1 One Stop Transmissions - Phoenix Hard Parts - Phoenix Re Trans - John Decker - Gabriel Navar

1 One Stop Transmissions - Phoenix Hard Parts - Phoenix Re Trans - John Decker - Gabriel Navar

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Published: 10 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased a transmission from Phoenix Re Trans in August 2006. At the time the transmission worked as advertised, in fact it still works great. Then came time for my core refund. I tried and tried to get my refund check for my transmission core, but to no avail I never did get it. I thought these guys had gone out of business, but low and behold there they are on Ebay selling the same transmissions with the same ads, just a new name. So I said, let’s see if this is the same company, sure enough, IT IS!!! I called and the person answering the phone referred to himself as John. I asked, John Decker, he replied Uh huh… I asked him do you remember me, he said, no, I have never spoken with you before!! I said I want my core refund that YOU promised to me two and a half years ago. He said we are a different company and I cannot help you. He said this company is owned by someone else entirely. I asked who? He replied, Gabriel, I think he said his last name was Navarro or Navar, I couldn’t be for sure his name. That is where the story totally gets crazy, Gabriel too was an employee and another manager of Phoenix Re Trans. This is clearly just an elaborate scheme and way to defraud the public under a new name. These hacks are at it again, don’t believe me, read the other Ripoff Scamss for Phoenix Hard Parts and Phoenix Re Trans on this website and see for yourself. These two John Decker and Gabriel Navar are all over complaints on this website!! DO NOT GET RIPPED OFF, DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY WITH THIS BUSINESS!! DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, GET YOUR TRANSMISSION REBUILT LOCALLY!! Heck, I wouldn’t even doubt that this isn’t really their address even. They probably still operate from the old location, with the same employees in the back????? Mike P Manheim, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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