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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The worst kind of service that you can ever get from them, this company was great when I was securing the mortgage. But after three years of paying for the mortgage and on-time payments even paying extra every month. There was a time when I lost my job and I was one day late in paying I started getting phone calls the first person the advisor that I spoke to he was very nice. He spoke to me nicely and said, ‘let me transfer you to my supervisor’ then started the ugly conversation. The supervisor had a different attitude altogether. He was not polite. He was abusive. This is how you treat your customers. You’re abusing them. This is what you learn in customer service. This is how you became a supervisor. They showed no responsibilities. Nothing was of their concern other than getting the payment. They were not bothered about my condition. They will not bothered about what I wanted to tell them. They did not want to listen. They were just going on howling and screaming at the top of their voice being a supervisor. I understand. It is my fault that I was not able to pay outright proper time. But is this a way you treat somebody? Started getting threatening phone calls. I was threatened that. Since I was not able to pay it on time. My mortgage would be forfeited and I would not get my mortgage back. This is not how you run a business. This is the worst company. I had ever done business with when I could not take calls from them because I was looking for a job. Started calling on my wife’s number started threatening her abusing and harassing her. I would never recommend anybody dealing with this company ever and I am looking for a legal solution to this problem. I would definitely make the payments and I would ensure that I make the payments on time, but for this behaviour of theirs, I am definitely going to take legal actions.

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