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360 Forged

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Published: 20 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Please, do yourself a favor and stay away from this horrible company. I have a 2016 Audi S5 and ordered the 360 Forged Split Sevens from Jordan. I went directly to his hole in the wall in Miami to get them installed after waiting for 2 months on order and paying $7000. Right now someone just got the same set of rims for $3000 from Jordan. So when I got there, he gave me a speech about wanting to go home because it was after 5. I told him I drove down 2 hours to get to his place and was there to put my wheels on and leave. Mind you it was about 5:30, god forbid he dedicates a little time to his customers. Takes me to this low ball tire shop around the corner who I have to pay to get my wheels installed and rotated on a shitty machine. They didn’t even align the wheels because they didn’t have a machine to do it. So I’m stuck here in the middle of the ghetto waiting for my car to be worked on (there are 2 others in front). Jordan drives off telling me its my problem to have the wheels installed and that I have to pay for this. Long story short, The wheels are put on the car, which is shaking to hell and the overall initial experience was horrible. Jordan even made some photographer from his company stand around the place to try to take some pictures because they had never seen a white S5 with Split Sevens on. I explained to him that nobody was going to take a picture of my car after what happened, screw their website. Jordan at this point, over the phone, tried to tell me that he’s taking the wheels back because of this. So anyway, it works out that after 4 hours I got the f**k out of there with my wheels and car put back on the car carryer I came down on. There were countless issues with these wheels. Valve stems were leaking on all four wheels. The stems were touching the wheels and broke after driving some. So I schedule an appointment with their technician, John. After speaking to John that week, I show up and he is missing. Their secretary tells me they are going to send me to another shop around the corner. So I blow up and get out of there, because I’m not about to put my car in jeopordy with these a**holes again. I bring my car to Champion Motorsport in Pompano and they do a great job of changing all 4 valve stems. I pay out of my pocket, expense to align the wheels, rebalance on a Hunter road force variance machine, and to get these valve stems changed. In total I must have spent several months and over $600 to diagnose, and repair the problem. I will never deal with this …. again. Let them fail, they deserve it. Anonymous Sunshine State, FloridaU.S.A.

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