76 K&J Petroleum dealer# 10079309

76 K&J Petroleum dealer# 10079309

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Published: 22 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Gas stations either offer same pricing for all payment methods or require specific payment method, such as cash, station brand card or etc. If cash payment is required to obtain the shown pricing, most stations state CASH on it.The big lit up sign shows nothing other than grades and prices, even after close inspection. I pulled into the station expecting to pay the price on sign. I realized I got charged 6c/more, then employee points out to a small, unlit sign, placed at the base of the big sign “credit price”, then stated “we’ve had similar complaints before”. This station is located on a major road with two lanes in each direction and a concrete divider in between and a limit of 45mph. When you’re driving normally and paying attention to traffic, I can’t expect a reasonable driver to notice the small, unlit sign placed at the bottom in the dark. Furthermore, the “credit” sign is inconsistent. If you’re looking on the south facing side, it only reports higher credit prices on regular. If you’re looking on the north facing side, it reports higher prices for all three grades.So they’ve had same complaints, they knew it was confusing people, yet they continue to do it. I consider it intentional bait & switch.

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