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Disclaimer: Any wrong Doing in this entire document is (alleged) just as UFO’s do not exist. 4 Wheel Parts Major Contact Telephone List:: Tel:(310)900-5582 Fax:(310)900-5555 Fax:(310)900-5580 Tel:(310)546-4785 Fax:(310)900-5560 Fax:(310)900-7726 Fax:(510)441-0394 Fax:(904)781-5437 Fax:(303)373-2814 Fax:(214-744-0413 Fax:(623)434-6889 My email has been overflowing with over 200 nationwide consumer complaints about: DEFECTIVE TIRES PULLING/DEVELOPING BULGES TIRE WARRANTIES NOT BEING HONORED THE RAISING OF SHIPPING COSTS DURING A (SALE) THE MAKING THE CUSTOMER ABSORB RE-SHIPPING COSTS WHEN 4WP HAS MADE THE ERROR IN SHIPPING A WRONG ITEM, ETC. THE MAKING OF THE CUSTOMER WRONFULLY ABSORB ANY/ALL RENATL CAR BILLS WHEN AN “IMPROPER VEHICLE INSTALLATION HAS BEEN MADE GROSS MISREPRESENTATIONS ON PRODUCTS IN ORDER TO MOVE PRODUCTS PRO COMP TIRES NOT FAILING TO DEPICT THE INDUSTRY STANDARD LETTERING SYSYEM FOR THE MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE TIRE SPEED ((((State and local agencies have just begun investigations)))) If you or anyone you know has had anyone of these unfortunate problems above, you are ENCOURAGED to file a Ripoff Scams as their most likely be a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT and SETTLEMENT, regardless if you still have your invoices or not…..everything is on computer today. Diesel Enthusiast Group: Diesel Enthusiast Joined: 08 July 2004 Location: Texas Posts: 24 I bought a set of Xterrains for my Dmax and had nothing but problems. Drifting, front end shakes & tire wear. I pulled them off after 15k. Yes I got them from 4WP. I’ve had issues with them in the past.. I know better that to buy from them. They did the lift on my 1/2 ton and they told me 35” tires would fit no problem with this lift. Two days later I crushed the finders. They told me..well most people don’t go offroading when they get a lift. I took the manager for a ride and found the deepest ditch I could find to show him the problem. All they would do is buy me a set of finder flares to cover the damage. I was hot…. They really need to get it together… ________________________________________ Rookie Join Date: Oct 2002 Posts: 32 Re: 4 wheel parts As a ex employee of 4 wheel parts , although i dont agree with everything the guy said , most of the stuff he said is true , there in business to do one thing and thats take people’s money, i commend him for getting the truth out there if he helps but one person not spend money there or not use bad tyres he has done his job , im sure you all remember the deal OTJ gave me on the diamond plate , did i get slammed for that sure but you know what bad news travels real fast in the automotive industry , do you see 4 wheel parts standing up or using there Lawyers to help us fight the tree huggers in our fight to keep land open to orv use “NO YOU DONT ” they make billions of dollars from people yearly yet they have a bottem line of doing one thing making money,my hats off to you dude and good luck on your fight , Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want: ____________________________________ Regular Join Date: Oct 2003 Location: North Carolina Posts: 354 s**t, 4wheel parts just bent me over a week ago. In my book they are a bunch of crooks and i like the post. I ordered tires from them, told me free shipping, then charged me for shipping and a pallet fee. The d**n tires didn’t even show up on a pallet. I asked if they were having any sales on tires because i could wait a month or so if needed, they told me no. Two days later i recieve an advertisment from them stating sale on all tires, and just above that there was a huge free shipping banner! What a load of s**t! So i called and the customer service guys said he couldn’t answer any questions and told me to call back later and talk to an internet rep. That guy couldn’t answer any questions and told me to call back later! 4WHEELPARTS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! ________________________________________ Regular Join Date: Oct 2003 Location: North Carolina Posts: 354 I guess i should have said a little more. Tthe tread pattern is exactly like the BFGs. Just look at them side by side. I did cut the side wall on one after having them for 2 weeks. 4wheel fawk ups wouldn’t even think about replacing it, even with the waranty. I had them and ran them for 3,000 miles on an isuzu trooper, then sold them to my roommy. He has them on his Taco for 35,000 and going miles. So i would have to say the wear is not bad at all. ________________________________Recruit Joined: 07 Jul 2004 Posts: 3 Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 6:28 am Post subject: t Contact Pro Comp directly. A friend of mine had almost 20,000 on his Pro Comp M/Ts and the same problem as you. He contacted than and ended up getting a COMPLETELY NEW set delivered to his house for free. They even forgot to pickup his old ones and I ended up buying them for $50 then resold them for a trail rig for $200. _____________________________________ The Original Registered: May 2002 Location: OKC, OK Posts: 1526 Truck: 95 XJ Offline t They’ve screwed me too many times. I ordered my 