Review Arbitration Program

What the Review Arbitration Program can do for you

Set the story straight. If you feel that a review is unwarranted, inaccurate and unsubstantiated, in its official capacity will always advise you to seek legal counsel. If someone is deliberately publishing false and damaging complaint against you or your business, legal action (like a lawsuit) can go a long way to set a deterrent for the future. Our role is to be the Swiss in this situation and adopt a neutral position. We, however, assist with any legal process including responding to subpoenas. However, as many users have pointed out to us, a legal resource is time-taking and costly. And as per our policy, we simply cannot remove any review since we cannot ascertain the legitimacy of the published content and its data due to lack of manpower, time and requisite expertise.

We have come up with a Review Arbitration Program, to provide an efficient, inexpensive and unbiased alternative dispute resolution process that will allow an interested party to commence a process in which a neutral third party will decide whether particular content, including, without limitation, the title, and body of a post, a comment, published on by a user, is accurate and backed by substantiating evidence. If the user fails to back up his claims, in private, to the neutral third-party arbitrator, or fails to verify his/her identity or respond to our notices, the said review will be purged from our platform within 3-7 days.

If the neutral third-party arbitrator notifies us that the review was found to be unsubstantiated, or of the user has failed to respond to our notices, the Review will be deemed as unsubstantiated and purged from our database. The review page will show a 404 error and de-indexed from search engines.

The entire process can take up to 7 business days from the day you sign the Arbitration Agreement and the Non-Disclosure Agreement

Once the Review Arbitration and Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed, you will be provided with payment instructions. The arbitration case is sent to the neutral third-party arbitrator once the funds are received.

In case the Review Arbitrator decides that the review has merit and is backed by evidence and sufficiently substantiated by the user, we will not add to your misery and refund the full amount immediately.

Honestly, you should not. We have made it clear that the best option is to consult legal counsel. If someone is deliberately defaming you, removing a fake review from will not stop that person from publishing another fake review elsewhere. Our Arbitration program is simply in response to requests from businesses who do not have the time or energy to fight a lawsuit and desire a quick resolution. Arbitration ensures that we remove only those reviews which were found to be fake after a due process.

Once a review is deemed as unsubstantiated, it will not be allowed to be republished on the website. The user will also be banned from using

Signing up for Arbitration does not guarantee that the neutral arbitrator will rule in your favor. Hence we always ask for the Arbitration fee in advance. If the arbitrator rules against you, the entire fee is refunded without any exception.

No, we cannot do that. The only way to force us to provide you the user's information is via a valid subpoena.

In such case, an Arbitration ruling in your favor will NOT remove the Review page. Only the Main review will be removed, while the comments will remain visible on the page. If a review page has more than 3 reviews published, our team will decide on an aggregate Arbitration fee.


One-time Review Arbitration Fees

Get 5-Star Rating for your product or business, ranking on page 1 on Google.

Request Arbitration

  • Fill the below form
  • State your case and explain how the review might be incorrect, fake or unsubstantiated
  • HolySmoke appoints independant arbitrators within 24 hours
  • Review poster to verify his identity via email verification and phone verification within 72 hrs
  • After verification, the poster submits his/her case to the arbitrators

  • The review is deemed fake and is removed along with any comments published on the page if:
  • Review poster fails to verify email
  • Review poster fails to verify phone
  • Review poster fails to substantiate his/her claims with evidence
  • Review poster fails to provide sufficient explanation to our arbitrators.

Arbitration request

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