4 Wheel Parts Pro Comp Tires Cooper Tires

4 Wheel Parts Pro Comp Tires Cooper Tires

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Published: 02 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My truck came with Procomp tires on it. I have always kept the pressure at 50 lbs as recommended. I am a mechanic and have a compressor at home, so it is not a problem. Last year, I was drivinig down a highway when a tire threw the tread. The tire did not blow out. The tread just spun around the rim tearing up the rear right side of the truck until it completely came off. I almost lost control from the impacts of the tire against the truck. The tire still had 50 lbs of air when I took it off. It had 50 lbs when I had it taken off the next morning for a replacement. Procomp would not pay for damages from a faulty tire unless I sent the tire to them. I call my insurance and they paid for the damage but asked that I send the tire to procomp for them to look at. Procomp’s report stated that the tire was exploded by a sharp object cutting the steel belts causing a blowout. That the tread was thrown off because of no air in the tire because of the blowout. That is a pure lie. The tire did not blow out. They would not send the tire back to me. I was going to turn it into the department of highways. Procomp covered up the fact that their tires are defective. Requesting resitution for all damages made to my vehicle and a full refund for the value of the tire Michael Plano, TexasU.S.A.

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