4to1 Program

4to1 Program

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Published: 16 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

This is a reply to a news story that Chris from KMOV tv in Kansas City did on James Jenkins A.K.A. Dalton Taylor…..Hey Chris..just watched a video you had done concerning a beef stick scam on Jan.22 2013.I believe that I too have fell pray to the same scam.I answered an ad on Craigslist to sell beef sticks in canisters and keep some of the profits. I was told that I will need to send $2900.00 to secure the Fort Smith,Arkansas territory and receive my 1st shipment. So I sent the funds. Well that was August 15 2018 and to this day not 1 beef stick has ever been sent. The name of the company is the 4 to 1 program out of Dallas,Texas. Emailed for a refund daily and still nothing. The manager that I was dealing with name is (Dalton Taylor)..I had asked him about a scam in the Missouri area and he assured me that this was an ex employee of the company and not to worry. I get no response from anyone anymore. I had to get a loan to send the $2900.00 fee that I was charged to secure the area. Love the concept is the reason I invested. Also Mr. Taylor has an helper to snag people in she goes by Samantha from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her number is 918-892-9739..just thought you might be able to help me and wanted you to hear my story.

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