37’s from, them and they took a month so I called to find out that they had shipped them to somewhere in AZ. So apparently someone there got a free set of 37″ MT/R’s. I finally fought with them for about 2 months or so, and reported them to the BBB so I got my tires eventually. I got that stupid a*s warranty also, and my tires had about 8k on them and they wouldnt replace mine either. One of the guys at the OKC store here even tried to tell me that my Cherokee had torsion bar front suspension. LOL I dunno if hes just stupid or if he was looking up the wrong vehicle. He even ARGUED with me about it for 5 minutes… ________________________________________Posts: 36t Re: Reply #18 on: Sep 9th, 2004, 12:04am t While we are on the subject of crappy tires I’ll warn you about MTR’s, they suck. If you use them for anything but slickrock I hope you have a deep pocket. Mine are barely street legal after 12000 miles and I have rotated them every 2500 miles, and dont tow anything because my wrangler is too wimpy. BFG all the way. _______________________________________ Member Join Date: Jul 2002 Location: Los Angeles Posts: 338 Quote: Originally Posted by Sea when will the 36×13:50×15 bias Iroks be off backorder in stock? good luck getting a real answer from 4wp on that… Me and my buddy purchased iroks on the 15th of last month. I paid for the 39.5×13.5 bias and he paid for the 36×13.5 bias.. We were told they would be in the next day on the 16th.. We went back and were told they would be there on the 23rd… nothing…. we were then told the 30th for sure… nothing.. they said they would be in last monday… nothing.. then they told us they would be there on wednesday… nothing…………………… now they say the 15th of this month which happens to be a friggin Sunday…. My buddy had them change his order and now has some tsl’s… Im still waiting… ______________________________________ New Boot Reged: 02/13/04 Posts: 10 Procomp tire exploded [Re:Z71sc] 08/30/04 04:10 PM ( t My truck came with Procomp tires on it. I have always kept the pressure at 50 lbs as recommended. I am a mechanic and have a compressor at home, so it is not a problem. Last year, I was drivinig down a highway when a tire threw the tread. The tire did not blow out. The tread just spun around the rim tearing up the rear right side of the truck until it completely came off. I almost lost control from the impacts of the tire against the truck. The tire still had 50 lbs of air when I took it off. It had 50 lbs when I had it taken off the next morning for a replacement. Procomp would not pay for damages from a faulty tire unless I sent the tire to them. I call my insurance and they paid for the damage but asked that I send the tire to procomp for them to look at. Procomp’s report stated that the tire was exploded by a sharp object cutting the steel belts causing a blowout. That the tread was thrown off because of no air in the tire because of the blowout. That is a pure lie. The tire did not blow out. They would not send the tire back to me. I was going to turn it into the department of highways. Procomp covered up the fact that their tires are defective. __________________________________ Gender: Posts: 1242t Reply #6 on: Today at 15:51:35 t I tested a set of Procomps and hated them. I had a problem with tire dealers once also, I know go to the dealer who is a certified dealer with that brand. I’m sorry to hear about the problem. Did you get a hold of Procomp and let them know what is going on. They may help you also. ______________________________________ V8 Magnum Member Posts: 310 Registered: 10/10/03 From: Columbus, GA Truck: 2003 1500 8/21 9:18a I’ve ordered numerous times from them with no problems except for the last order when I got my rims and tires. They failed to balance them so I had to get that done, they sent the wrong lugs and made me pay for the shipping of the new ones, and I still haven’t recieved my warrenty for the rims and tires yet…. ….won’t order any major end items from them again…. __________________________________ Joined: 19 May 2004 Posts: 30 Location: san diego, californiat Posted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 2:23 am Post subject: ! I bought a fuel pump from them, had it shipped to me. When I got it, it was the wrong pump. I mailed it back. They wouldn’t return the money, said “it was a used pump I mailed back”..(BullS!!!) I used a credit card to pay for it. So I called the credit card company, and told them that I returned that purchase and they refused to refund the money…by law, they credit card company has to challenge the company when you disputed a charge. I mailed the credit card company (capital one) a copy of the USPS shipping receipt, they took the charge off of my card, and got it back from 4WP…here is the real kicker…4WP then mailed to pump back to me…thinking that if I received it I would have to pay for it…but they mailed it back by putting a wrong “to:” address on it, so it was a “return to sender”..and the postage was free..they dodged the postage that way!!! … but the postal clerk saw it when I picked it up, I had to fill out forms and give them a copy of the original shipping receipt…I don’t know what happened, but I think the USPS