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Cheating someone by using IRS threats like 20/20 Tax Resolution does, is a work of criminals!

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Published: 12 January 2017

Posted by: Jared Smith

Every year a scam episode breaks into news with old couple being duped of life savings by con artists. This year was no different. The only difference is I wasn’t reading the news but I became the news of neighborhood. The scammers got me and cheated me of $5,165. 20/20 Tax Resolutions cheated me. I wasn’t able to pay tax returns for the last two years. The income was shrinking. I was trying different things but nothing was clicking. A call from 2020 Tax Resolutions manager put me into a precarious situation.

Their manager, Ryan, convinced me to sign an agreement with them. He sold me a dummy saying they can get the tax liability reduced by almost half the amount. I got so confused I forgot to make calculations. I started thinking I’d to pay $45,000 to IRS. I transferred $5,165 to their account. This was it. They’d another success story to their name. I called Ryan the next day. There was no reply. I look back and think they’re trying to send a specific message.

The customer support team only strengthened the belief. The executives are blood-thirsty witches. They’re appointed to complicate things and play on another person’s patience. The moment you lose temper, they start shouting. It gives them an excuse to go ahead and disconnect the call. By now, I realized I was in some kind of trouble.

My money was gone. I was humiliated at the hands of losers. The real problem of not paying taxes wasn’t resolved. Finally, I decided to call IRS. It took me two days to prepare the script. I wanted to ask relevant questions to save myself from unnecessary trouble. I’d no idea how to react when I heard the amount is $1,200. This was the amount I was supposed to pay them. The figure Ryan quoted was a complete lie.

Things were getting clearer. The whole picture was in front of me. I was cheated. They created a monster of $45,000 and made me believe it. I pity these scammers for selling their souls or honesty to earn cash. There’re other ways to earn money and not lose respect. I wasn’t worried about it. I became worried for the loss of families who put trust and faith in them.

This is one thing I want to change. I don’t want anyone to lose hope and stop trusting fellow humans at this age. It’s the worst kind of feeling. I advise people to contact IRS or legal support before listening to these idiots.

2020 Tax Resolutions are doing great disservice to society and nation. They’re targeting old couples. What kind of sick mentality it is? Is there a crime heinous than this? I don’t think so. I don’t want to condemn them to hell or something. These guys need to understand that old couples don’t have the option and resources to start a new life. They must be ready to take the blame if someone decides to end the curtain of his life.

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