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Most people are looking for shortcuts to success, a magic spell to make a million dollars overnight or an easy way out. Desmond Ong is one of these persuasive scammers who has managed to rip off a hell load of a people by making fabricated claims. He’s conjured up a tale right out of the Cloud Cuckoo Land and made it seem legitimate enough for the masses to buy it.  

He’s made a name for himself and he got mentioned in the Sun, The Business Insider, and several other major publications. He’s just a flash as a rat with the gold tooth and doesn’t have the potential to live to his promises. He can talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk. If cheating is an art, Desmond is the Picasso of it; he’s embezzled millions of dollars making a fool out of the masses. Last year was hard on me and after a major financial kickback and losing my job, I was desperate enough to fall for his scam. They’ll charge you a ridiculous amount just to sign up and then you’ll go through a series of steps, each one blowing your money. The websites just feed you erroneous ideas that are redundant and drive you into the wall. 

He’s cheated millions all over the map racking it in through his persuasive and manipulative skills. He has his way with the words and talks you into believing his ideology, just to swindle money off you.

Desmond Ong Scam Explained

His Seminars are a deception

He sets up seminars all around the year, across the globe. He’s racking in dollars by sucking out hard-earned money out of these people, who have been bamboozled by his deceptive measures. Most people are stuck in a rut, running a rat race and barely making their ends meet. He’s given them false hope, an escape from reality, and psychologically maneuvered them into betting their bottom dollar. 

Last year I dropped out of college to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. I was young and naïve, although I had gained some knowledge through reading a few books on business. I was looking to start from scratch and set up my own business at the expense of my blood and sweat. I didn’t have a clue about Desmond Ong or any of these fake motivational speakers until I got a word in the edgewise. Everybody was talking about this incredible man who made a million dollars out of nothing. I worked my butt off, struck with both barrels and burned the midnight oil for a couple of months just to raise $5000. I had my head in the clouds and my eyes on the million dollars. You know how they say, Greed is a curse, turns out its mother of all curses. I had a million-dollar blindfold on and nothing else made sense. 

I could’ve dug into it, researched his credibility, read a few reviews, but I didn’t. The website seemed so legitimate with all the glitz and glamour and the celebrities posing on the front page. It had a plethora of testimonials just to satisfy the visitors. He has a way with words, such that, it will have you believing his every word. I’m not the first person to fall for it and certainly won’t be the last. His persuasive skills are just out of this world, he will talk you into believing anything and you’d take it to the bank. 

I had butterflies in my stomach, and that’s just normal. I had burned the candle at both ends and worked my last good nerve to save up the five grand for the ticket. I was chomping at the bit to get the ball rolling when finally, I got my shot. I had no idea what I was diving into and just went with the flow. ‘Con Player’ is a bit of an understatement for Desmond, he’s more of a con artist. 

The customer service is all sweetness and light until you buy the ticket, and once you’ve bought it, the tune changes. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, and this is exactly what I did. They started to shy away from me, wouldn’t respond to my emails in time and basically didn’t give a tinker’s damn about me anymore. I rushed to check the refund policy, they had a hazy refund process, it was a matter of years. I should’ve read the fine print before going all-in but it was too late, and I couldn’t do anything about it. 

Anyhoo now that I made my bed, I had to sleep in it. I went for the first tutorial there was a huge auditorium, more like a lecture room. People had flown in there, were crammed in like sardines and it was chock-a-block full. The idea that Desmond had ripped them all off just drove me nuts. The coaches stepped up, introduced themselves with their credentials and handed out basic business advice, the kind you get in your high school business class. Desmond didn’t show up, apparently, he was off to the US for some personal sessions, which by the way, cost 10K each.

It was a highway robbery, 5K for a high school business class? Most people had their knickers in a twist and it made perfect sense. They handed out pamphlets as people walked out of the building grim-faced. Tempers flared up, some even blurted out swear words walking out of the door. One-on-one sessions were just a load of crap, only the volunteers opted for them. They got down to bare bones, teaching us the basics to business, the stuff you get to learn in high school. It was as useful as tits on a bull.

The conference was as useful as a lead balloon, I didn’t end up learning much. The one-on-one secessions weren’t of much help either, they were just beating around the bush and giving inconclusive answers. They pretended to be some sort of experts on business, acting all la di da and pretentious in their manner. They were laying it on with a trowel and there was nothing practical about their advice. I had broken the bank just to buy that ticket and it seemed pretty damn useless. I was at the end of my rope with their bullshit and the fake drama was too much for me, so I cut to the chase and went straight up to one of their head coaches. I looked him in the eye, asked if he had anything special in special in-store, such that I can’t find in a $100 book. He was just economical with the truth again, with no real justification. It was all a bunch of lies and empty promises. 

They lied like a dog and conjured up useless stories making a fool out of thousands of innocent people. Most of their answers were metaphorical in nature and you had to read in between the lines. There’s no credibility to any of their words. I had never heard of any of them, nor read their names in an article. They were just ambiguous folks, perhaps putting up an act, just to bewilder the poor volunteers. 

Beware of the Scam

These scammers have got to be revealed; the world must know them for who they really are. They’re deceiving thousands of people, racking up millions for quite a while now. This is your hard-earned money, earned at the expense of your blood and sweat, burning the candle at both ends, and doing those graveyard shifts. He’s got money to burn, that’s your money and he’s got no right to snatch it away from you. You’ve got to take precautionary measures, read the fine print before you knuckle down on any of their deals. Remember, all that glitters is not gold and they’re all glitz and glamour. The refund policy is more of a riddle, you’ll get refunded in years if you satisfy the conditions. Buy a ticket and it’s 5K down the drain. Most people are a few fries short of a happy meal and he’s used them to his advantage. He’s made the most of the opportunity, fed them absurd ideas and conjured up fake million-dollar dreams for these people. 