was calling it mail fraud by 4WP….like I said though, I don’t know what the USPS did, I just had to fill out a statment with my original shipping receipt copy. I got my money back and haven’t heard a thing. I’ve never had problems with them before this…I had a lift and exhaust from there..no problems…but I’m not going back, after this fuel pump issue…that was a dirty little trick someone pulled to save $10.00 on shipping costs…it just seems like dirty business ____________________________________Join Date: Nov 2003 Location: San Antonio, TX Age: 21 Posts: 2,530 Originally Posted by Zack Don’t tell me, you ordered something, they messed up and they wanted up to pay for the extra shipping you talking about 4wp? i have ordered ALOT of s**t from them over the years and had it messed up. ive had to pay extra shipping, and even drive without certain parts on the truck. come to think of it, i havent placed an order with them that hasnt been messed up. ________________________________Registered: Nov 2002 Location: California Posts: 2357 Truck: 02 , 87 POS, Class 2 Offline t haha 4wp is gay. when i ordered my tires and wheels a few years back, they neglected to tell me about how “free shipping” applies only to the lower 48. thanks for nothing _____________________________________________ Newbie Joined: 21 November 2003 Online Status: Offline Posts: 3 Posted: 21 November 2003 at 5:18pm | IP Logged I ordered five mounted and balanced sets of 31 X 10.5 BF Goodrich Mud Terrain (M/T) KM tires on 15″ AR-23 American Racing wheels. Payment was by credit card over the telephone and all other additional information was taken by the representative to insure the delivery of the merchandise. He even read back my order to me and it was correct. I asked what proof would exist of the actual order that I placed. He said that there were recordings of the conversations of phone orders to deal with these types of situations and that the recording would be on the PC. The shipment arrived and when I got home and unloaded the tires I realized that I had been given All Terrain T/As instead of Mud Terrain T/As. I immediately contacted the customer service center with my order number and spoke to the representative. He simply told me that the order said All-Terrain T/As and that I was mistaken. I stated that the situation was totally unacceptable and I demanded the mistake be corrected. He then stated that there was a price difference between the M/Ts and the A/Ts that I would have to pay that amounted to $23.00/tire. Assuming an honest mistake had been made, I stated that I was willing to pay the difference to get the tires I wanted (and had ordered). It’s not my desire to cheat anyone out of anything. If there was an honest mistake made (by 4wheelparts), and I had not paid the proper amount, I was willing to make-up the difference. I was however (and still am not) willing to incur any shipping related costs as the shipping of the errant order is absolutely not my responsibility. He insisted that I was completely in error and that I would be at least partially responsible for shipping costs. I explained that it was 4wheelparts that was in error and that I was not willing to pay for any shipping. Then he accused me of deciding I didn’t like the A/Ts when I got them home and further suggested that I was trying to cheat the company. I explained that I had ordered correctly and that his refusal to absorb the shipping costs suggested strongly that the wrong tires had been sent either on purpose (to reduce costs as the M/Ts are a more expensive tire) or simply with a disregard for the accuracy of the order since few people would be willing to absorb the shipping costs to make the exchange. Simply put, the old Bait-and-Switch. I informed him that that type of activity amounts to fraud and I simply would not accept being a victim of it. Unfortunately, in this case, if I do not hear from Mr. Adler the pursuit will likely have to go beyond that provided by a private attorney, and will likely involve filing additional complaints/claims. __________________________________ Laser Status: Offline Posts: 211 08-16-2004, 08:20 PM (Post #2) My older brother also had trouble with them. He ordered 4 new spring perches, got the wrong size, sent them back(which he paid the S&H). THey sent him another WRONG size set. He sent them back again and HE again paid the S&H. THen he got a letter and the money back with a letter saying they were out of stock of that item number after he spent over $80 for S&H. so he lost 80 bucks du to their incopetence…… ____________________________________ Status: Offline Posts 154 05-24-04, 09:37 PM (Post #11) I had a 4 wheel drive in the Austin store as soon as it opened. Took about 2 weeks longer than they said. Add almost $800 dollars on an already agreed upon $6000 job. they called and said we forgot to include”x” labor and machine work in our quote. What the heck am I gonna do tell them no it had to be done. They atleast called for approval, but ran 2 weeks over schedule and $800 over the quote. They were the only place that could align the 36″ boggers though. I had them use their press and install some bushings in a 4/6 belltech drop one time and they