1-800-GOT-JUNK / RBDS Rubbish Boys Disposal Service

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Published: 08 March 2019

Posted by: Low life

1-800 got junk is the biggest scam in america today this company came from canada decided to sell junk franchises and rip off americans to the max. This company is supposed to get a trash hauling permit to operate. They failed to do so to evade the 10% tax they owe tens of millions of dollars to america across america in every city don”t tell me they just forgot the news stations have the story and are planning to run the story it”s a big deal could mean the end of 1-800 get ripped off from got junk these guys pull up to a job if the client us elderly god forbid they are going to be taken for a long ride off a short pier straight ripped off period. These clowns pull up never open the back door toss trash over the top fill up a little then tell you it”s a full truck i”ve herd countless story”s about that very sad how can they sleep at night horrible people selling these franchise get rich schemes to poor desperate people drew you ### how dare you p off so many people the old and frail seems to be your best prey how dare you train your team to rip off america shame on you shame on you how could you sleep at night any way the city of los angeles is just the tip of the iceberg every city you guys are in will go after you for failing to get a hauling permit are you the city if los angeles will find out what you guys are free commercial about the million dollar tax fraud your company committed. You will be on every news station within days got junk rip off days are numbered you guys owe millions and millions of dollars little drew you ### parasite city of la. Is coming after you contact them and see for your self cheaters fraudsters

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