphone are touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (see “Communications”) and GPS (see below). Due to all this, these models are, in fact, no longer phones, but real handheld computers with extremely wide functionality that you can customize at your discretion by installing and removing additional applications.

Type of shell

– Monoblock. A body that does not have moving segments and is an integral structure. It is one of the most suitable options for models with a touch screen and the most popular in general – monoblocks are simple, reliable and well combined with almost all functions of modern mobile phones.

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