were great. Their customer service was a little slow and they tend to be forgetful at times. After all that I would say that it was a good expirience and they did good work. I think that particular store was just understaffed. I know they have slow times, but their busy times are very busy. __________________________________________ Go Big Or Go Home Member No. 514312 Registered: Apr 2004 Posts: 119 Location: Greenville, SC t I likewise had a bad experience with 4 wheel parts. I ordered a 8″ fabtech lift kit with dual shocks. They did not order dual shocks, so therefore I had to either wait for them to go back and order them or have them put some pro comp shocks on still at my charge even though they are the ones who messed up. I drop the truck off and wait a week for them to install the lift. 4 wheel parts is a 2 hour drive from my house, but I still thought they were more reliable than anyone around here. I go pick the truck up and have my sister write the check out while I was looking the truck over. The cost was $3000something for the lift, tires, and labor. My sister messed up writing the check and filled it out for $1000something. Not 30 minutes after I got home I recieved a call from the salesman. Asking me to make another trip back down there to straighten out the check I told him he was crazy to think I was going to drive all that way because he didn’t look at the check before I left. We were able to work it out but won’t ever deal with them again. _______________________________ Scott Joined: May 2001 Status: offline Posts: 318 06-14-2001, 03:05 PM t(Post #2) 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers has terrible service, but I continue to buy from them because there aren’t many other choices here in Houston. I have mostly bought Jeep parts from them (lift kit, shackles, detroit locker, solid axles, shackle reverse kit). You would think that they would have Jeep parts in stock, but ALL of the above had to be shipped. They usually charge you extra to have the parts shipped to their store, and more than once they have screwed up my order. Also, more than once they have told me they would have parts for me in a couple of days and it took a week. As an example of their crappy service, one of the seals that came with my solid axle kit began leaking so I went to 4 Wheel Parts for a replacement. The seal was totally different than the stock Jeep seal so I couldn’t find it at a regular auto parts store. After talking to several different guys at 4 Wheel Parts, I was told that I would have to buy the entire kit again which I would have to pay to have shipped from their warehouse in California. I think the total cost was about $200. They couldn’t even give me a part number for the seal. I said no thanks, and eventually found a NAPA autoparts store that was able to get the seal for $9.00. I have been told that they have some knowledgable sales staff, but I haven’t met them. After the Interco trXus tires had been out for a couple of months, I asked two salesmen at 4 Wheelparts about them and they had never heard of them! Forget about asking for anything for an Xterra. I bet if I went in the store today they wouldn’t know that ARB makes a bullbar for the Xterra. When I asked for pricing a few months ago, I had to give them the part number. On top of all that, I have read on the XOC about the problems the Southwest Xterra Club has had getting the discount they were promised. In short, 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers sucks! I think the problem is that they don’t have any real competition __________________________________t Trent Join Date: Oct 2001 Location: Fort Worth, TX Age: 21 Posts: 5,489 Re: Just stupid I had them install my suspension lift a few years back, and they did a half-a*s job. I really don’t know how they’ve stayed in business so long, since it seems like poor business practices are an ongoing problem, the rule rather than the exception. _______________________________________ Registered User Join Date: Apr 2004 Location: colorado Posts: 16 t don’t expect to get anywhere fast with 4wp. they screwed me around for 4 months and normally asking to talk to the next higher person up works but not for me. i called the corporate office many times and even wrote a letter to the owner, he wrote me back and basically told me to f-off. ____________ 1995 4Runner 4 in. lift, 33’s, lots of other stuff 08-08-2004, 12:00 PM Registered User Member #3454 Join Date: Dec 2000 Location: Mesa, AZ, USA 91 Toyota, FullWidth D44s,ARB & Detroit 5.38s, 227:1, 38s on beadlocks, flatbed, cage, etc. Posts: 717 tQuote: good luck getting a real answer from 4wp on that… Me and my buddy purchased iroks on the 15th of last month. I paid for the 39.5×13.5 bias and he paid for the 36×13.5 bias.. We were told they would be in the next day on the 16th.. We went back and were told they would be there on the 23rd… nothing…. we were then told the 30th for sure… nothing.. they said they would be in last monday… nothing.. then they told us they would be there on wednesday… nothing…………………… now they say the 15th of this month which happens to be a friggin Sunday…. My buddy had them change his order and now has some tsl’s… Im still