4 seasons of change

4 seasons of change

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Published: 10 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In selecting a Coach for your Business one should be quite careful if they chose 4 Seasons of Change!!! The Principal agent of this 2 woman operation is Morally Bankrupt and as a CPA, Bankrupt and CPA should not go together!!! That is why 4 Seasons of Change would be a BAD choice for any company to bring into the fold….. 4 Seasons of Change and there Sole owner Carli Mcclure have demonstrated , a distant past and recent past of morally corrupt behavior which is not the foundational principals that any business should want as part of there culture in there workplace. Carli poses as this Christian whom states that she goes to Church often , and it may be that she goes to church every Sunday, but what she does with that knowlege on Monday thru Saturday is anyones guess. One must ask, is the moral culture that you want in your business place one of cheating and being dishones? Is the moral culture that you want in your work place one that frowns upon doing what is right and choses to do whats wrong even knowing the consequence? Willfully sinning, is the term that comes to the mind… Is that whats an effective way to run your business? Carli Mcclure and her staff have adopted this type of behavior as there standard of practice and I would recommend researching some other options.. Carli Mcclure even after having this alledged Christian belief believes that going to sex clubs and randomly picking men to have sex with as “3somes” and even doing Full Swaps with Married Couples where she is having sex with women and Men, is morally acceptable? Clearly that is not what the Church is teaching is it? Yet, Carli Mcclure choses to make those choices as an unmarried woman and mother of 2 young men. Wow, what Coach does this? Is this a person that leads by example? One must question is this the morals and standards that you want in your workplace? Carli Mcclure can perpetrate and hide behind being a Christian business, and tho many of her clients do not see it, this will be the beginging of a movement to shed light on Carli Mcclure and 4 seasons of Change.. Her Morality and Ethics are Bankrupt, they are void of the principals that she was wanting me to incorporate within my business. In so many words she is a Fraud or at the very least a Hypocrite, and she accepts no wrongdoing of these actions.. She actuallys boasts about her incidious behavior to her friends and family, which now cements the fact that this is part of Carli Mcclure’s culture. There is an addage out there that states if you cheat you would steal.. Carli Mcclure is a CPA and a Coach or consultant that imparts her vision onto your business that guides your path to increased success, so do you want someone stealing from you? Carli Mcclure has already demonstrated a propensity to cheat in her persoanl relationships thus causing a falied marriage.. Knowing what you know now, how can anyone say that having a person like Carli Mcclure of 4 seasons of change, be the proper Ambassador to change your business? If anything, maybe Carli Mcclure should look into a 5th Season and change herself so that she could provide effective change to her sons.. Morality and character should be the footprint that is first in your business. If so you will join me in chosing to say no to 4 seasons of change and Carli Mcclure…

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