1Rate.com are nothing but fraudsters and cheaters!

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Published: 13 February 2017

Posted by: Jared Smith

It takes hell lot of balls to RANDOMLY deduct from people’s account. I would really like to know just HOW can 1rate do that and think they will get away with it. I am Randy and I am so pissed right now that it is not even 0.1% funny. Since the last 3 months, this fraud company has been deducting $550 from my account. I never got a notification, nothing. I checked my statement two days ago and this is what I see. I was shocked to see the company’s name because I never heard about it before. I checked with my bank and they had no clue. They asked me to contact the company.

I tried calling them on different numbers but could not get through. Once a lady picked up and she said she will connect me with someone and then she hung up. I tried writing to them on this email ID – [email protected] but there is no response. I really want to know who is behind all this cheating and scamming. I have never been fooled like this and I am sure there are more victims like me of 1rate.com. I want to teach them a good lesson and so I am posting my review on every website possible so that I can find more people who have been cheated by this pathetic company. These assholes think they are too smart. I do not even know who they are or what do they do.

The money was deducted on account of some long distance calling on my landline whereas I do not have that feature activated on my landline because I barely use it. This is totally stupid and idiotic. This is so shady and criminal type. They changed their entire website after they had a couple of complaint. This is what I read in some of the other forums. This is the reason why people do not believe in each other. How can they even think that it is okay to do something like this? Cheating people off their hard earned money? I swear if I find out who is behind this I will make sure he ends up in jail. I think we all should get together and share this information virally so that other poor souls do not fall a prey to this trap.

I have filed a claim in my bank and hope I get my money back. I am planning to close my bank account too in the fear that they do not pull this stunt again. But why should we be scared from frauds like 1rate? I am amazed as to how they got my account number and details in the first place and how are they deducting money without permission. How are the banks not doing anything about it and letting them do what they want? And if they are still able to do it, then none of our money is safe and it is high time we do something about it.

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