waiting… ______________________________________ Registered User Member #3454 Join Date: Dec 2000 Location: Mesa, AZ, USA 91 Toyota, FullWidth D44s,ARB & Detroit 5.38s, 227:1, 38s on beadlocks, flatbed, cage, etc. Posts: 717 Sounds like the exact same BS story I got when ordering from 4WPW. I apologize to the guy in this thread that works for them in advance, but personally, there are too many dishonest people working for that dishonest company. (I say the company is also dishonest b/c of its recent “10% off” sales in which they just jack up the shipping/handling/crating fees to cover the discount plus a good margin. For example, they had 10% off tires. So a tire that regularly runs $223 is on sale for $200…..regular shipping is $65 for 4 tires to my address in that size. However, during the so-called “sale”, shipping was $72 PER TIRE, so they are actually making MORE money at sale price than at regular price. Simply dishonest, IMO. ) I ended up canceling my order for tires from 4wpw and got them from National instead (had nothing to do with the “10% off sale”. That was after I’d already ordered the tires at regular price). I think 4wpw is fine as long as the item you want is IN STOCK. It’s when they don’t have it that I think many of their salespeople lie to make the sale. Their prices are generally decent; their service just sucks. Full Member 2003t Reply #1 on: Today at 01:10 PM t That really is to bad that you had a horrible relationship with 4 Wheel Parts. I ordered 4 Rockrawler Streetlocks from them, the first set took a long time to get to me, because they said they had a tough time getting the billing info . But finally after 2 weeks they came, I took a quick look at all 4 wheels and immediately noticed numerous scratches on the inside of the wheels and the outside. 3 of the simulated locks on one of the wheels were missing. So I called them, shipped them back got a new set w/in 5 days and they were much better. I hope that you can get your situation figured out soon, and I hope that you can at least get a refund for those tires. _________________________________________ Join Date: Mar 2003 Location: Cypress, TEXAS Posts: 2,485 Ahh, why I try to avoid 4 wheel parts as much as possible, I have heard so many horror stories its unreal they have any business. I wouldn’t let one of thier monkeys within 30 feet of my trucks. Oh yeah, and anything with the pro-comp name on it sucks. _______________ ’99 Bronco 5.8L __________________________________________ Senior Enthusiast Posted: Aug 31 2004, 03:32 PM Group: Members Posts: 138 Joined: 8-December 03 Make:GMC Model:Yukon My experience with 4 Wheel Parts has been completely mixed. One shop was completely professional, technically outstanding, friendly and inexpensive. Free, pleasant advice anytime. This was in OKC. After I moved to another state, I thought I was lucky there was another 4 Wheel Parts in town. The worst automotive business I have ever seen. Very expensive, technically poor (two incorrect alignments, incorrectly installed suspension bushings, incorrectly installed pitman arm), very rude, and more concerned with moving products than helping customers. Always left my truck dirty inside and out. Even broke a set of sunglasses in the truck. Now here is where they lost my business: Me – I need this part, this part number. Them – Let me look (20 minutes). Me – Okay, how long to get it? Them – Two weeks. Me – FedEx? Them – No. That night, 4 Wheel Parts 1-800 number Customer Service – Sure, we can FedEx that to you. It will be at your door tomorrow. My point? All dependent on who is running and operating the store. ___________________________________ Senior Member Registered: Mar 2004 Location: Posts: 287t after they told me that all 4runners were car-based minivans and luxury suvs for posers, i never went back. that and the fact that they tried to convince me no wheels or tires would ever fit other than the stock setup or the 20″ rims they were trying to sell me. _________________________________ Joined: 18 Mar 2004 Posts: 954 Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canadat Posted: Fri Sep 10, 2004 6:37 pm Post subject: Unfortunately 4WP is the only place in town that I know of anyways that you can get suspension lift parts from….well besides stock stuff anyways. Personally I find the guys there are jackasses and unless you drop big bucks in there store they don’t want to talk to you at all. That and they try to talk you out of your plans and into there plans….. If I didn’t have to I would never deal with them again. Needless to say I’d way rather pay the money and buy from Duff or some other company. I just need to start planning farther in advance so that I can order this stuff and have it ready when I’m going to do the work. _________________ Drive it like you stole it!!!! If I didn’t have to I would never deal with them again. Needless to say I’d way rather pay the money and buy from Duff or some other company. I just need to start planning farther in advance so that I can order this stuff and have it ready when I’m going to do the work. George Van Nuys, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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