A-1 Alberta Transmission, A-1 Alberta Transmission Ltd

A-1 Alberta Transmission, A-1 Alberta Transmission Ltd

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Published: 13 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Oct 10/08 I took my car into A1 Alberta Transmission to have a transmission leak checked. I originally thought it might be the pan gasket. However Randy informed me it was the Shift Solenoid Pack and showed me where it was leaking, so I asked for a written estimate to replace solenoid pack. The estimate was $270.00 + gst parts/labor Oct 17/08- I returned and brought my car to get fixed at 10:30 am. I was talking to Randy and told him same thing happened to a friend and he said if I am lucky it might just be the gasket on it because thats what his was. Randy said it could be just the gasket and they will check it and see. I picked car up at 3:30pm (no phone call to tell me its ready I had to call them at 3pm Randy informed me that it was just the gasket and the corner of it was all wrecked. I was glad thats all it was and happily paid it. I was originally expecting it to be the whole solenoid pack which they had suggested in the first place which I assumed it was going to be and I was willing to have paid for it with no problem. Oct 20th /08 -I called them to let them know it was still leaking. Randy advised me that they were to busy for 2 weeks to check it and to call back next week to get it in. Oct 29th /08- I called to see when I could get car in was advised by Randy that I could bring it in on Wednesday November 5th/08 because he was not going to be there until then. Nov 5th Brought car in at 10:30am talked to Randy, he said its probably the solenoid pack? I said well you tell me; you guys fixed it He said well apparently we didnt we both kind of chuckled. I asked him if it would be fixed today and he informed me that it would be because they have the part in stock. Went to pick the car up at 4:10pm (again no phone call to let me know it was ready to be picked up). Talked to Randy he said they just put a new gasket on. I asked if they checked it this time. He advised me they did not because it has to be under pressure. I told him I drove it home the last time and it leaked right away. He said well wait and see if it leaks; if it does then its the solenoid pack (he told me that 3 times now) and it would cost $485.00 and they would have to order it in. I told him that is not what the estimate said. He looked kind of stunned (I think he forgot). I told him I would go get it at which time I did. He looked at it and then said well we dont appreciate being told how to do our job and to go somewhere else. I think mabey he was refering to what I told him about my friend (I don’t know) I said uh? Thats not what I said (referring to how to do their job. I explained to him what was said earlier when I brought my car in the 1st time (refer to Oct 17th). He said well go somewhere else we dont like being told how to do our job and we dont want your buisness. I said well thats not good business he said well we been here 18 years and kind of shakes his head. I then said to him I waited patiently 2 weeks to get my car fixed again and I was referred to them by Tire Craft. He then said again well we dont want to fix your car and go get it fixed somewhere else. I returned home and discovered it was still leaking. I also noticed that the battery was never unhooked(in order to get to the gasket you must unhook the battery according to them!) When the battery is unhooked the radio time and stations must be reset (they didnt need to be reset this time; as they did the first time they fixed it.) Basically proving the gasket was never replaced again. I am out $110.25 I know it isnt a lot of money but they have a warranty/guarantee that they are not upholding!! If they dont want to fix my car I believe I should be entitled to a refund. Then I can at least apply that money to fix the original problem to begin with. I am a resonable person and am to old anymore to freakout and lose control so I hope this helps out people to make a decision on if they want them to fix your car or not. Check the Better Buisness Bureau There are numourus neg reports ( I wish I had) I havent heard or received a refund as of now.Bottom line is STAY AWAY from A1 Alberta Transmission unless you want to get shifted!

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