Once you’ve bought the ticket, and you get down to nitty-gritty details, it unravels the scam. They’ll ignore you for quite a while and then just put you on the waiting list for months. It’s a real patience test and it gets under your skin until finally, you get your turn to find out it’s nothing but mere fraud. They’ll give you basic stuff, and act like they’ve revealed a priceless secret. The coaches are fake, just ordinary people impersonating entrepreneurs, selling you their success stories. Apparently, they’ve all started from scratch, paved their path to glory and now they’re cooking with gas. It’s all a bunch of lies and empty promises, just playing with our emotions and making a hell load of dough out of it. They act like they know the business like the back of their hand like finance is their game and they know its chapter and verse. I could read them like a book, I scrutinized them inside out and figured they’re nothing more than a fraud. 

One of his employees’ states “There are so many fake testimonials from Fiverr or scammers for this kind of product. I am sorry for spreading negativity here but Desmond Ong is a Thick-faced Super scammer. Why I’m so sure? I used to work for his company. I started feeling discomfort since the first day of working with him. Then I went on for another 9 months because I traveled overseas just to work for him (aka I’m stuck to resign). The truth is, Desmond Ong never achieved all those things – he was staying with his parents and driving his dad’s old car (maybe getting richer now since scamming others every single month).”

He creates stories, he’s calling himself a bestselling author when the book came out only for a week. And 90% of the content in the book is talking about his achievement and trying to sell some coaching program. Desmond is an immoral, deceitful and deceptive fraud. He’s scammed hundreds and thousands of young aspirants and given them false hopes of a bright future. 

Take Down This Scam

Someone will have to fight them

They’re rich, they’re powerful and they can afford top-notch attorneys to defend themselves. I’m surely not the first person to write a critical review on Desmond, others have tried and failed. A public movement can be a real shot in the arm, one that spurs up a chain of events leading to the object of desire. We have to work together, hand in hand, and take him down. We’ve got a few crosses to bear, we got to take the blindfold off and open our eyes to this cunning fraudster. We’ve got to get the word out, post reviews, kickstart a series of agitations educating the masses to make sure they don’t fall prey to his deceptive scheme.  It’s going to be a long road and we’ve got to buckle up. His power and top-drawn attorneys are a real bump in the road impeding out the object of desire, but we’re not going to take the back seat and will strike with both barrels.

We’ve got to bat the idea around to make sure he ends up in the limelight. We may be powerless in the circumstances, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve got to join in the ranks and unite as a force against this fraud. Once the authorities take notice, the cops can crackdown on him putting him away for embezzlement and fraud. We’ve got to gather like flies and unite against him because he’s just too powerful. It’s like they say a lone wolf dies but the pack survives. 

A Con Artist

He’s one of the biggest con artists you’ll ever come across. He’s got the gift of the gab, just catches your attention. He’s got exquisite persuasive skills and will talk you into believing just about anything. He’s full of himself and will go on about his entrepreneurial skills all day long. He’ll dangle a million-dollar carrot and all you bunnies are going to be chomping at the bit just get a bite off it. He’s hired a few celebrities just to promote his website and to give the impression, he’s the Real McCoy! 

I want my Refund

I want my hard-earned money refunded. I busted by chomps working day and night, just to save up for fraud. I’m not going to let him walk away with my money for good. The refund policy is clear as mud, I can read the handwriting on the wall and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. There’s no way you can get your refund through his website, it’s like retrieving your money from a lion cage, and he’s coming to get you. 

I booked my ticket in 2017, it’s been almost a couple of years now and the refund is not on the cards. The ink had barely dried on my ticket and they postponed the seminar to six months later. I am thinking of setting up a social media platform, gathering all his victims to join the ranks. We’re going to report him to the authorities, initiate a social media protest, block down his websites and get the cyber police to crack down on him. I know it seems a bit too much but that’s what he deserves for his deception. We’ve got a river to cross and a mountain to climb but once we get out feet wet, it’s only a matter of time before we put him down on his knees. He’s going to repay every single penny he has stolen off the young aspirants, who committed for the sake of their dreams. Refund is all we really care about and it’s going to be the bone of contention once we set up the platform. We’re all eager beavers for our refunds and willing to go miles to get the job done. We’re going to set an example for all the con men out there, ripping off masses and sucking up the blood out of the turnip. It’s important that people find out the truth about this guy. Would you want to find any of your friends or family members lose their savings because of this guy? He’s no self-made millionaire who pulled himself up from the bootstraps, he’s just a fraudster, who’s stolen millions by deception. 


Conclusive Idea

The internet is full of these con artists who lay it on with a trowel. They conjure up cock and bull stories right out of cloud cuckoo land and paint a pretty picture. We’ve got to be clever as a fox in the face of these deceptive manipulations. This day and age have us running a rat race, striking with both barrels and every man for himself. We’ve got to look out for ourselves and deal with these fraudsters. What do you think?

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I want my hard-earned money refunded. I busted by chomps working day and night, just to save up for fraud. I’m not going to let him walk away with my money for good. The refund policy is clear as mud, I can read the handwriting on the wall and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. There’s no way you can get your refund through his website, it’s like retrieving your money from a lion cage, and he’s coming to get you. 

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Desmond Ong

Desmond Ong



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